Saturday, December 17, 2016

Workin' it at ANNA in the East Village

Hi all.  Realized I hadn't posted one thing all year, and well, this year is almost over. Good Riddance!

Anyway, this Guerilla Shopper doesn't shop as much as she did "back in the day." Retail has changed tremendously since I started this blog, with online shopping taking over and so many off-price stores declining in quality or going out of business entirely. I was particularly sad when Loehmann's shut down, as I had recently moved to the Upper West Side and found it to be a great go-to spot for many of my needs. Apparently it still exists online, which I just only found out when I looked up the URL!

Now I primarily shop at three stores...and I even help out at one of them from time to time!  ANNA, 330 E. 11th St., East Village, NYC; meg, with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn (I go to the ones in the East Village or the newest location in the West Village); and Lingo, 257 W. 19th St., Chelsea, NYC.

So why do I still shop like it's 1999?
I rarely shop online, especially if it's for clothing and shoes, because even the thought of having to ship stuff back and forth annoys me. I spend HOURS trying stuff on in stores, there's little chance something I pick from a web site is going to fit or look like I want it to the first, second or nineteenth time. Additionally, the environmental impact of packing and shipping seems (is) massively wasteful.

But the real reason I have honed in on these three stores is definitely something the Internet cannot provide: a community of LIVE HUMANS that I interact with IN PERSON. I realize this is an old fashioned notion, but I suspect it will be making a comeback.  It HAS to.

I can't tell you the number of awesome women I have met and interacted with at these stores - employees and customers alike. Comedians, authors, filmmakers, musicians -- one woman I talked to a few months ago I soon noticed is on NY1 every other week with Neil Rosen talking about films (I KNEW she looked familiar!). It inspires creativity, discussion, hope, happiness. Better than a book club; better than Starbucks!

And yes, granted, I spend more money than I might if I shopped at H&M or hunted down every last online discount.  'Cuz I'm Worth It.  Aren't you?

xoxo GS

Thursday, July 02, 2015

RUN! (Don't walk) to... China: Through the Looking Glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Yes, yes, I have been off doing baseball things for years, but today I was, REQUIRED to share with you what I sort of accidentally saw at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You must visit the China: Through the Looking Glass couture fashion exhibit, open until September 7, 2015. 

With no plan this morning, I spontaneously figured out how I could get myself and a friend into the museum for free through my day job, kind of saw a headline about this particular show in the New York Observer...and well, it was one of those perfect days that you had no idea was ahead of you. Those folk over there at the museum sure do know how to curate themselves an exhibit! Breathtaking.

And I even got 10% off on a Chinese-inspired beaded necklace in the museum shop! Everyone wins!

I knew this had to be ALEXANDER McQUEEN upon first sighting.

Do I hear the Nutcracker?

McQueen. If the shoe fits...

Punk Rock + French Couture + China + Goth = be still my beating heart.

Tom Ford. This and...(scroll down)

...this had me at "nobody would ever put this together and yet it's the most fabulous combination in this show.

Beading, glorious beading

I'm a long, tall, fabulous teapot. Don't you dare tip me over.

side view

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

PODCAST - Bullpen Betty, Season 2, Epi. 5: For the Love of Mo'Ne

Betty & Antidote at Yankee Stadium, Aug. '14
What's more fashionable than official Yankee T-shirts? Putting those shirts on Betty and two members of the NYC hardcore band Antidote in Babe Ruth Plaza at Yankee Stadium!
So while the Yankees may be ailing at best, Bullpen Betty has the "Antidote" -- listen as Betty gets some great Yankee perspective: past, present & future, from two life-long hardcore Yankee fans. Oh and learn about Gigo's musical talents! Who knew?

Saturday, May 03, 2014

Baseball is back...and so is Betty

Get A Grip! Bullpen Betty is trying to! Follow, like & listen to her & Gigo talk about the beloved New York Yankees.  Just visit

Friday, May 02, 2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

LISTEN UP!: The Bullpen Betty Show: S2E2 - Let's Get This Party Started!

Bullpen Betty is on the move and on the make, but never on the take. Curtis Granderson who? Rodrigo 'Gigo' Schiffino and Betty are friggin psyched about our prospects for the season. Speaking of which, Betty noticies a strong resemblance between Michael Pineda and..."Upside downside inside and outside..."

Click to Listen to the latest BB Podcast: The Bullpen Betty Show: S2E2 - Let's Get This Party Started!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The Bullpen Betty Show is BACK!: Pitchers and Catchers

The Bullpen Betty Show: S2E01 - Pitchers and Catchers
Betty is BACK. Listen in as she channels Bette Midler in song while discussing w/Gigo all the "Changes" Los Jankis are going through. Oh, and eff Jay-Z! And let's be honest, Betty would only be half the animated woman that she is without Sean Taggart's rendering. She's so cute & sporty while she's beating you with her baseball bat. Oh yeah!