Thursday, December 30, 2010

Report From the Front: Prince Raspberry Beret

Only Prince could rock a silk purple ruffled shirt with rhinestone (Ed.: I'm guessing they were the real thing) cufflinks THIS BIG plus a rhinestone bib, and whip up a crowd of snow-slushed New Yorkers into singing "Purple Rain" as if it was the national anthem at the "Welcome 2 America" tour at Madison Square Garden last night. While a few concert goers were obsessing over capturing their auteur Android or IPod images, many were swathed in purple or gold lame moving and squealing in rapture - maybe the Mayor should pipe in "Let's Go Crazy," "Little Red Corvette" and skip the bike lines.  For $40 you can party like it's 1999 in a Raspberry Beret (song circa 1985) sold at MSG.
~Nancy Brenner

Note from GSNYC: I, too, attended the Prince show and through extreme proximity also took note of the diamond-encrusted "ear cuff" that scrolled up the edge of his right ear.  And hair glitter.  And who could forget the second act's outfit, which consisted of a bright red glitter turtleneck with matching ice skater's pants, size 00?  Unfortunately, had I taken a photo I would have been vaporized Star Trek-style.  Mr. Prince will be re-gracing NYC with his presence on January 18, again at MSG.

Dec. 30-Jan. 30: ABC Carpet Annual Winter Sale

ABC Carpet & Home
Annual Winter Sale
December 30, 2010-January 30, 2011
Monday-Saturday: 10-7
Thursday: 10-8
Sunday: 11-6:30

All stores:
Delray Beach, Fl
Warehouse outlets Bronx and S. Hackensack
follow abc home on twitter:

Pictured: *8x9 wool silk Nepal, was $9,999, now $5,499

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Dumpling House Gone: That was Fast

Wow, that was fast - Sushi Dumpling House (E. 26th St.) in business, four months, tops.  I got the sign change in action today!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I am Grateful for this last week of GSNYC

I am grateful that there is a new 7-Eleven on Third Ave. and 28th St. (or is it 29th?)
I am grateful that my friend turned me onto Press on E. 23rd St.  The whole wheat wrap has insanely low Weight Watchers points!
I am grateful I decided not to go away the day or two after Christmas for I would still be waiting in the airport.
I am grateful that I got a couple of great deals when buying Christmas gifts this year - especially the men's shirts at Lord & Taylor (two Ralph Lauren dress shirts for under $80) and the best stationery ever at Kate's Paperie [I think the location in the Village is going out of business, however].
And as always, I am grateful for the number seven.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Men, Stripping, Sample Fatigue, Sticker Shock: Sample Sales 2010 in Review

The Men - are they all out of work, or turned into jobbers? They are running amuck at sales - Vivienne Tam - so many it felt like a construction site, and at Cynthia Steffe - men appeared, like apparitions hoarding with abandon. Would you like us to storm your sales while you are down to your skivvies or Man Spanx?

Most Improved Sale - Thanks to Cynthia Steffe for installing guards.  Boo to women who had no dignity and insisted on stripping as it was against the rules and the pleas of male security who begged women not to display their Victoria's Secrets.

Pushing and Shoving - More women MUST be working out. Wouldn't sample sales be a better place if it was a little bit more "Glee," Gwynnie Paltro guest appearance and a little less "Jersey Shore"?

Sample Prices? - Just so we're clear, a 60% off retail reduction is simply not an old-school sample sale (off of wholesale), especially when Fifth Avenue stores were already offering the same.
Leifsdotter was the swankiest sample sale setting, but not deepest discount!

Professional Place Holders - Everyone has a thousand friends on Facebook, but at a sample sale, 1-3 max.
Are people setting saving spots for cash like Merchant of Venice tickets at Central Park?
Beware the angry shoppers behind you.

Bragging Bloggers - Stop the line blogging about how you clocked the sample sale at a preview before the die-hard devotees! And how they won't be restocking.

Best Insider Access - Kudos to Gilt City for offering early access for $5 to Catherine Malandrino and others. It’s worth the investment.

True discounts - The $20 for anything and everything Cynthia Steffe and the Lafayette 148 with $40 skirts along (props for plus size finds) with the $50 Shoshanna samples, $5 intimates at Natori are just about the deepest discounts.

A-List Designer Treatment - Rebecca Minkoff, Isaac Manevitz, Kokin, Colette Malouf, Vivienne Tam treated discount-divers like full-price customers.

Indie designers - No not the ones plastered in Vogue.
Patronize smaller ones that sell in boutiques like Anni Kuan that are well-made and priced.

Consignment shops - Sample sale-aholics worked themselves and their credit cards into a frenzy will be probably be dumping their sample sale slip-ups in the consignment shop after-market.

Soon we'll need a clock keeping track of the number of samples sales, like the one for National Debt... hmm any correlation? The unofficial count was 200 sample sales in the last week causing sample sale fatigue to set in. Stock, but fewer real samples.

Women feeling pressure to buy after they've waited in line in extreme weather, fought off opponents, defended their finds and held in their bladders. Even if a friend tries talk you out of buying a La Perla bra with feathers at a “steal" of $80, it can be easy to make rash decisions on a post-Starbucks bladder, an empty stomach and exit waving a “V” sign to the nearest blogger interviewing you for her VLOG.

~Nancy Brenner

From PopSugar Daily: Anthropologie 25% Off Sale


Shop fast! Today only, Anthropologie will take 25 percent off all of your in-store purchases. If you'd prefer to shop fireside, orders of $75 or more made before tomorrow at 10 a.m. EST will earn complimentary free shipping. Now who's in need of a new party dress?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fur From the Front: Kokin

You may need an armed guard escort for this plush peacock-colored fur monster hat on sale at Kokin's showroom. Alas, the designer Kokin says this rich-looking hat is sold without protection. Styles include fur trappers, aviators in a choice of mink, fox and rabbit in colors such as purple, pink or black. Prices for "stop and stare at me" pieces will set you back $250 -$300. Want to be mistaken for a model, magazine editor, or someone who has landed a contract with the NFL?  Stop by this sample sale where Kokin will style you and select a suitable cloche, cap, bucket hat, or beret in a range of materials like leather, felt, and bedecked with treatments such as Swarovski crystals. Alicia Keys, Julia Roberts, Britney Spears, Queen Latifah, Cher and Sarah Jessica Parker have all donned Kokin. Women were stocking up by the armloads, but hats and scarves will be replenished.

247 West 38th Street
Sun -Tue 9am-6pm
Payment Type:   Cash ONLY
~nancy brennfur

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Dec 20: From Wendy Mink Jewelry

Men only shopping night on Monday, December 20, 6-8pm:
"We will have personal shoppers, whiskey and many fabulous gift opportunities for the ladies in your life! In our boutique, visit our website for location details."
...this sounds like a good opportunity for women to shop for:  men...
Wendy Mink Jewelry

65 N. Moore St
2nd Floor
NY NY 10013

~nancy brenner

Monday, December 13, 2010

Ben-Amun Sample Sale Today

Five dollar earrings and stop-traffic trinkets at Ben-Amun sample sale where shoppers as eager to see the affable designer Issac Manevitz and his wife Regina as the art deco collection which was selling quickly.  Issac has his tool kit ready to shorten bracelets and necklaces. Get the same service as Ben-Amun fan Kate Moss today at 246 W. 38th Street 12A.

~nancy brenner

Friday, December 10, 2010

Rants & Tidbits of a Guerilla Shopper

Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon - What used to be an old-school motor inn, is now where they would probably film Almost Famous. Average guest age?  24, at a stretch. Refurbished rooms and an impressive-looking bar and restaurant (and venue, which I didn't see) called "The Doug Fir" where you can order yourself a "Fir Burger" kick this joint up a few notches. As do the required ear plugs that are supplied in each room - along with a brightly-colored condom.  But perhaps my favorite feature are the chalkboard guest room doors (see pic. for my inspiration).  Oh and if you are a band, let them know and you'll get the "band rate," which on a Saturday night amounted to $88.88.  Get a room!

Ben & Jerry's - Did anyone notice that the scoop shop in the E. Village is gone?  As is the one over near Times Square.  There are only three left on the Island of Manhattan - and one of them is in Macy's (ugh).

Downtown Dive Bars - Upcoming DOAs include Mars Bar, Max Fish, and Pink Pony.  I realize that downtown was stolen from downtowners years ago, but these casulaties pretty much put the final nail in.  Is there any truly groovy neighborhood left in Manhattan?  Even one block?  I gladly accept your thoughts.

Thursday, December 09, 2010

Now thru Dec. 12: Sample Sale at Wendy Mink

Gift givers packed this gem of a jewelry store for a preview of the sample sale at 72 Orchard St., which runs today through Sunday, December 12th. Tip - hustle your tray to the back room for treasures. Say hi to Cerena and tell them the Guerilla sent you.

~nancy brenner

Dec. 9-11: Jutta Neumann Anniversary Sale

For those of you who know:

Jutta Neumann Anniversary Sale
20% off on all stock items
355 E. 4th St., 212-982-7048
Dec. 9-11, 12 noon - 7 p.m.


REPORT From the Front: Cassin Fur For Ladies Who Lunch

If you've married money, or want to splurge, this is the place to do so. If you frequent black-tie events and have the requisite bucks to finance fur fashions worthy of paparazzi pics, seek this sale. Worthy just for the people watching - best dressed, poised sample sale attendees ever.
December 9, 10
Thurs. 9:30 to 7:00, Fri 9:30am to 6:30pm
150 West 30th Street (@ 7th Ave), 5th Floor
~nancy brenner

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Cynthia Steffe: Survivor Edition report From the Front

This year there were two gangs of women line-cutting and fighting for the narrow space in the vestibule of the narrow, cramped rented sample sale space for Cynthia Steffe where everything was $20 - except for leathers.

Original tags are $195, $225, $295. Last year's group of hoarders in contention for space in small cramped hallway arguing with a ring leader of another group - who cut the line by at least 7 people. Lobby chaos by 9:30 a.m. By 10 a.m. people were allowed to enter the elevator - only 10 at a time - so be prepared to wait. "Ladies put your clothes on," was the funniest line ever at a sample sale as the Cynthia Steffe male security guards and female salespeople were trying to keep women from disrobing. One woman kept begging a security guard to look - he seemed as if he was standing before curdled milk.

It is a mini-battle zone with happy warriors, so good luck:
Tuesday Dec. 7 - Friday Dec. 10 (I doubt anything will be left)
10am-6pm all days
218 W. 37th St (between 7th & 8th ave), 7th Floor
Cash and major credit cards accepted

~nancy brenner

Report From the Front: In Suede: Did you dislocate your shoulder

at your last sample sale? Try In Suede where Joann will treat you like a shopper at an upscale boutique (Runway in SoHo) and where luscious leathers in colors from peacock to camel are sold. Did I mention the $45 sample rack? Most shoppers skip over sample sales that last no longer than a snow flurry, but this one is worth your perusal, especially if you're going to attempt the Cynthia Steffe sale nearby.

463 Seventh Avenue

Through December 17

~nancy brenner

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday, November 29, 2010

Daffy's: The Fifty Dollar Fun Card Challenge

The good people of Daffy's posed a challenge to yours truly: They'd give me a $50 gift card that I could spend at any of their stores, if in exchange, I would recount my experience and talk about my purchases here on the blog only known as Guerilla Shopper.  I accepted their gentlewoman's challenge with enthusiasm and stormed the Daffy's on E. 18th St. near 5th Avenue - the downsized version of the old location around the corner, which is now H&M.

The photo above is everything I purchased for $50.  Four scented candles, water bottle, mini-umbrella (houndstooth!), and by far my favorite: the Kangol hat (only $17 in the men's dept).

I like Daffy's for their housewares, knick-knacks and men's/children's department.  The latter being really impressive, actually.  I don't find the women's apparel as intriguing, perhaps because the ladies are so thorough and on top of it as soon as new merch arrives in-store.

Also, Daffy's (formerly Daffy Dan's - how y'like me now!?): can you get a dimmer switch on your lights?  I feel like I'm in 7-Eleven (not a good feeling when trying on bras).

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Guerilla Scores Coat at Mackage Sample Sale

I got into the Mackage sample sale on the last day (today), with two hours remaining, and scored the pictured coat for half price: $245 --and they didn't even charge me tax!  Yay.  OK, so it's not the most contemporary style they have, and be warned that this designer runs SMALL.  I got a large and there is NO room to grow.  I guess I will stick to after all...

Black Friday: Don't Believe the Hype

...and that's all I have to say about that.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Anti-Black Friday: Roundabout Resale

Big Box Not Your Style? Skip the line-cutting, smack-downs and requisite pre-dawn wakeups.  Try Roundabout at 113 Mercer St. (between Spring St and Prince St) this Friday. High-end boots straight from boutiques, excellent condition clothes and select vintage typically 1/3 of retail. A group of  women came in with their driver from Connecticut for discounted designers includin Prada, Ferretti, Chanel, and Balenciagia - one of them left wearing her brand new boots.  Check the lower level for contemporary lines like Nanette Lepore, Cynthia Steffe - the Bergdorf 5F brands.
This Roundabout store is one of four in the area (two in Greenwich and one on the UES). Don't be a turkey this Thanksgiving - check for an eclectic selection.

~Nancy Brenner

This Blogger is Having a Hellavah Time Finding a New Coat!

I spent all weekend looking for a new black coat, to no avail.  Issues such as price, fit and mostly UGLINESS have hindered me.  Also, every store seems to have the same stuff.  I probably want a military inspired cloak, and will know it when I see it - any ideas?  I'm thinking less than $500.
xoxo GSNYC

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday Hair: Colette Malouf Magical Makeovers

Colette Malouf's magical makeovers could convince a bald man that he could work a semi-precious headstrap with sparkly jewels. If your goal is a Snooki pouf, a 60's bombshell boufont, or an Anne Hathaway upsweep a la Vogue photo spread this month, Colette will demonstrate on your hair - or her's - how to get the look.

Hair combs are this season's updater. A shiny row of rhinestones in a multitude of colors may just be the #1 addition to your holiday wardrobe. Of course, there are the famous feathers, rhinestone bobby pins, and leather ones too. If your Prince William has popped the question, peruse the white wedding collection to look like a princess. Hair bijoux prices starting from $5 and a multitude of $15 and $20 picks at 594 Broadway between Houston and Prince - tell them the Guerilla sent you!

~nancy brenhair

Friday, November 12, 2010

One for the Boys: Joey Abboud Sale, Nov. 14-18


Suits, Sportcoats, Trousers and Tuxedos

SUNDAY, NOV. 14th through THURSDAY, NOV. 18th
Sunday: 9:00am to 6:00pm
Monday through Wednesday: 9:00am to 7:00pm
Thursday: 9:00am to 5:00pm

To be held at:
Soiffer Haskin
317 West 33rd Street, NYC
(Just west of 8th Avenue)

(American Express, Visa or MasterCard)

All Sales Final.

No strollers or children under 12 will be admitted.

For more information, call: (718) 747-1656, Monday - Friday: 9am -5pm.
/nancy brenner

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Lambskin leathers $108 were retailing for a thou: Preview from Lafayette 148

Lowest price is $2 highest is $108.

Security was tight at today's friends and family sale - with good reason: the markdowns were a bigger percentage point drop than the Loubie sale. Lambskin leather jackets and skirts in many textures, colors and sizes and if you only add one new update item - this is it.

Don't overlook the skirts - a high-waisted snakeskin print skirt retailing for $498 is $40 here. For plus size women - a sequined merino cardigan is selling for a song - original price is $476. This sale has more choices than a peacock has feathers. From patent belts (only $2 - originally more than $100) to flower pins, to handbags to bolts of fabric (kudos to the few brave men who shopped this sale), every nook and cranny holds something you may have missed the first, second and even third sweep of the sale.

If you don't know this brand by now, shame on you! Check out,, or to see this brand.

148 Lafayette Street, 9 am start -

nan$y brenner

Report From the Front: Moschino/Aeffe

"The recession is over," declared the affable handbag/coat check guy. Judging by the shopping hedonism in the air (women checking bags from multiple sample sales), conversations among shoppers (which sale are you headed to next?), sophisticated questions for sales people (do you have this jacket I saw in the Look Book), the check-in guy was right!

The prices of labels of the lower lines of Moschino were well worth it. For quality and coolness, head there now!  They will be re-stocking  so don't fret if you weren't on the Friends and Family list today.
30 West 56th Street
~Nancy Brenner

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Report From the Front Preview: Shoshanna Bins First Stop

Normally shoppers don't stop and stoop, but the $20 cardigans with gold trim and buttons in a range of colors and $5 shells are an unreal deal - so stock up for stuffers or yourself.

Of course, the real attraction is the sample rack in the middle of the room, which for $50 is packed with workwear or weekend and is one of the best buys you'll find at any sample sale this season - so far. Even cover-ups are a deal at $35. Check out before you go and make room in your closet - see the metallics, silks, gold, bold embellished dresses and blues that sell in Bergdorf's, Saks and on edressme. Regal treatment by staff who will even help negotiate a trade of sizes with other shoppers - and if you know sample sales, it can be as tough as a hostage negotiation.

Shoshanna: 231 W. 39th Street - 10 - 6:30 - but get there early
~Nancy Brenner

Nanny Lepore - Sample Sale Update

You may be need to draw a safety perimeter around you if you buy the touchable Incognito pony jacket. It was the biggest markdown - $395 from over $1,400. The legendary sample sale rack is back - mainly size 2 or a size 4 with some serious Spanx layering. Prices for samples are $60 and tops are $40 - many Nanette groupies regaled tales of previous $20 bargains - ah inflation. Die-hard Nanette loyalists were doing their part to boost the economy including a newbie with sky high Loubies. Swaps of intel on which department stores had already lowered their before you go.
Nanette Lepore 225 West 35th Street
~Nancy Brenner

Monday, November 08, 2010

Consignment Downtown: Second Time Around

Second Time Around at 262 Mott Street consignment as cool as its boutique -- brand neighbors like Rebecca Taylor.

This NoLita spot is so popular that you need to make an appointment to consign. Thirty-minute and hour long appointments go quickly.
1. Tags - still "fresh from the store" - these boo-boo buys will yield the most cash.

2. Call in advance to see if they are "full" - consignment shops are well-stocked right now. Try again in a month to see if stocks are depleted and they have room for more.

3. Scout the location in advance - No need to drag all your goodies - for example a downtown shop of the same chain may offer hipper labels than an uptown one, which may have more classic brands and styles.

4. Rejected? - Ask the consignee questions - find out if they are the right brand, style for the store, condition of item, or if they would the be welcome at another time of year.

5. Consign early and often - mid-March for Spring/Summer and mid-August for Fall/Winter

Mostly for women, but men check out the tie selection if you are in the 'hood of this Massachusets-based emporium of more than 20 stores.

~n. brenner

Friday, November 05, 2010

Sample Sale Samurai Tips

With a tsunami of sample sales starting next week, here are Nancy Brenner's 10 tips:

1. Act like a retailer - take total inventory of your closet, then rearrange by color and function (i.e. weddings, work, weekend)

2. Not perfect? - If the dress need more alterations than a patient on "Nip/Tuck," skip it. A missing button or a busted zipper is a simple fix.

3. Where will you wear it? Spotted a dress in a blue hue that was my most flattering shade, but wasn't 100% sure. Luckily, the "sample sale whisperer" Leora at Teri Jon said, said "where will you wear it?" Sage counsel. I put it back on the pile.

4. Does this update my look? Search for statement makers, but not one-hit wonders. I suspect the ubiquitous fur vest will be on deep discount.

5. Donate or consignment items - to clear room in your closet and earn cash for sample sale spending.

6. Don't succumb to herd mentality - it's hard not to get carried away when everyone around you is swiping their credit cards - just remember - you don't know their credit ratings.
7. Know the retail value - Check the designer's website, and peruse retailer's websites to assess if it's a true bargain. Don't let a "sale" entice you.

8. Make a list - just like supermarket shopping, temptation lurks at the aisle or check-out. Focus on completing an unworn outfit - matches for a sweater or skirt hanging with tags still attached in your closet.

9. The "pow" factor - always leave room in your budget for unexpected find - but not fifteen of them.

And finally,
10. Does this make me look like Lady Gaga? - If it does, and you're not Lady Gaga, you should probably put it back on the rack - it's on sale for a reason.

Thursday, November 04, 2010

T.J. Maxx - 57th St. - The Photo

T.J. Maxx is opening on 57th Street on November 11 at 8 am - fixtures are in - can't wait to see the bargains and shoppers scurrying to and from its "Daffy" neighbor across the street.

~Nancy Brennerr

Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Running the NYC Marathon? Try this Sample Sale Marathon --

You may need a zipcar to lug around your sample sale booty next week. If you have on extra vacation day, take it on November 10.  Strategize: sales start at Malandrino at 8, Vivienne Tam at 9 and Moschino or Vivienne Tam at 10. Why is there always sample sale clumping?

November 9th
Nanette Lepore 225 W. 35th Street 9 am start
Tibi 260 W. 39th 10 a.m. start

November 10
Catherine Malandrino 123 W. 18th 8 am start
Vivienne Tam 260 W. 39th Street 9 am start
Moschino, Ferretti 30 West 56th Street 10 am start
Shoshanna 231 W. 39th Street 10 am start

November 11
Lafayette 148 - 148 Lafayette Street 9 am start

Expect long lines to get in just about everywhere. Let's hope Nanette Lepore brings back it's legendary sample sale rack.

~nancy brenner

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Baoguette: CLOSED...Due to a Dirty Mind

Baoguette is a curious institution.  They opened on Lex near 25th St., and I rejoiced.  Then they moved over to 3rd Ave below 23rd St.  Then they "went on vacation" and next thing I knew, they were back at the old Lex/25th address.  And this morning, as I was walking by post-vote, I found the gates shut tight and this notice on the door.  Yikes!  Good food, bad service...but what in the world is going on over there?

Friday, October 29, 2010

Nov. 10-12: Catherine Malandrinio Sample Sale!

This might be worth taking the morning off from work and camping outside for:

Savvy & Co. is hosting CATHERINE MALANDRINO's Fall/Winter Sample Sale:

What: Sample Sale featuring CATHERINE MALANDRINO Fall/Winter styles and for the first time – MALANDRINO Runway collection

Where: Metropolitan Pavillion
123 West 18th Street
New York, NY 10011

When: November 10th – 12th Wednesday - Friday 8AM – 8PM daily

Blouses were $395… now $95
Skirts were $275… now $65
Dresses were $525… now $155
Leather Jackets were $1,200… now $295

Cash and all credit cards accepted.

RSVP to to receive an additional 10% off!

Score a gift certificate to Catherine Malandrino NYC boutiques:
$25 when you spend $250
$75 when you spend $500
$125 when you spend $1000

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Report From the Front: Adrienne Landau Fur & Faux Sample Sale

The frenetic pace and wardrobe of the original Pedro Almodovar "Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown" 80s hit is captured in the Broadway musical starring Patti LuPone (as Lucia) who rocks a leopard coat and hat that takes center stage of this musical set to open on November 4 at the Belasco theater.  Five-time costume design Tony winner Catherine Zuber has created confections in such vivid hues, that you may be inspired to book a flight to Madrid where this vibrant tale of tumult is set. See Women for the A-list actresses who showcase their flair for theater along with their flair for feathers (maribou and otherwise), distinctive silhouettes, white patent ankle boots, passionate purples and even the cab driver in snow leopard pants.

Love Lupone's leopard look? Head to the Adrienne Landau fur and faux fur sample sale where you can find traffic-stopping leopard print hats, vests, or coats. Maybe there will be markdowns since tomorrow is
the last day.  Prices start as low as $35.

518 Eighth Avenue, 21st Floor.  Scope out

~Nancy Brenner

Bergdorf Goodman - Something for ALMOST nothing

The Andy Open Back Dress by Oonagh for Nanette Lepore in size large (10-12) for $59. With the gift card, that will be $9 plus tax, originally $118.

~Nancy Brenner

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Friends cradles their cell while eyeing their pile at the Teri Jon sale

With sample prices at $50 for skirts, $65 for cocktail and day dresses, and $20 for cotton tops, women had piles of clothes to sift through.  "Stop whatever you're doing and get over here," was a common refrain at this sale where you can find a power interview suit, a date dress, a day dress, a cocktail dress, and Ivanka-worthy wow wear. Oprah cover dress - check. Elisabeth Hasselbeck top she wore on GMA - check. One woman said "watch out for the baby" - yes, there was a baby who was blase about the experience - maybe it wasn't her first time. If you're the sample size, you may never have to hit another sample sale or obsessively check for an entire season.  It's that good. Also stock sizes available - and helpful staff.  Leora will be your own Stacy London and let you know what works and what to toss or tailor.  She told one shopper. "think of it as a happy accident if the sample fits you." Grab a power bar before you go - you'll need your energy to sort the selection.
(See yesterday's post for time & place!  GSNYC)

~Nancy Brenner

Teri Jon Sample Sale: Oct 21, 22, 24

Teri Jon fans: Head over to the sample sale today at 241 W. 37th Street. Also Friday and SUNDAY! Call 212-398-0480 for hours and tell them the Guerilla sent you. If you haven't scored a black tie, wedding, or major opening invite yet - this collection will inspire you to find one.
Report from the Front to Follow...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Pure Collection: Tip from Mother Guerilla

Received an insert in the Sunday Times from this company.  They are offering a one time only 30% discount plus free shipping and returns.  Some of the stuff in the flyer is good - British company.  Go to to take a look.  Maybe you'll see a dress, etc. you'll like.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Elie Tahari Sample Sale Starts Oct. 19

And this Guerilla Shopper will tragically not be able to make it!  I bought some of my favorite sample sale items at this one a couple of years ago.  Weep.

70% Off Elie Tahari

Oct 19-24
510 5th Ave

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Channel Your Inner Anna Karenina - Report from the Fur Front

Perusing the selection at Goodman Couture Furs may inspire you to re-read Tolstoy. A red mink handbag with rhinestone encrusted straps for $150. A black shearling hat for $45! A black fur jacket with seed pearl trim - looks retro, but is modern Mad Men - an original for an original. Fur-trimmed Italian cashmere knits, fur-lined coats, mufflers, mink jackets, etc. Color extravanga. Stay toasty in mid-town or Moscow. Liquidation/moving sale at sample sale and below wholesale prices.

Until October 23
M– F 9-6 Sat 11-4
224 West 30 Street Suite 902

~Nancy "Fred the Furrier" Brenner

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Target - Mulberrys Gone - Customer Service Useless

Uh oh, Target, you messed with the wrong online shopper:

"Even though I had a highly coveted Mulberry Satchel, not the patent or leopard, but velvet, a good choice in this season's highly touted fabric, in my Target shopping cart, Target unceremoniously dumped it out as I was trying to check out. Waste of time for this heavily promoted alleged bonanza from the luxe English line. I called Target to complain. How many bags were available from the get-go? The call center girl Terry told me she had no idea why, but it was now sold out. I wanted to know why they heavily promoted an item and how many pieces did they originally have to offer and why my merch was dumped - this had never happened before at another retailer. I asked for a manager, but there was none available - turns out that it was too early for the call center on the Caribbean. The Gilt promotion of the Mulberry sold out within a minute or two. If it sounds too good to be true.... Companies should come clean - stop hyping these promotions if they have limited stock or be candid about how much they do have - like holiday door busters "limited stock" and each store may only have 50 items. Make nice to customers if you desire their patronage."

~Nancy Brenner

Thursday, October 07, 2010

GSNYC cannot get behind the over-the-knee boot look that is sweeping the nation

If you're tall you look like a pirate, and if you're short you look worse.

$15 Wick Trimmer: Cheapest NM Holiday Gift

No wonder they post the Christmas sales book at the first signs of Autumn. You need time to save for the $1.5M fantasy gifts Dale Chihuly Pool Sculpture Installation...

For those with smaller wallets and deep desires for the NM gift box, a search in the $100 category yields Bamboo earbuds $20 which are "made of sleek and renewable natural bamboo and fit all iPod® and iPhone® models. Earbuds include a hands-free microphone and three sizes of ear tips; standard plug works with most audio devices. The case has a soft velvet backing. Imported. "(good to know). Or up the ante with a 2011 calendar silver-plated paperweight featuring the Neiman Marcus logo on the bottom. Only $25. Also imported.

Drumroll, please...
Gift Boxed Wick Trimmer. An elegant gift for your home and theirs, the silver-plated candle wick trimmer arrives in a gift box. Imported. $15!
Throw your hands up if you need a wick trimmer.

~nancy brenner

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

NM Last Call - Prices better than sample sales. And no shoving or stripping necessary.

After perusing the Neiman Marcus Christmas Book yesterday, checked out the new Last Call site today (which offered a 30% Columbus Day discount) and free shipping. Here's some of the discounts - Line Pella mini crossbody bag $61.60 - this brand is worn by starlets and a bag was just featured on the season opener of Courtney Cox vehicle "Cougar Town." A Plenty by Tracy Reese frock for only $42.00 and an on-trend fur pom pom scarf from blockbuster brand Adrienne Landau for only $35.00 in a choice of bright colors. Reasons to cheer.

Linea Pelle Veronica Perforated Mini Crossbody Bag, Pewter
Price $88.00
Promotional Offer (30%)
Promotional Price

Plenty by Tracy Reese Lace-Overlay Frock Dress
Price $60.00
Promotional Offer (30%)
Promotional Price $42.00

Item: LCF11_T31FR
Adrienne Landau Rabbit Pom Pom Scarf, Red
Price $50.00
Promotional Offer (30%)
Promotional Price $35.00

~Nancy Brenner

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The Best Black Pants: It's Personal

I'm not sure which is better - the perfect pair of black boots, or the perfect pair of black pants.  This week, I will go with the second option: PANTS.  I went to Personal Affairs, aka "pa" in the East Village on Sunday and tried about everything on until I landed on this fine specimen.  Interesting tactile material, low-waisted/hip hugger (but not too low), and somehow make me look much narrower.  They also come in a putty grey and have jackets to match!  They are being shortened right now and then I'm off to the (rat) races!  Yippee!

Monday, October 04, 2010

Closet Cleaning: Pros & Cons

Finally! Tthe seasons seem to truly be changing in NYC, so I thought it time to rearrange the closet for fall, and rid myself of a few items in the meantime.  This presented me with a few pros, and one glaring CON.

  • Make room for NEW clothes!
  • Create a pile for donating purposes.
  • Get organized and lighten my load of STUFF - very feng shui.
  • My "skinny" clothes are smaller than ever and not wearable.  Shoot, even my "normal" clothes are squeezing me.  :(

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Red Rules Runway

Juicier than a Jersey beef tomato were the rich reds on display at the Spring 2011 Fashion Coterie at the Javits Center. It's the color of confidence for Fall according to The Wall Street Journal recalling "Reagan Red" (Nancy, that is). Apparently Spring too. Rock red with a Shoshanna jacquard or select a twofer trend Tracy Reese frock of grossgrain faille for $378 (pictured) - red with sleeves staging a comeback!

~nancy brenner

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

SAMPLE SALE: Milly Maniacs scooped up...

...Velvet skirts with scalloped edges and ruffle-edged bustle details for $39 and black wool sweaters embellished with gold pallets at Clothing Line sample sale (see pic.) - all look like samples from FashionWeek. A brand that is almost never on sale - anywhere - and costs even more at Michael's Consignment making this sale worth the clothing-hanger-stalking staff who will report you to the manager if you do not hang up every single item and place it back on the rack. Guilty.

$39 for skirts and sweaters and a cool camel trench in leather for $199. It-girl sweater dresses. Yellow gold lurex sweaters and...wait, was that a runway prototype cocktail dress I spotted? Sprint down to Clothing Line at 36th St. Buy for you - a friend - a co-worker - the barista at Starbuck's...spread the savings joy.

261 West 36th (between 7th & 8th), 2nd floor - Tuesday, 11 - 7 pm, Wednesday 11 - 7 pm.

~nancy brenner, don't call it a comeback

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

80's Fashion Rant from One of GSNYC's Old School Crew

This was too good not to share publicly:

Laura, you're a fashion-ashashin' -- When are '80's high-rise jeans that come up over women's belly buttons gonna be sexy again? The question is, how was that even ever allowed to happen in the first place? Who OK'd that pattern? It's geriatric! I want to introduce a new cut in jeans, the mega high rise..."the sky-scraper." Jeans up to the armpits. That's sexy. It's the giant torso look that's so popular these days...

Monday, September 20, 2010

Have You Signed Up for The Dealist Yet?

Well you SHOULD!  I can't even remember when or how I signed up, but I have to say this is one of the best online sales sites I have ever used.  TheDealist doesn't just offer really good deals, it gives you great ideas that you probably would never have thought of or known about to begin with, including ideas for: dining out, spas, exercise clubs, hair salons, and more.  I mean there is no way to know everything that's going on in this huge, zany town...but TheDealist helps.  I recently used it to sign up for very resonable personal training sessions at a Pilates/Gyrotonics studio on E. 23rd St. that I would never have otherwise known about.  Check it out!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Shoe Aficionado was created to fill a growing need for hard-to-find shoes at discounted prices.

Shoe Aficionado ( is an online oasis for like-minded shoe lovers -- a shopping site and shoe lovers community dedicated to bringing you the latest and most fabulous designer shoes at prices up to 75% off retail.

Shoe Aficionado's goal is to merge the modern convenience of online shopping with the unique tips you get from your favorite boutique, as well as provides you with access to a community of passionate shoe aficionados.

The site launched with 80%20 and Ce Ce Chin Collection, Ce Ce Chin's cult downtown-NYC 2010 Spring shoe collections.

All sales on Shoe Aficionado will be current season items, with pricing up to 75% off of retail prices. Site will feature one Sale Event per week and sales last for 4 days. Shoppers referring their friends receive $10 towards purchases over $100. For a limited time around launch, shoppers will receive 10% off of purchases over $100 up with a coupon code (Shoelaunch).

All products are curated by Shoe Aficionado's stylists

Shoe Aficionado launched on Thursday, September 16, 2010 at 12:00pm EST with Ce Ce Chin’s 80%20 and Ce Ce Chin Collection footwear at up to 75% off retail. Corso Como and Steve Madden will follow.

Monday, September 13, 2010

I am digging my BDG jeans from Urban Outfitters

And will explain why soon.  One reason: The extra dark blue color.

OK, I'm back. And Yeah, yes - I meant BDG Jeans! 
As a not-as-young-as-I used-to-be broad, finding good jeans is key.  And I found them by accident in a store I almost never go into - Urban Outfitters!  I like them because:

They fit
They are comfy
They cost $60-something
I can get away with wearing them, possibly even making me "seem" younger than I am!

I wore them when I was "on tour" with my rock star friend in Seattle, and much younger, cooler chicks pointed out to me that we were all wearing the same jeans.  And in a good way.  Maybe I can pull this off a few more years after all.

So run there or check online - I suspect it will be worth the trip...

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Shopping in Seattle? Yes, they have stores there too!

Sneakers & Seattle?  Perfect together. Although Seattle is not particularly known for its fashion outside of long underwear under cut off army shorts and flannels, I dug The Sneakery, what with all their sneakers and socks!  I really liked the grey flannel Converse One-Stars.  And then I saw that grey flannel is all the rage in NYC high fashion this fall.  See?  Seattle is cutting edge!
In Ballard on 612 NW 65th St.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Nancy Brenner scoped it all out for you at the Showroom Seven preview:

Little Monsters make your way to this sample sale starting today if you want standout statement pieces for your own concert appearances, or to add a little splash to your Fashion Night Out, or Rosh Hashanah
festivities.  Worth the haul to 263 Eleventh Avenue, 3rd Fl. (between 27th-28th Sts.).  Yes, it's right near where that coyote was spotted in March at West 24th and 12th Avenue, but true fashionistas will go the distance.
10 a.m. - 7 p.m., closed Sundays

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sushi Dumpling House - new in my hood... what is this Sushi Dumpling House that is under construction in my 'hood?  And what does the "KB" stand for?  Well, I like sushi, and I like dumplings, so there's a reasonable chance that I would like this place, however it's in my neighborhood which gives it an automatic 50% chance of sucking.

When I moved into Grey Box this place was a Goat Meat store.  Then, ironically, it became MooShoes (vegan shoe store).  THEN it became the smaller takeout outpost of Tatany (sushi), which had been a good restaurant on Third Avenue, and is now some intolerable bar. 

Let us cross our fingers, shall we?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

WSJ: Marketers Try Interactive Mirrors, Discounts via Scanners

The Wall Street Journal
AUGUST 26, 2010
Luring Shoppers to Stores

Marketers Try Interactive Mirrors, Discounts via Scanners


It's Steven Spielberg's futuristic "Minority Report" come to life.

New technologies at the retail center at IPG's Media Lab.

Marketing companies are experimenting with a new wave of digital technologies to pitch to consumers while they shop: interactive dressing-room mirrors, kiosks with virtual customer-service representatives, and shopping carts and digital scanners that offer personalized discounts.

These futuristic technologies are among the interactive tools on display at Interpublic Group of Cos.' new retail center at the advertising company's Media Lab in Los Angeles.

There, Interpublic is testing innovative ways for marketers to connect with customers as part of an effort to better understand what makes consumers buy and to encourage companies to rethink their approaches to the role of the retail store.

Emily Steel discusses a new wave of digital technologies that pitch consumers while they shop.

Retailers are grappling with lackluster sales and consumers who are dissatisfied with the store experience as online shopping with its related interactivity becomes mainstream. Shopper satisfaction at retail stores is declining up to 15% a year, according to an ongoing IPG Media Lab study of more than 10,000 North American shoppers.

Online shopping gives buyers lots of information to guide their purchases. And consumers want detailed product data, reviews from previous buyers, related recipes for food products, health and nutrition information, and more, says John Ross, president of Shopper Sciences, which is part of IPG's Mediabrands unit.

"The role the store is playing is changing," says Mr. Ross, who was previously chief marketing officer at Home Depot. "Shoppers are walking up with a different set of expectations."

Some retailers have started testing basic versions of the new technologies. J. C. Penney has a "FindMore" fixture at select stores. The size of a door frame, it comes with a 52-inch touch screen that lets consumers see the retailer's full range of merchandise. Consumers can email data about an item to themselves or a friend or scan a bar code to learn more about a product and get recommendations, such as tops and accessories that match a pair of pants.

The Digits blog Stop & Shop Supermarket is testing handheld scanners in 289 stores that show customers personalized discounts as they shop. The offers are based on such factors as shopping history and just-purchased items. The scanner also lets consumers place deli orders and check out faster.

But IPG's retail lab offers a window into what the future could hold. Among the new technologies on display is a device that transforms the front window of a store into a giant touch screen. Instead of looking at a static mannequin, consumers can interact with the screen to select outfits for an avatar. Meanwhile, kiosks allow a customer to chat with a virtual sales associate who can provide advice on such topics as how to install a new flat-screen television.

Another device is a mirror that enables a shopper to scan a dress and then project that clothing onto her body before going to the dressing room. She can also tap the mirror to view different colors, find matching shoes and send the image to her Facebook profile.

Specialty retailer The Limited is considering installing interactive mirrors in some of its stores in the next six months, says Chief Executive Linda Heasley. The technology will help consumers match styles or even warn that two pieces of clothing don't match.

"It's like 'Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, what is the best outfit of all?'" she says.

At the same time, the price point of new technologies is dropping fast, allowing tools that were once considered space age and too expensive to be deployed at much lower costs, ad executives say.

Companies spent about $19.4 billion on in-store marketing in the U.S. last year, down about 10% from 2008, according to Veronis Suhler Stevenson Partners, a private-equity investment firm that produces forecasts for the communications industry. By 2011, when the economy is likely to have picked up again, the firm expects spending on in-store growth to accelerate.

Some of the most sophisticated in-store technology is tied to consumers' mobile devices, ad executives say. Marketers are experimenting with ways to use mobile phones to provide customers with services and promotions as they shop. These range from truck reviews at car dealerships to allergy information tied to certain foods at supermarkets, Mr. Ross says.

Dunkin' Donuts plans to test new mobile technologies in select markets in the next two weeks that will allow shops to send customized offers to customers.

Earlier this month, electronics retailer Best Buy announced plans to start an experiment at 257 of its stores involving a mobile application called Shopkick. Consumers who download it onto their mobile phones get rewards when they visit the store.

Write to Emily Steel at

Copyright 2009 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Don't look back at Barney's long lines - you may turn into a pillar of salt

Sharp hipbones swiveling for spots at the bench for shoe try-on. Come to the sale with padding. One hoarder had well over 100 pairs in a clear plastic bag. Turnout huge - all ages, all sizes, all boros, white hairs, flaming bottle reds. The unemployed, the good weather, the curious, consider The Barney's Warehouse Sale a free edition of the Fringe Festival. Look for markdowns of 25% off extra on blue marked shoes.

~brenner, nancy

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

If the black Prada suede slipper fits: Memorial Sloan Thrift Shop

Natty dressers - some of them pro-resellers, others, newbies - at the bag check (yes bag check!) at the Sloan-Kettering Thrift Shop, to peruse Pradas safely ensconced behind the counter. A shopping "show and tell" of sorts, since you have to ask the women staffing the sale for help, and then they will show.  If you don't mind a used Prada pair, you can score one for $95.  Costume jewelry collectors, who imparted the air of authority of the Antiques Road Show, came prepared with their own jewelry loupes to inspect the original offerings. You can find also anything from tea spoons, a J. Crew skirt for $25, cashmere sweaters, jackets with fur, a leopard cocktail clutch, etc. 

Today is the Fall kick-off.  
If you can't make it today, check 10 days from now when new stock will arrive, according to our source. 
1440 Third Ave. (81st - 82nd St.)
10a-5:30p today.

~nancy brenner

Monday, August 16, 2010

Glasshouse: selling vintage Blenko and Empoli glass since 1998

I acquired this Empoli Verde Vase at the Glasshouse showroom in the Village the other day.  I don't own any vases that didn't just come for free with an FTD flower arrangement, so when I saw this "leaning tower" I just had to have it.  However, it was just one amazing piece among a vast collection of colorful, top-quality, unique vintage pieces in the Glasshouse collection, curated by expert (and when I say EXPERT, I truly mean it) Damon Crain.  Probably more for the serious collector or interior decorator, but I would say that his pieces would also make a stellar wedding gift, or just gift to yourself - because you are THAT special (really, you are).  Pieces range from about $200-$3,500.  And while that might not sound like a bargain, most of them not only retain their value, but GROW in value.  So buy one and maybe in 80 years your great great grandkid will sell it on Pawn Stars or at least get a spot on Antiques Roadshow.

Details on pictured vase:
Tapered and curved cylindrical vase with two applied bands, circa 1920's. Measures 11.75 inches tall x 3.75 inches diameter.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Housing Works Gilt Groupe Sale

This was from yesterday, but let's just assume that it's still on today at the Housing Works on 9th Ave....
The big picture story is that Housing Works is having a summer clearance sale and there is a Gilt rack marked down at each store.  You could even say they are Gilty.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Report from the Freezer Section: The Skinny on Skinny Cows

Need a respite from shopping the Saks consolidation sale, Lord & Taylor coupon frenzy or peeking at Bergdorf full-priced Fall lines? Seek the Skinny Cow - calorie conscious confection seekers are storming freezer sections, even those with purist taste buds. The cow even helped boosted Nestle's bottom line according to today's earnings report. No surprise to those who have tasted the 100 calorie chocolate truffle drizzled with hardened chocolate ribbons - it is the Cadillac of this endearing line to which I am currently addicted.

They come in pops, cups, sandwiches and flavors including chocolate peanut butter, mint with fudge, vanilla with caramel to chocolate to strawberry, shortcake, Dulche de Leche and more. Flavors tend to differ by 'hood, so scout around or check out
Just try not to scarf down the 6 bar skinny box at once!

~Nancy Brennahhhhh

NOTE FROM GS: I second this emotion.

Monday, August 09, 2010

DSW: Doesn't Suck alWays

At first, I loved DSW.  But like all good things, that came to an end.  The quality of brands and styles plummeted swiftly; the service questionable.  But this is what happens when a discount outlet grows - there's no way to maintain such high and interesting levels of product and personnel.


I stopped in the Union Square outlet the other sweating hot day and managed to save $230, merely by spending $80 on this pair of kickin' boots from Biviel.  They came in both black and brown patent leather - I chose the brown since I have about 12 pairs of black boots.  And they simply screamed "FALL WEATHER" to me, something I am very much looking forward to right now. 

So between the sale price and my coupon, I scored large, and felt like it was 2006 all over again.

Friday, August 06, 2010

Jack's World: Discounters' Haven for Snazzy School Supplies

Many people spot the electric red neon sign and don't let this discount gem past their sniff test of "is this a place I want to be spotted in on Facebook and what would I possibly want in here?"

While there may be a watchdog security guard rather than an anonymous "Welcome to FILL IN THE BLANK CHAIN STORE/EMPORIUM," you will quickly grasp today's economic data demonstrating why discounters are posting the best results with 3.9% sales increases.

Check out the $19.99 leather attache case - perfect for your teenager - or for your job! Fashion bags for school are under $40 and they pop with personality. Butterfly notebooks and more for only 99 cents - you can't even get water at a mid-town newstand for less than a buck. Everything on your back-to-school list or back-to-work or back-to-job hunting needs are here. Maybe some snacks too.

Thank us later after you step inside this 45th Street store between Fifth and Sixth Avenues.

~nancy brenner

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

To Every Shoe, There is a "Silver Lining"

Brought to all the fine ladies of New York (and beyond) who can't bear not to be bare.  Do you wear your shoes without socks or stockings all summer long?  And as a result, do you sometimes have that "not so fresh" feeling?  Well, Silver Linings keep your feet feeling fresh and also help preserve your shoes to ensure additional milage.

Silver Linings are infused with Agion(R) antimicrobial, a silver-based technology that prevents growth and action of bacterial odor.  They cost $15.99 for three pairs, each lasting up to one month.

I have been trying them out and have to say they seem to work and have some impact on the freshness of my feet and shoes.  They are extremely thin and comfortable.  I'd say, worth giving them a shot.

And now that this post sounds entirely like a late-night infomercial, I will conclude with this: Best for flats and pumps.

Sunday, August 01, 2010


I had heard that T.G.I. Friday's had opened in the old Zen Palate space in Union Square, but frankly, dimissed it as ridiculous.  Well friends, it's true.  Times Square II: The Revenge. 
In other more promising news, Chock full o'Nuts is opening on 23rd St. in that old diner space between 5th & 6th Ave. - a little throwback action to the old Times Square (some of us) all remember fondly.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Where do Upper East Siders Find Fall Fashion Foliage?

Some New Yorkers plan their staycations around the big bang Barney's warehouse sale, while others line up a day earlier for the Memorial Sloan Kettering Fall opening slated for August 18th (yes, the line runs around the block). The Arthritis Foundation already kicked off their Fall shopping yesterday. The Upper East Side is dotted with a dozen thrifts worth discovering, below are a few to peruse. Call for shopping or donation hours.

Memorial Sloan-Kettering Thrift Shop 1440 3rd. Ave., (212) 535-1250
Arthritis Foundation Thrift Shop 121 E. 77th St. 10021, (212) 772-8816 [Hours are from 10-6]
Housing Works Thrift Shop 202 E. 77th St., NYC, 10021 (212) 772-8592
Irving Institute for Medical Research Thrift Shop 1534 2nd Ave., NYC, 10021, (212) 879-4555
Spence-Chapin Thrift Shop 1430 3rd. Ave., (212) 737-8448


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Outrageous Footwear by...Jessica Simpson?

There's pretty much no way I would ever consider trying on, let alone buying, a pair of Jessica Simpson shoes.  Until I visited my friend and she pulled these monsters out.  They are like two carefully crafted pieces of furniture that you can also wear on your feet.  A carpenter/stripper's shoes, if you will.  But aside from the towering wooden inferno heels and platforms, these shoes are actually top quality - soft black leather that wraps all the way around the front platform.  And they are actually kind of...comfortable?  I'm not really sure what you would wear with these trucks, but I kind of like the idea of black pants that tie on the bottom.  Of course no guy buys these for his girlfriend hoping that she wears them with PANTS, so perhaps a war of the sexes will ensue.