Thursday, December 30, 2010

Report From the Front: Prince Raspberry Beret

Only Prince could rock a silk purple ruffled shirt with rhinestone (Ed.: I'm guessing they were the real thing) cufflinks THIS BIG plus a rhinestone bib, and whip up a crowd of snow-slushed New Yorkers into singing "Purple Rain" as if it was the national anthem at the "Welcome 2 America" tour at Madison Square Garden last night. While a few concert goers were obsessing over capturing their auteur Android or IPod images, many were swathed in purple or gold lame moving and squealing in rapture - maybe the Mayor should pipe in "Let's Go Crazy," "Little Red Corvette" and skip the bike lines.  For $40 you can party like it's 1999 in a Raspberry Beret (song circa 1985) sold at MSG.
~Nancy Brenner

Note from GSNYC: I, too, attended the Prince show and through extreme proximity also took note of the diamond-encrusted "ear cuff" that scrolled up the edge of his right ear.  And hair glitter.  And who could forget the second act's outfit, which consisted of a bright red glitter turtleneck with matching ice skater's pants, size 00?  Unfortunately, had I taken a photo I would have been vaporized Star Trek-style.  Mr. Prince will be re-gracing NYC with his presence on January 18, again at MSG.

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Another snow-slushed New Yorker said...

Hey, I thought "Rapture" was a Blondie song!

I too was at the concert last night. Nancy summed it up well-- it was quite the experience!