Thursday, July 02, 2015

RUN! (Don't walk) to... China: Through the Looking Glass at the Metropolitan Museum of Art


Yes, yes, I have been off doing baseball things for years, but today I was, REQUIRED to share with you what I sort of accidentally saw at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You must visit the China: Through the Looking Glass couture fashion exhibit, open until September 7, 2015. 

With no plan this morning, I spontaneously figured out how I could get myself and a friend into the museum for free through my day job, kind of saw a headline about this particular show in the New York Observer...and well, it was one of those perfect days that you had no idea was ahead of you. Those folk over there at the museum sure do know how to curate themselves an exhibit! Breathtaking.

And I even got 10% off on a Chinese-inspired beaded necklace in the museum shop! Everyone wins!

I knew this had to be ALEXANDER McQUEEN upon first sighting.

Do I hear the Nutcracker?

McQueen. If the shoe fits...

Punk Rock + French Couture + China + Goth = be still my beating heart.

Tom Ford. This and...(scroll down)

...this had me at "nobody would ever put this together and yet it's the most fabulous combination in this show.

Beading, glorious beading

I'm a long, tall, fabulous teapot. Don't you dare tip me over.

side view