Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What I am Grateful for this last week of 2010...by GSNYC

I am grateful that there is a new 7-Eleven on Third Ave. and 28th St. (or is it 29th?)
I am grateful that my friend turned me onto Press on E. 23rd St.  The whole wheat wrap has insanely low Weight Watchers points!
I am grateful I decided not to go away the day or two after Christmas for I would still be waiting in the airport.
I am grateful that I got a couple of great deals when buying Christmas gifts this year - especially the men's shirts at Lord & Taylor (two Ralph Lauren dress shirts for under $80) and the best stationery ever at Kate's Paperie [I think the location in the Village is going out of business, however].
And as always, I am grateful for the number seven.

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