Friday, December 10, 2010

Rants & Tidbits of a Guerilla Shopper

Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon - What used to be an old-school motor inn, is now where they would probably film Almost Famous. Average guest age?  24, at a stretch. Refurbished rooms and an impressive-looking bar and restaurant (and venue, which I didn't see) called "The Doug Fir" where you can order yourself a "Fir Burger" kick this joint up a few notches. As do the required ear plugs that are supplied in each room - along with a brightly-colored condom.  But perhaps my favorite feature are the chalkboard guest room doors (see pic. for my inspiration).  Oh and if you are a band, let them know and you'll get the "band rate," which on a Saturday night amounted to $88.88.  Get a room!

Ben & Jerry's - Did anyone notice that the scoop shop in the E. Village is gone?  As is the one over near Times Square.  There are only three left on the Island of Manhattan - and one of them is in Macy's (ugh).

Downtown Dive Bars - Upcoming DOAs include Mars Bar, Max Fish, and Pink Pony.  I realize that downtown was stolen from downtowners years ago, but these casulaties pretty much put the final nail in.  Is there any truly groovy neighborhood left in Manhattan?  Even one block?  I gladly accept your thoughts.

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