Friday, October 29, 2010

Nov. 10-12: Catherine Malandrinio Sample Sale!

This might be worth taking the morning off from work and camping outside for:

Savvy & Co. is hosting CATHERINE MALANDRINO's Fall/Winter Sample Sale:

What: Sample Sale featuring CATHERINE MALANDRINO Fall/Winter styles and for the first time – MALANDRINO Runway collection

Where: Metropolitan Pavillion
123 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

When: November 10th – 12th Wednesday - Friday 8AM – 8PM daily

Blouses were $395… now $95
Skirts were $275… now $65
Dresses were $525… now $155
Leather Jackets were $1,200… now $295

Cash and all credit cards accepted.

RSVP to to receive an additional 10% off!

Score a gift certificate to Catherine Malandrino NYC boutiques:
$25 when you spend $250
$75 when you spend $500
$125 when you spend $1000

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Report From the Front: Adrienne Landau Fur & Faux Sample Sale

The frenetic pace and wardrobe of the original Pedro Almodovar "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" 80s hit is captured in the Broadway musical starring Patti LuPone (as Lucia) who rocks a leopard coat and hat that takes center stage of this musical set to open on November 4 at the Belasco theater.  Five-time costume design Tony winner Catherine Zuber has created confections in such vivid hues, that you may be inspired to book a flight to Madrid where this vibrant tale of tumult is set. See Women for the A-list actresses who showcase their flair for theater along with their flair for feathers (maribou and otherwise), distinctive silhouettes, white patent ankle boots, passionate purples and even the cab driver in snow leopard pants.

Love Lupone's leopard look? Head to the Adrienne Landau fur and faux fur sample sale where you can find traffic-stopping leopard print hats, vests, or coats. Maybe there will be markdowns since tomorrow is
the last day.  Prices start as low as $35.

518 Eighth Avenue, 21st Floor.  Scope out

~Nancy Brenner

Bergdorf Goodman - Something for ALMOST nothing

The Andy Open Back Dress by Oonagh for Nanette Lepore in size large (10-12) for $59. With the gift card, that will be $9 plus tax, originally $118.

~Nancy Brenner

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friends cradles their cell while eyeing their pile at the Teri Jon sale

With sample prices at $50 for skirts, $65 for cocktail and day dresses, and $20 for cotton tops, women had piles of clothes to sift through.  "Stop whatever you're doing and get over here," was a common refrain at this sale where you can find a power interview suit, a date dress, a day dress, a cocktail dress, and Ivanka-worthy wow wear. Oprah cover dress - check. Elisabeth Hasselbeck top she wore on GMA - check. One woman said "watch out for the baby" - yes, there was a baby who was blase about the experience - maybe it wasn't her first time. If you're the sample size, you may never have to hit another sample sale or obsessively check for an entire season.  It's that good. Also stock sizes available - and helpful staff.  Leora will be your own Stacy London and let you know what works and what to toss or tailor.  She told one shopper. "think of it as a happy accident if the sample fits you." Grab a power bar before you go - you'll need your energy to sort the selection.
(See yesterday's post for time & place!  GSNYC)

~Nancy Brenner

Teri Jon Sample Sale: Oct 21, 22, 24

Teri Jon fans: Head over to the sample sale today at 241 W. 37th Street. Also Friday and SUNDAY! Call 212-398-0480 for hours and tell them the Guerilla sent you. If you haven't scored a black tie, wedding, or major opening invite yet - this collection will inspire you to find one.
Report from the Front to Follow...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pure Collection: Tip from Mother Guerilla

Received an insert in the Sunday Times from this company.  They are offering a one time only 30% discount plus free shipping and returns.  Some of the stuff in the flyer is good - British company.  Go to to take a look.  Maybe you'll see a dress, etc. you'll like.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Elie Tahari Sample Sale Starts Oct. 19

And this Guerilla Shopper will tragically not be able to make it!  I bought some of my favorite sample sale items at this one a couple of years ago.  Weep.

70% Off Elie Tahari

Oct 19-24
510 5th Ave

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Channel Your Inner Anna Karenina - Report from the Fur Front

Perusing the selection at Goodman Couture Furs may inspire you to re-read Tolstoy. A red mink handbag with rhinestone encrusted straps for $150. A black shearling hat for $45! A black fur jacket with seed pearl trim - looks retro, but is modern Mad Men - an original for an original. Fur-trimmed Italian cashmere knits, fur-lined coats, mufflers, mink jackets, etc. Color extravanga. Stay toasty in mid-town or Moscow. Liquidation/moving sale at sample sale and below wholesale prices.

Until October 23
M– F 9-6 Sat 11-4
224 West 30 Street Suite 902

~Nancy "Fred the Furrier" Brenner

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Target - Mulberrys Gone - Customer Service Useless

Uh oh, Target, you messed with the wrong online shopper:

"Even though I had a highly coveted Mulberry Satchel, not the patent or leopard, but velvet, a good choice in this season's highly touted fabric, in my Target shopping cart, Target unceremoniously dumped it out as I was trying to check out. Waste of time for this heavily promoted alleged bonanza from the luxe English line. I called Target to complain. How many bags were available from the get-go? The call center girl Terry told me she had no idea why, but it was now sold out. I wanted to know why they heavily promoted an item and how many pieces did they originally have to offer and why my merch was dumped - this had never happened before at another retailer. I asked for a manager, but there was none available - turns out that it was too early for the call center on the Caribbean. The Gilt promotion of the Mulberry sold out within a minute or two. If it sounds too good to be true.... Companies should come clean - stop hyping these promotions if they have limited stock or be candid about how much they do have - like holiday door busters "limited stock" and each store may only have 50 items. Make nice to customers if you desire their patronage."

~Nancy Brenner

Thursday, October 07, 2010

GSNYC cannot get behind the over-the-knee boot look that is sweeping the nation

If you're tall you look like a pirate, and if you're short you look worse.

$15 Wick Trimmer: Cheapest NM Holiday Gift

No wonder they post the Christmas sales book at the first signs of Autumn. You need time to save for the $1.5M fantasy gifts Dale Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation...

For those with smaller wallets and deep desires for the NM gift box, a search in the $100 category yields Bamboo earbuds $20 which are "made of sleek and renewable natural bamboo and fit all iPod® and iPhone® models. Earbuds include a hands-free microphone and three sizes of ear tips; standard plug works with most audio devices. The case has a soft velvet backing. Imported. "(good to know). Or up the ante with a 2011 calendar silver-plated paperweight featuring the Neiman Marcus logo on the bottom. Only $25. Also imported.

Drumroll, please...
Gift Boxed Wick Trimmer. An elegant gift for your home and theirs, the silver-plated candle wick trimmer arrives in a gift box. Imported. $15!
Throw your hands up if you need a wick trimmer.

~nancy brenner

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NM Last Call - Prices better than sample sales. And no shoving or stripping necessary.

After perusing the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book yesterday, checked out the new Last Call site today (which offered a 30% Columbus Day discount) and free shipping. Here's some of the discounts - Line Pella mini crossbody bag $61.60 - this brand is worn by starlets and a bag was just featured on the season opener of Courtney Cox vehicle "Cougar Town." A Plenty by Tracy Reese frock for only $42.00 and an on-trend fur pom pom scarf from blockbuster brand Adrienne Landau for only $35.00 in a choice of bright colors. Reasons to cheer.

Linea Pelle Veronica Perforated Mini Crossbody Bag, Pewter
Price $88.00
Promotional Offer (30%)
Promotional Price

Plenty by Tracy Reese Lace-Overlay Frock Dress
Price $60.00
Promotional Offer (30%)
Promotional Price $42.00

Item: LCF11_T31FR
Adrienne Landau Rabbit Pom Pom Scarf, Red
Price $50.00
Promotional Offer (30%)
Promotional Price $35.00

~Nancy Brenner

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Best Black Pants: It's Personal

I'm not sure which is better - the perfect pair of black boots, or the perfect pair of black pants.  This week, I will go with the second option: PANTS.  I went to Personal Affairs, aka "pa" in the East Village on Sunday and tried about everything on until I landed on this fine specimen.  Interesting tactile material, low-waisted/hip hugger (but not too low), and somehow make me look much narrower.  They also come in a putty grey and have jackets to match!  They are being shortened right now and then I'm off to the (rat) races!  Yippee!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Closet Cleaning: Pros & Cons

Finally! Tthe seasons seem to truly be changing in NYC, so I thought it time to rearrange the closet for fall, and rid myself of a few items in the meantime.  This presented me with a few pros, and one glaring CON.

  • Make room for NEW clothes!
  • Create a pile for donating purposes.
  • Get organized and lighten my load of STUFF - very feng shui.
  • My "skinny" clothes are smaller than ever and not wearable.  Shoot, even my "normal" clothes are squeezing me.  :(