Saturday, June 30, 2007

Sales Galore! + early returns on iPhone

Wow, I don't think I've ever seen more sales going on in one weeknd in my life! From Lord & Taylor to Bloomingdales, Saks, Macy's, Club Monaco, DSW, TeCasan...and on and on. THIS is a great weekend to go out and renew your wardrobe and possibly your entire home!

And the early word on the street from a Pacific Northwest stringer is that the iPhone lives up to the hype.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Kifka+Heller: The Dress that Keeps on Giving...

I have mentioned Kifka+Heller on these e-pages before. Designer Scott Stargardt designed and customized one of his best dresses for me and I busted it out at my friends' wedding last weekend. Not only was it 2-dresses-in-1 (chocolate on one side/wheat on the other), but apparently it was also made of some sort of "dude magnet" material. Or maybe it's just me ;) But I didn't have this many 20-year olds talk to me when I was a 20-year old, which was, of course, VERY recently.

While I would say the "wheat" side of the dress, which was what I wore at the reception, was more stunning...the photos of me at that point in the day were not so stunning. So you get to see the more demure side at the ceremony. Yes, that is me in between the Gaultier girl and the Flavio Castellani chick. And no I didn't wear flip flops all day. I wore the other deadly Christian Louboutin's that you sort of see in the other photo. They were HOT, but not so comfortable and not great to walk on grass with. Shocking, I know.

In between the ceremony and the reception, Gaultier girl and I stopped for a bite and while sitting on a bench outside of a clothing boutique, the owner rushed out and exclaimed, "where did you get those dresses!?" I thought she was coming out to yell at us, but she was so taken by the dress she couldn't hold back. And I was even still wearing the demure dress pictured above at this point.

So if anyone from the wedding has a photo of me in the wheat dress looking like the supermodel that I am (on Mars), send it along!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Zeze Flowers

There's almost no better surprise than a good old-fashioned flower delivery. Remember this, boys (those of you who are straight and read my blog, all 2 of you.)
I received this gem of an arrangement today, out of the blue. It's from Zeze Flowers at 938 First Ave. near 52nd St. According to New York magazine, it is a favorite of Bette Midler, Sting, and Sutton Place high society for nearly 30 years. This seems most fitting as I shall surely be joining those ranks in the near future.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Target: This Bag Looks Cool

From my favorite source to "borrow" from: New York magazine's Best Bets Daily

Strong graphic prints stormed Italian runways, but if you can't afford a Marni bag, try a tote from Target. This cotton carryall makes a bold statement with your wardrobe, but not on your credit-card bill. And for those mornings when you have nothing to wear, pairing it with a plain black dress or jeans will instantly give you a look—many looks, in fact, as you strut past the guys on your street.
$16.99 at Target, 139 Flatbush Ave., at Atlantic Ave., Fort Greene, Brooklyn; 718-290-1109.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Fake Tan by Clarins

If you are as white as me, for example, if your name is Casper or Edgar Winter, you may want to consider picking up some Clarins Self Tanning Milk SPF 6. At $29.50 a bottle it's...OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE. However, I have tried many self-tanning lotions, sprays and the like and have found Clarins to be far and away the best option. Since I am not the tanning booth type, and any adventure into the actual sun leaves me completely fried (including a back sunburn this weekend that I got while sitting in the window of a bar!), I have little option than to fork over my hard-earned wampum.

As with all self-tanners you need to be careful about turning yourself into an oopma loompa, but if you follow the Clarins' directions, better measure of success should be achieved:

For a more radiant and even result, exfoliate skin the night before. Apply a small amount of self tanner with quick, light sweeping motions (avoiding the eyebrows and hairline). Gently wipe elbows, knees and heels with a tissue, as these areas can turn a darker colour. Wash hands and nails thoroughly after application. Wait a few minutes before dressing.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Don't Go to the 3 Forty Grill in Hoboken, NJ

I attended a great fun wedding this weekend for one of my dearest and tallest friends. The weather was perfect, ceremony lovely, reception most enjoyable...and then there was the after party at the 3 Forty Grill in Hoboken.

This photo may have been the best thing about our experience there - never mind the mediocre $11 drinks and bartenders with major ' about the fact that the happy newlyweds had reserved a room in advance at the 3 Forty, and upon our arrival found out that almost the entire wedding party and about half of the guests were not allowed to enter the establishment. Why? Because they didn't have their IDs. Except that some people without ID were let in. There were no apologies, no accomodations...just a lot of NO. NO NO.

Now I don't know about you, but, a. this is not Kentucky, i.e. we are not engaged and underaged, so the likelihood that the wedding party was older than 21, and likely older than 31 was a pretty safe bet. And b. I have never been asked for my ID upon entering a wedding party. Have YOU?

This place sucks. On its Web site it even says, "for all of the anti-Manhattanites..." You got that sh*t straight.

However! We continued on to the city where we mingled at the bar at 60 Thompson and got our grooves back. In fact it turned out to be one of the most fun weddings on record, I believe most every guest would agree!

Friday, June 22, 2007

The House of Essex

Did I ever fess up about where I actually lived during the month of May? Well, here it is -- a photo taken from that temporary front yard otherwise known as Central Park.

If you ever get the chance to live in the Jumeirah Essex House - particularly for free - I suggest you take it. Although the joke was that I couldn't afford to live there - or in that neighborhood - for free. However, there is a great little pizza place out the back entrance on 58th St. that provided me with some reasonably priced and decent tasting meals.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

The almighty Ascot

From today's Wall Street Journal. A reader asks Teri Agins if he should keep his ascots in the event of a fashion renaissance. I had a boyfriend who wore them from time to time. But he was English...

Style: Ask Teri
By Teri Agins
21 June 2007
The Wall Street Journal

[Fashion reporter Teri Agins answers readers' questions]
Q: For a non-fashion-conscious retiree with an abundant supply of ascots, what do you forecast? A resurgence? A terminal demise? Or should I use them to polish my car?
-- T.B., San Mateo, Calif.
A: Dapper actors Cary Grant and Fred Astaire wore their ascots with panache. But often, an ascot will elicit snickers, as did Thurston Howell III, the pretentious tycoon stuck on "Gilligan's Island." In 19th-century England, the thick-knotted wide silk tie secured with a pin and worn as formal day wear got its name from the hat-and-glove set at the Royal Ascot horse races. In America, ascots became the badge of old Hollywood and the yacht-club crowd as folded neckerchiefs worn inside an open shirt collar, usually with a blazer. Ascots never went out of style, but they never really caught on either, because men derided them as foppish -- or feared they couldn't pull the look off.
Indeed, ascots, like berets, belong on confident men who dress with individual style, such as designer Tom Ford, who wears a sliver of untied polka-dotted silk inside a white shirt collar. The ascot looks dashing when it just peeks out, as in the 1955 classic, "To Catch a Thief," when Cary Grant flashes an inch of printed silk from his crew-neck sweater. Ascots work best when an occasion -- such as country-club cocktails -- calls for dressy sportswear.
Ascots still sell at specialty retailer Paul Stuart, which says that at least three men a week come to its Manhattan store in search of ascots (but far fewer in its Chicago branch). About a third of the shoppers are in their early 30s -- often first-time wearers who are eager to practice "the art of how to fold and to fluff an ascot," says A. Sandy Neiman, director of merchandising at Paul Stuart. The ascots come in silk, cotton or linen blends. Navy with cream polka dots is the top seller.
Today's casual times beg for original flourishes. To the reader who obviously cherishes his stash of ascots, I say: Why not tie one on again?
Email questions to

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Equinox Spa

I went to the Equinox Spa this past Sunday to use the gift card I had received from family friends. I am not a consistent spa-goer, but I have been to a few including Soho Sanctuary, Bliss and Mario Badescu. I tend to get facials, mainly, with the occasional relaxing bikini wax.

I was excited to check out what Equinox had to offer - they offer 10% off on all services to members, which I am. So I signed up for a short facial with a collagen eye treatment and a spa manicure/pedicure. When all was said and done it cost $207 (with tip). I guess I'm not cut out for this type of thing because that seemed pretty steep to me for what was fine, basic service. The people were nice, the services fine, but nothing really to remember. I would recommend the other spas I mentioned, with the Soho Sanctuary on top of that list.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Lands' End: Searsucker Sport Shirt

I bought my dad a green striped short-sleeved searsucker sport shirt for Father's Day from Lands' End, but I wouldn't give it to him until he said, "short-sleeved searsucker sport shirt" 10 times fast. He's still trying.

Meanwhile, it looks like they've sold out of the green stripe - but you can still get the blue for $24.50.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Margo Farin shoes

OK, so sue me. I broke my own rule regarding how much I was willing to spend on flats. But I couldn't help it. I was desperate! And then I walked into Eric on Madison & 86th St. and found myself amidst an array of flats -- all on sale! Thirty percent off the first pair and 40% off the of course I had to buy two. And here they are. Lovely COMFORTABLE Margo Farin flats...allowing me to get rid of two other pair that I drove into the ground.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Republic: Asian Basil Lemonade

I am - and always have been - a fan of the food at Republic in Union Square. But I never had the Asian Basil Lemonade until this past weekend. It is a perfect combinaton of lemons and basil. Oh, and water and sugar. I am pining away for it right now. Go and get some. It tastes better than it looks, which is why I have no photo of it.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

WSJ: Cracking the Dress Code in L.A., New York

Somewhat interesting story from today's Wall Street Journal on how to dress in business: LA v. NYC...and a few of those other cities in between...

Being an NYC loyalist, the whole "California dress code" always kind of annoyed me. In fact, I'm not even a conservative dresser but I get great pleasure out of breaking out my most conservative navy-blue pinstriped suit when I go there just to make things clear. We know who's really in charge over here...

Style -- Fashion Journal: Cracking the Dress Code in L.A., New York --- Business Travelers Still Need Two Wardrobes to Span Gap; Your Suit's Hidden Message
By Christina Binkley
14 June 2007
The Wall Street Journal
(Copyright (c) 2007, Dow Jones & Company, Inc.)

The other day, I got my coasts mixed up. I wore one of my New York dresses -- a trendy maroon wool jersey job -- to my Los Angeles office. The arched-brow compliments -- "My, you look nice today," -- said it all: I'd overdone it.
In New York, I'm always underdressed. Those who travel from coast to coast will recognize the dilemma. Even though we can buy the same shirts at the same stores in New York, Seattle and Timbuktu, important regional variations in dress codes remain for women and men. In fact, now that dot-com casual is over -- particularly on the East Coast, where more companies are enforcing dress codes -- some of these differences are becoming more exaggerated.
We are all influenced by subtle signals of power and confidence. Off our native territory, it's easy to flash the wrong sign. The more widely we travel -- and business travel is soaring these days -- the more ticklish things are.
My friend David Goldhill -- a native New Yorker who lived in Los Angeles -- shuttled for several years between the two cities as president of Universal Television Group. "If I wore a suit in L.A., I'd be the New York guy. If I didn't wear a suit in New York, I'd be the L.A. guy," says Mr. Goldhill, who is 46. "It's about wanting people who work with you to feel like you're part of their world."
Of course, neither coast has a lock on fashion: Parisians think all Americans dress clumsily. And the differences extend beyond New York and L.A. The Midwestern U.S. tends to be more conservative and preppy than either coast -- there's a little bit of Washington, D.C., in Chicago sensibilities. In the South, there's more focus on color for men and women.
But the clash between the coasts is particularly strong. People from the West Coast often fail to perceive the importance that Easterners place on dressing up. Shortly after a colleague of mine relocated from L.A. to New York, she wore a pair of neat khaki pants to lunch with a woman who works on Wall Street. "You're still dressing like L.A.," the woman chastised my colleague.
New Yorkers, for their part, often miss the subtle power signals being conveyed in Beverly Hills, where a man's single-breasted suit and tie indicates that he's not the most powerful guy in the room: He's a worker bee -- somebody's accountant or agent. Nothing wrong with that -- unless he's aiming higher.
"A blazer and an unbuttoned shirt makes a much better statement when you're lunching at the Peninsula," says Allison Storr, a New York consultant whose clients hire her on both ends of the country to help increase their social status, meet new people, or try on a new lifestyle. In Los Angeles, the Peninsula is a heavy hitters' hangout known for the posturing of its clientele.
Double-breasted suits are loaded with subliminal messages. A man wearing one in Manhattan looks smart. In the Silicon Valley or Southern California, the same look suggests he's trying too hard.
In the Northeast, the hedge-fund guys have been importing their own version of West Coast style -- they're the ones who show up in a Loro Piana sweater and Seven For All Mankind jeans. Yet for the most part, Boston, New York and parts in between are old-school. Rubber-soled shoes in the East say it's Saturday -- or you're not quite pulled together. Unless you're Sam Zell, who has the creds to make blue jeans his personal statement.
For women, trendy clingy fabrics and trapeze summer dresses can look on-the-mark on the West Coast but overly casual for an East Coast workday. In L.A., a woman decides to wear hose, whereas in Washington, D.C., she decides not to wear them.
These differing sensibilities are why Azzedine Alaia, a designer known for his sexy figure-hugging women's ready-to-wear, is bigger on the West Coast than the East, says Susan Dresner, a New York wardrobe-management consultant whose clients tend to be professional women. Ann Taylor is bigger in the East, she says, for the same reason. "New York is more smart, go-to-work," she says. "L.A. is more body-conscious."
Black clothing says "smart" in New York but "hipster" in parts of the South. Without understanding the nuances of wardrobe signals, Easterners struggle to distinguish when it's appropriate for a Californian to wear flip-flops. (Same as New York: casual only.)
It can be disconcerting to venture beyond our boundaries. Peter Low, chief executive of Griswold Co., which operates a brokerage firm on the New York and Nasdaq stock exchanges, makes very few departures from his daily uniform of Brooks Brothers suits. But "when I go to Chicago, I'll wear dark slacks and a navy blazer," says Mr. Low, 65. On a recent trip to a conference in Los Angeles, he skipped his normal spread-collar shirt for a more casual button-down.
Brian Koppelman, the New York-based producer/screenwriter behind Ocean's Thirteen, Rounders and The Illusionist, lives in two worlds simultaneously. In L.A.-style screenwriter mode at his office, Mr. Koppelman wears Air Jordan T-shirts and his favorite John Fluevog shoes. As a dad in Manhattan, he wears a suit to functions at his children's private school. "If I'm in the New York world that way, I will dress right so as not to embarrass my kids," he says.
As near as I can tell, the last restaurant in L.A. to require gentlemen to wear jackets was L'Orangerie, and it's closed now. This helps explain why Mr. Koppelman was warned to include wardrobe clues when inviting a well-known Los Angeles film producer to dine at New York's Cafe Boulud recently. When he proposed inviting the producer to join them, a mutual friend responded by email: "Love for him to come. Tell him to dress decently."

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

La Boutique Resale - Madison Ave.

One of the best things about being a woman living on the Upper East Side - or so I have been told - is the easy access to scores of resale/consignment shops filled with last season's top designer castoffs.

So this past weekend among the Puerto Rican Day parade, I did my own parading along a few Madison Avenue blocks. After perusing Dolce & Gabbana (where, incidentally, there's a 40% off sale on shoes, bags and 'ready-to-wear') and falling dangerously in love with a pair of $275 sunglasses, I came upon La Boutique Resale. I think that is French for "The Resale Boutique."

Located on the second floor of 1045 Madison Avenue, LBR immediately struck me as particularly well-organized, something I very much appreciated. It is basically run and set up like a real-live retail store, making it very easy and enjoyable to peruse...and ultimately BUY. A brilliant marketing tactic, indeed.

While many of the choices seemed a bit "old" at first blush, a bit of digging revealed some fresh gems. I scored the pictured Nanette Lepore skirt for $47.20 and Fendi shoes for $74.40. I also purchased a brand new Andrew Urbain top for $35.40 - who knows how old it actually is, but it goes with the outfit! So for a total of $157 I own my first Fendi anything, my first Nanette L. skirt and my first (and probably last) Andrew U. anything. Not a bad accidental score.

Other locations include: 803 Lexington Ave. @62nd St., 2nd Fl. and 160 W. 72nd St. near Broadway (for men & women). The store manager explained that the west side location has "younger" styles and that I should go check it out. Bless him.

I always feel like...The New York Times is watching me...

No, I swear - check out the posting from Wednesday's "Urban Eye" and then look at my posting from last week on Fette Sau in Williamsburg. Photos look familar??? I would say so. Sue everyone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Jill Anderson: Wearable Wedding Wear

It's wedding season gals (or so I've heard)! Are you getting hitched this summer? Are you the David's Bridal or Vera Wang type? If you answered "yes" and "no" - in that order - you may want to check out Jill Anderson on E. 9th St.

Ms. Anderson is offering "Wearable Wedding Wear" to those women who would probably be a bit more low key than perhaps the typical image of a bridezilla. One of the theories behind the customizable "Parachute Dress" (pictured here), is not so much that you should breakdance or skydive while wearing it, but more that you can and will wear it again. And maybe even again and again. Make it longer, shorter, fuller, lined, red, green, blueindigoviolet. It's your big day damnit!

Ms. Anderson's shop also features the handcrafted leather sandal designs from Jutta Neumann as well as Joan Max Reinmuth jewelry. I was really intrigued by this jewelry, which was politely hard core using bike chains and other kinds of industrial materials, but not in a St. Mark's-I-am-going-to-kill-you kind of way.

However, I think the jewelry from Ike Designs would be more appropriate for brides-to-be looking for something special to wear with their Wearable Wedding Wear. My advice would to be contact Dori O'Dea, the designer behind Ike, as her Web site only reveals a small portion of her delicately lovely wares.

I do. Do you?

Monday, June 11, 2007

Fruitful Shopping Weekend: Hair & Coat

This was a most fruitful shopping weekend - I managed to get my hair done on the major cheap, while also doing some significant research of great consequence, for you, my readers...(as well as for me, myself, and I).

Stop #1: My usual fantastic hair man, about whom you have read on these e-pages before (Helik at Dop Dop Salon), was unavailable to attend to my shouting roots. Yes, I may look like a natural blonde, and indeed I feel like one, but I have finally accepted the fact that it takes a lot of hard work to feel like a natural woman. So I was referred by a friend to Sam at Head Quarter Hair Colour Group on 2nd Ave. between 12th-13th Sts. Not only was it a successful outing (hair in photo was taken a mere hour afterwards), but it was CHEAP CHEAP CHEAPedity cheap cheap. Single process, eye brow tinting, cutting and blow out/styling for...$88. I will spell that out, in case you think it may be a typo: EIGHTY EIGHT DOLLARS. I was so thrilled that I tipped in excess of 20%.

So not only was it cheap and good, but it was one of those real "only in New York" experiences. Sam and all but one of the stylists and assistants are group of incredibly hip Japanese boys. Hair, clothes, tattoos - the whole nine. These guys are on point and it worked for me. Is Japanese the new black? Anyway, the salon is completely non descript and un-trendy - white Formica and fluorescent lighting. Quite horrible, in fact. But one way they keep a low overhead, I am sure.

And if that isn't enough, there was another "heeuuuhh?" scenario. There was one middle-aged female stylist in the back corner - I couldn't catch the accent exactly, but she may be Eastern European - and ALL of her clientele were "mature" white women, seemingly from Stuy Town...cruising solid into the East Village on their canes and walkers.

While my explanation may be completely edging on offensive and non-PC, I couldn't keep it to myself. Cheap+Hip Japanese+Old Ladies+white Formica+fluorescent lighting=New York just has to be the greatest place in the Western World.

Stop #2: I have written good and bad words about An Ren - at 315 East 9th Street - on this blog before. But ultimately, she has incredibly unique styles, fabrics and designs...and she did not disappoint me on that front this weekend either. I just can't get enough of her coats and jackets, and might be more inclined to buy them and her other wares - but I am a giant American with the shoulders and back of a swimmer. This seems to limit what I can fit into when it comes to the downtown indie designer set.

However! I managed to fit into the coat pictured here - and I love it. It is a bit more cash than I am interested in spending (about $325), but the material, colors and design is really like nothing I have ever seen. It could arguably be worn as a dress in a bit cooler weather.
Stay tuned for more shopping triumphs from the weekend...

Friday, June 08, 2007

New York Magazine publicist

I am now on the list of a New York magazine publicist. I know this is like ripping open the curtain on the Wizard of Oz, but I just had to tell you as evidence of my moving up in the world.

Additionally, I met with Lindsay, the Editor in Chief of SpreeNewYork to discuss my being a semi-regular contributor to the site. More on that exciting development shortly. Consider this the pre-announcement.

Buy my stock while you still can. It's GSNYC on the Amex.

And here's a fun Father's Day gift, from a male stringer who I will spare by not mentioning his name. Although, let's just say he's appeared within these pages before...

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Broadway Panhandler: Annual In-Store Yard Sale

Broadway Panhandler, where I bought my dad an expensive cooking knife for Christmas, is having their annual sale, where you too can purchase expensive cutlery for less. They are located at 65 E. 8th Street (Between Broadway and University)...

The Panhandler doesn't have a yard in their new location, but that's not going to stop New York City's leading kitchen store from holding their annual summer sale. The sale starts tomorrow and runs through June 11.

There will be special deals from All Clad, Wusthof, Le Creuset, Cuisinart, Braun, Krups, OXO, Zyliss, Peugeot, AMCO, and more.

Share Your Soles

I just heard about this organization through my "day job" and thought that it sounded like a worthy endeavor - Share Your Soles - read on regarding their mission and how you can get involved:

The shoes we give to needy children may be the only pair they ever receive in their lives. Please be sure that the shoes you share are gently worn or new, clean and can withstand heavy wear. When selecting shoes to donate, please follow our requirements:
Children’s shoes: boy’s, girl’s and infant’s -- must be new or gently worn
Adult Shoes: Men/Women, dress shoes, and casual shoes are needed -- must be new or gently worn
Shoe types: Winter boots, Cowboy, athletic shoes, canvas shoes, sandals, school shoes, Roller Blades, Slippers, Boots, ice skates, spiked shoes, wrestling shoes.

Remember -- Go For Quality Shoe donations (in good repair) can be dropped off at any of the Share Your Soles Drop Sites or collection centers.

If there is not a drop site in your area, you can ship them directly to our Processing Center at: Share Your Soles, 11701 S. Central Alsip, IL 60803

If you have 10+ pairs of shoes, please send them directly to our Processing Center.
Used shoes and shipping costs are tax deductible ($2-$3 for each pair of shoes).

Monetary donations are also needed -Mail your contribution to:
Share Your Soles, 11701 S. Central Alsip, IL 60803-3422 (make checks payable to Share Your Soles) OR make an online donation via Paypal

Drop Sites: Shoes coming from drop sites ultimately arrive at the Share Your Soles processing center. As our foundation is expanding, we will be updating our drop site locations. Please check back to see if one is going to be in your area, or if you would like information about becoming a drop site location please feel free to contact us at

Take a minute to give us a call at (708) 448-4469 and learn about the best way to conduct a successful shoe drive.

Share Your Soles Processing Center: 11701 S. Central, Alsip, Illinois 60803, e-mail
(708) 448-4469 Fax - (708) 489-0317

Hours: Tues 10-3 & 4-8, Wed & Thurs 10-3, Sat 10-3
(708) 448-4469
Drop bin located at rear of building

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mi Ropa; PDT: Hot Dogs & Cocktails

This past weekend my friends at Fabric Renewal in Bloomingdale, NJ delivered my spring and summer apparel. Except after they left, I realized: NO PANTS! Or suits, or jackets...I guess they took my direction on the phone regarding seasonal clothing a bit too literally.
So I called back and explained the dire situation: I need pants. In fact, I love them. They kindly came back yesterday morning, and on clothing racks displayed in the middle of E. 80th St. I went through everything, picking and choosing what I needed for this time of year, and sending the rest back with them to be stored for the season.

People were oggling the literal display at 8 a.m. in the middle of the street with sheer wonderment. I am now seriously upset that I didn't catch it on film because it was something to be seen. "Who is that? What the hell is she doing?" Too funny.
And in other [food and drink] news, I am appealing to my friend to take me here, or at least go with me (see photo)...

From the New York Times' "Urban Eye"
One Hot Dog, Heavy on the Secret Sauce
Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Three great tastes that taste great together: lowbrow food, highbrow cocktails, and secret bars. PDT is a surprisingly classy lounge tucked inside an East Village hot dog shop. You want in? Approach the phone booth, find the hidden camera and hope the guy who’s manning it likes your smile. Once inside, you can order a deep-fried, bacon-wrapped hot dog and a "precisely calibrated, classically inclined" drink, like a mean mint julep or pisco sour. The name stands for Please Don’t Tell. You won’t, right?

PDT, inside Crif Dogs, 113 St. Marks Place (Avenue A), East Village, (212) 614-2728.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

H&H Bagels/Sale: Diane Von Furstenberg

I think I had the best bagel ever, or at least in 8 years, when I visited the H&H bagel shop on the Upper East Side this weekend. I think it's in the 80s on 2nd or 3rd Ave. I'll have to revisit and give you the specifics so that you too can enjoy it as much as I did. I have been to the one way over on the West Side Highway and that place is really like a wholesale factory, without the wholesale prices. But this...THIS was a real bagel store and they toasted my bagel and applied light plain cream cheese and everything. It changed my life.

I also noticed that there is a Pinkberry up there as well - again, somewhere in the area of the 80s and 2nd Avenue. I just made a special trip to the one in the 30s, not having any idea there was more than one. There is always a line out the door, so I have yet to return to the frozen crack that it is. I guess this means I am truly not addicted. Yet... other news...
From New York Magazine's Best Bets
Diane Von Furstenberg's signature wrap dresses will be on sale (from $150), as will trenches (starting at $350, down from $570), swimsuits (from $64), and caftans perfect for summer cocktails (starting at $90).
When: 6/6 (9–6); 6/7 and 6/8 (10–7); 6/9 (9–3).
Where: 260 Fifth Ave., nr. 28th St. (212-725-5400).

Monday, June 04, 2007

Personal Affairs: E. 80th St.

I have written about Personal Affairs before (aka "pa"), and am now almost overwhelmed with the fashion coincidence - I am a personal neighbor of this store that I enjoy so much. Our first meeting a few months ago in a word?: Kismet.

So anyway, this German designer dishes up a number of interesting styles - I find that my large American frame makes it difficult for me to wear many of their structured tops and jackets (many of which I love), but I am seemingly able to find my way into some of their pants - which, incidentally are on sale. Some 30% off, some 40% and some for just $35. I purchased two pair of the $35 version yesterday and may be up for one more later today if they fit my lower half appropriately.

I also tried on the pictured dress (left side), which actually fit me and I almost bought, but just couldn't think of a good enough reason. The color and the material is great. You should go buy it. Then I will self-flagellate for not getting it when I had the chance.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Movin' on Up

OK, so I have finally landed in my third temporary living spot since April 16. This one on the Upper East Side. The good news on this is:

a. I should be able to stay here until I am able to move back into my apartment (fingers crossed).
b. Although I don't have a computer, joining Equinox was a wise move because they provide free I-net access (how do you think I am writing this?) - and there's one close by.
c. There are lots of stores, particularly thrift shops, that I will check out for you. There are also a ton of restaurants - an obscene ton, in fact. Hopefully I will be able to control my eating habits in this habitat.

Next move: getting a computer/lap top and high-speed access at home...

Carry on...