Friday, February 29, 2008

Ladybugs on Sale!

Dori O'Dea, of Ike Designs Jewelry is offering the following....

This little ladybug is sterling silver laced with garnet, onyx, hematite and a touch of pink sapphire. You can specify all garnet if you don't want any pink and let me know what length chain you would like (from 15 1/2" up to 18"). The ladybug measures 5/8" in body, and about one inch from tip to tip. Each one is handmade, so slightly different, but will look pretty much like this original one.

How did she come up with this idea? "While watching a chick flick (not something I do very often), I took note of a story that one of the characters told. When she was a little girl, she wanted to see ladybugs so much that she sat in the grass, eagerly looking for the ladybugs. Exasperated and frustrated at not seeing any, she fell asleep. When she awoke, she was covered in ladybugs. She reminded me to let go a little have faith...and to enjoy all the time I have. So I made this little ladybug to remind me of all these things. We all need to let go a little bit and know that all the things we wish for really do come our way when we let them; not always on OUR time, but always at the RIGHT time. Dare to dream of your own ladybugs! And trust in your own ladybugs! It might be hokey, but it works for me...remember that the ladybugs will come if you let them, whatever those ladybugs may be..."

Visit if you would like a little ladybug to hang gently from your neck...

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tinkerbell Dress at Jill Anderson

I purchased the pictured Tinkerbell dress at Jill Anderson last week for 25% off (I paid $187.50 instead of the original $250.) As Jill herself explains on the label, "Whimsical and sophisticated, wear it forward or backward, layer over a longundie or a vintage mistress miriam slip..." I plan to rock it with fishnets and the also pictured velvet/studded choker (for about $56), also purchased at Jill Anderson. Did you know that she makes all of her clothes right there in the East Village? Talk about thinking local!

Oh, and the dress - it's hand washable! Yay.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Los Angeles: An Insider's View

I really do not like LA. But I try to make the most of it whenever I go. This year I had the great good fortune to see it through the life experience of my friend who lives downtown and works for a certain late night talk show host.

At least three good things came out of my experience:
1. I got to see one of the cool new lofts they are remodeling all over downtown. My friend now lives in one and it is a huge, real (i.e. real kitchen appliances - look at the size of that refrigerator!), two-bathroom apartment that would cost $3,600 easy in New York. See photos. Cat not included. The biggest drawback that I could see is that it only has one small closet. They have enough space to trick out a walk-in closet, and they should! But it merely gave her an excuse to...

2. Take me to a private furniture sale that was amazing. And if I lived in LA, I would have bought the place up and been done with my decorating for years. "Sweet Smiling Home" on Palmetto Street is open to the public a couple weekends a year and offers tons of cool middle eastern/Asian-style furniture and lighting (and handbags?) at 30% - 90% off retail.

3. She also took me to see one of rock-n-roll's fashion icons du jour - Marilyn Manson. The get-ups on the people in the crowd are now rivaling Marilyn himself. The biggest drawback on this experience was that it took place in the Wiltern, which we both agreed sucks. It shouldn't be surprising though, seeing how it's a "Live Nation" venue, which is secret for Clear Channel...

OH! I almost forgot! She also took me to Fred Segal - my first time there, believe it or not. I did buy a little make up a la Laura Mercier, but overall I was underwhelmed. I liked the venue though - it sort of reminded me of a small department store that could have existed in the mid-west in the 50s or 60s - or an upscale Florence Shop (does anyone remember that joint in Bergenfield, NJ?). But I think the goods were way too trendy and girly for me.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yes I Went to the Oscars (again)

I didn't get to see too much famous fashion up close this year, but it's always fun to people watch the "normal" folk too.

So this year I wore the brown side of my Kifka Heller custom dress, with the necklace I bought ages ago at Les Nanas, Kenneth Cole shoes, Estee Lauder makeup and a bag loaned to me by Scott Stargardt (the designing man behind K+H).

Hopefully I will be getting a real full length shot of myself with Oscar from the kind people at the Academy, but until then, here's a DIY shot my camera took of me in my hotel room (the Omni on Olive St. downtown - swift service, but kind of a middle management experience overall. What do you expect for $152/night?)

Chicago: Shopping Secret...Shhhh

So in communicating with a GS friend, I have been given some insight from an anti-shopper's shopper:

I'm not a big shopper myself but definitely love a good bargain and get very proud of them. One thing that I discovered in the past year: Chicago is a great city for shopping. I visited a friend there and we shopped for a weekend; Chicago is a big enough city to have a lot of good clothes but Chicagoans are far too practical to spend ridiculous amounts of money. I feel compelled to tell you about my biggest score in Chicago: jeans are a rough area for me (for everyone over 25, I imagine...) There is a dangerously fine line between flatteringly low-waisted and my a** hanging out when I sit down, and I try on a LOT of jeans without buying many. In Chicago I bought a cute pair of True Religion jeans that I can sit in for $50! They were originally $320, but nobody in Chicago is going to pay that much because it's stupid. Even with the flight to Chicago ($200) they were cheaper than retail!My other new thing: for sports equipment, They sell only one thing at a time but they sell it REALLY cheap--usually more than 60% off-- and then move on to the next. My sister has actually bought a ton of stuff on there (she's the sporty sister). I check it a lot, though. It's totally worth it. Wow. I totally feel like talking about shopping. I totally agree with you about Old Navy, Macy's and Lord and Taylor.

Monday, February 25, 2008


Sure, I went to the Oscars. But the real excitement happened before I even stepped foot outside of LAX on Friday! I was awaiting my suitcase at the baggage carousel when I looked over my left shoulder to see TIM GUNN standing 2 people away! How much better of a sighting than this could a Guerilla Shopper get?

So while I didn't want to bug him, I knew that I would simply have to say something or I'd be kicking myself for eternity. I quickly saw my way in-- the guy I was sitting next to on the plane was now right next to the FASHION GOD. I would have to use him to reach my destination. Here's how the whole exchange went:

Me to guy I sat next to: Bye, have a good time seeing Bette Midler in Vegas.
Guy: Oh thanks.
Me (now standing perpendicular to Tim Gunn) to Tim Gunn [touching the sleeve of his impeccable suit]: "It's my favorite show."
TIM GUNN: "Oh why thank you so much. It's a GREAT season, isn't it?"
Me (realize I am wearing glasses and have my hair in two ponytails, by the way): "The BEST!!"
TIM GUNN: "Yes, it's great it's a lot of fun."

So I could have basically turned around and gone home right then and there. He was the real deal - his Project Runway persona is...him!

Carry on...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Domain Home: You Heard it Here First

Last month I told you that Domain was filing for bankruptcy/going out of business and that you should watch for a major sale. The details aren't entirely clear yet, but HERE YOU GO. 40% off Going Out of Business Sale!
It's a little bit difficult to tell if this sale is happening in NYC or just in the Norwood, Mass. outpost. I shall check the Broadway store and report back in the near future.
But meanwhile, look at me, breaking news and stuff!
p.s. They still owe me my delivery rebate from last month, I guess now I really shan't hold my breath...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


These Cole Haan shoes look great. I am moved by them... They are classics with a utilitarian twist. They are interesting but not trendy. So on and so forth. But can I bring myself to spend $295 on a pair of high-heeled sneakers? I highly doubt it.

Samples for (eco)mpassion Sample Sale: 2/22-2/24

I have a feeling a number of you are clamoring for this information:

What: Samples for (eco)mpassion Sample Sale(a Carbon Neutral Sample Sale)

When: February 22nd to February 24th. 2008 (Friday to Sunday) 11am to 8pm

Where: Open House a socially and environmentally responsible exhibit space:
201 Mulberry Street between Kenmare and Spring streets

Click here to see our film clip:

Featured designers Up to 90% off Retail ….Citizens of Humanity, Del Forte Organic Denim, Lauren Moffatt, Seven Jeans, C&C, QI Cashmere, Philosopher Garden, Alice and Trixie, Raven Denim, T- Bags, Julie Brown Featured retailers….. Steven Alan, Big Drop, and Caravan. Other designers include: 3.1 by Philip Lim, YA-YA, Paige Denim, Mint, Splendid, Tracey Reese, Young Fabulous and Broke, Foley and Corinna, Loomstate, Ryann, J. Lindeberg, Rebecca Taylor and much more.

We invite you to experience a sample sale that promotes conscious consumerism. Samples for (eco)mpassion is a carbon neutral sample sale, Carbon neutral means we buy clean energy certificates based on our energy consumption during the sample sale, which funds clean energy that is supplied to the energy grid. Carbon offsetting consultation is provided by Terra Pass.

Shopping bags provided by Bio bag 100% biodegradable and 100% compostable bags made from corn.

5% of total sales will go to support Trees for The Future. Also in support of Charity Water we will be selling Charity Water’s bottled water. 100% of the purchase will go to Charity Water’s clean water projects.

One sales transaction for $278 can plant 139 Trees…$20 can provide one person with clean drinking water for 20 years.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

I went to Barneys Warehouse Sale

(Photo courtesy of
Yes, I went. Last night after work at around 6:15 p.m. It was not crowded at all. But it was calm chaos nevertheless. Shoes all over the place, clothes all over the place. I was almost moved to buy some shoes, but then thought that perhaps I should wait til the final day and return in hopes of scoring a real bargain. The prices are certainly lower than usual, but I wouldn't have felt as though I had led a retail revolution. Also, so many of the shoes have 4-inch heels, and my feet have been through the wars the past couple of years, so I just can't try and hobble around the city that way any longer. At least not until I get a podiatrist on the case.

I was also seeking an evening bag, but the prices were too Crazy Eddie for me. As you might know, I am not a handbag lover, so I won't throw down hundreds of dollars for something I may only use twice.

And in closing, the sizes are teeny tiny. Seemingly Barneys equates a 10 with huge mongo giantism and they shove that small rack off in the corner for the "special people." OK, maybe I'm feeling a little bit out of shape this mid-winter week, but you get my (snow)drift.

I also went to Loehmann's right 'round the corner looking for similar items. That place was (is) a disaster and I found no bag there either. However, they did have what appeared to be a recent shipment of fancy schmancy shoes including many styles from Sigerson Morrison that you might want to check out.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Jill Anderson - I Bought Stuff

I did I did! I still need to take photos and such, but I bought a dress and a choker. The dress is being altered hold onto your horses. And get down there (E. 9th St.) yourself before all the goods are gones!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Friday, February 15, 2008

M.A.C. FAFI Cosmetics

So I got one of the best Valentine's Day surprises of my life - a whole stash of the relatively new line from M.A.C. cosmetics known as FAFI FOR M.A.C. Brushes, blushes, eyeliners, shadows, lip sticks, gloss and a black "gel" eyeliner that my hair stylist Helik (at Dop Dop Salon in Soho) had just told me to buy! Oh what is better than good makeup karma?

So the collection is so fun and the colors so vibrant and new - but not cheesy or overwhelming - that I decided I needed to stash it all in a special container. A Dom Perignon box. That way I can celebrate in style each time I put any of it on.

But who the hell is Fafi? Well I may not be keeping up with the kids but apparently she is a French artist who inspired the good people of M.A.C. to create and market a whole new makeup line, mostly for chicks younger than me. But since I am forever 31, I shall rock it my way.

The SVP of product development suggests that the ultimate Fafinette face is "toned-down skin with heavier emphasis on the eyes and a girly mouth. Colorful, but light."

Figures Fafi is French. I really need to get to Paris.

Yes Barneys Warehouse Sale Has Begun

Through March 2, 255 W. 17th St (between 7th and 8th), 212-450-8700

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine's Day ecards

What better way to send V-day wishes to your peeps than via a last-minute-free e-card...Except, that lots of the major card sites a la Hallmark and Blue Mountain are DOWN due to traffic overload as I type. Oh're in BIG trouble now...

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

How to date women, circa 1943

Excerpted from an article in the February 2008 issue of The University of Michigan's "Michigan Today," I just had to post this non-shopping entry. It is not about shopping, but so great for Valentine's Day Eve.

How to date women, circa 1943
The advice in "Michiganetiquette"—most of it aimed at freshman men—guides the neophyte through each step on the path of romance, from initial exchange to the giving of the fraternity pin. First came the problem of meeting girls, a larger challenge when the sexes did not share dorms and visiting hours for women's dorms and sororities were strictly regulated. The thing was best done at freshman "mixers."
"At these affairs a boy may meet anyone he desires simply by cutting in while she is dancing with another fellow. The usual procedure is for the girl to introduce herself by mentioning her name, while the fellow follows suit. If the lass is shy, there is no reason why the fellow can't begin the conversation… If one wishes to know a girl's phone number and address, there will be no frowning if he simply asks her."

A typical first date in that era was a "Coke Date," frequently at the Union's Coke Bar, where soda cost a dime for men, free for women.
The first date was typically a "Coke Date," in which "the boy meets the girl somewhere in the afternoon, and they repair to some suitable place where they can sit around and 'get acquainted' with each other for an hour or two." This was often done at the Union's Coke Bar, open from 4 to 5:45—a dime for men, free for women.
To ask for a more formal date, "Michiganetiquette" advised against the old chestnuts that began "What are you doing…" and "Are you available…"
"These questions put the poor kid in a spot, especially if she doesn't particularly want to go out with you. Ask her if she would like to do whatever you have planned for that night with you, then, if she doesn't, she needed come right out and say so. She can say she's busy. This little fine point is well worth remembering. It may save you some awkward moments."
No need for flowers, except for a formal: "Ordinarily…the question of a corsage does not arise in Michigan dating."
It was customary to walk to dates. "The young lady…knows that there may be reasons why a fellow doesn't want to go by cab, and it would be poor taste to put him on the spot….College boys can no more afford such expenses than the girls can, and a sensible co-ed realizes this…"
But walking to a date was no easy matter.

"There is an art to walking with a girl. You must not walk too fast, and you must not be oblivious to the things going on around you while keeping up a stimulating conversation with her." If the occasion was a Union dance, one must observe the custom about women:
"Remember to escort your girl through the side door, for there is an old Michigan tradition that the front door of the Union is for men only. It may be that the gallantry of the Michigan man will not permit him to allow his fair lady to enter an uncanopied doorway, but, just in case you should forget, there is a gentleman at the front door to deter you." (This was a reference to George Johnson, a cigar-chomping 76-year-old who had been guarding the Union's front door against females since the Harding administration. He had infuriated women in 1935 for suggesting in public that the appearance of that year's entering class of co-eds failed to meet the Michigan standard.)
Once at the dance, it was wise to keep an eye on the clock, since male escorts had to be out of the women's dorms by 11:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Sleepovers? Don't even think about it. Any woman expecting to be out of her residence overnight had to get an okay from her housemother or, during the week, from the Dean of Women herself.
If love bloomed, the young man should be careful about offering his fraternity pin. Most national fraternities considered the giving of a pin to signify engagement, but "tradition at Michigan does not declare that this is so… Before a pin is given or taken, be certain of the terms to prevent hurt feelings later…" *
The male authors of "Michiganetiquette" offered a bit of advice to women, too, most of it on the subject of social reputation.
About smoking: "No girl was ever made more attractive or a more sought after personality because she smoked cigarettes! It doesn't help a bit, and it may actually make you look cheap."
About "going steady": "Dating in general is the usual procedure, and probably the most desirable state of affairs for Ann Arbor youth. … Many an up-and-coming freshman girl has been permanently shelved by going steady, and could never quite make a comeback. It's hard to get back into circulation after breaking up with the 'steady.'"
And about the giving of favors: "If a boy asks you when you are going to grow up and act like a college girl because you won't kiss him good night, ignore him. … Boys respect girls who deserve respect!... Social success at Michigan definitely does not depend upon humoring the passions of other people. It may result from a tactful practice of doing just the opposite.…Girls don't have to 'give' to be popular, and, as a matter of fact, it usually turns out that the most discreet and unkissable girls draw the better class of men – not the wolves, but the good guys that are going places, and who like girls with ideals as high as their own!"

Sources for this article were found in the archives of the Michigan Union and the U-M Alumni Association at the Bentley Historical Library; in The Michigan Daily; and in Kent Sagendorph, Michigan: The Story of the University (Dutton, 1948).

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

President's Day Sale: Lord and Taylor

Another shopping holiday during which I will be slaving away at my day job. However, for those of you fortunate enough to have the day off, check out Lord & Taylor - they claim to be having a sale, including up to 25% off on Jockey for Her. Don't ask me why they decided to call out that particular brand, but they did.

Monday, February 11, 2008

La Boutique Resale...Sale

La Boutique Resale, the high-end resale shop located thrice:
  • Madison and 80th
  • Lexington and 62nd
  • 81st. between 2nd & 3rd Ave... having their "Winter Clearance Blowout Sale" now through March 9. Prices slashed up to 70 percent.

Friday, February 08, 2008

The Doralina Collection: Launches Tonight in NYC!

Go to tonight's event at Blvd, 199 Bowery (corner of Spring St.) to try and buy apparel from the brand new Doralina Collection by Elsa D. Pina.

After tonight's launch, you can shop online ( or you can visit the showroom at 321 Grand Street, (Williamsburg) Brooklyn, NY (inside Velvet Roses).

Frugal Fashionista

From one of my avid readers, who will remain nameless and faceless, on how a fellow blogger who helps her get dressed:

So I thought you might be interested in this Web site. I’m not someone who can pull together an outfit without some level of anxiety involved. I like this Web site because it breaks it down.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Feb. 8: Inexpensive Art in Williamsburg for Good Cause!

The Third Annual WAGMAG Benefit Art Show
Admission is free
Tickets for artwork drawing are $150
Tickets can be purchased at the gallery or online or
Advanced Viewing: February 1st-February 8th
Reception and Raffle of work Friday February 8th, 7-9
Viewing hours: Fri-Sun 1-6

WAGMAG (Williamsburg and Greenpoint Monthly Art Guide) is pleased to present its Third annual benefit to support its mission to promote the over fifty galleries throughout Williamsburg and Greenpoint, to enlighten gallery goers as to art events and give recognition to the exhibiting artists through current listings and reviews. All galleries included in WAGMAG are have been invited to participate in this exhibition, as well as some prominent artists from the neighborhood. The resulting show will not only generate funding for WAGMAG but also reflect the spirit and personality of the Williamsburg art community. Works will be on view from Friday, February 1st through Friday February 8th.

Tickets available during viewing and on the benefit evening. A ticket for $150 guarantees a work of art, a drawing decides the order in which ticketholders select an artwork. Benefit evening, Friday, February 8th 7-9, drawing begins at 8:00.

Galleries Included:3rd Ward, A.M. Richard, AdHoc, Art 101, ArticleProjects, Artmoving, Capla Kesting, Ch'I, Cinders, Dam Stuhltrager, English Kills, Figureworks, Front Room, Janet Kurnatowski, Hogar Collection, HQ, Jack the Pelican, Klaus Von Nichtssagend, Like the Spice, LMAK, McCaig-Welles, Momenta, Nurture Art, Parker's Box, Pierogi, Pocket Utopia, Secret Project Robot, Sideshow, Slate, Stripeman, Vertexlist, Williamsburg Art & Historical Center

Works by:Amanda Alic, Sarah Barker, Kris Benedict, John Breiner, Steven Brower, Ken Butler, Nayda Collazo-Llorens, Lincoln Capla, Andrea Cote, Ethan Crenson, Greg Curry, Joy Curtis, Peggy Cyphers, Lisa Dilillo, Hubert Dobler, George Ferrundi, Andrew Garn, P.S. Gordon, Erik Guzman, Steven Harding, Sean Hemmerle, Amy Hill, Eric Hollander, Mary Hrbecek, Richard Humann, Alessandro's Keegan, David Kesting, David Kramer, Brian LaRossa, Ben La Rocco, Yulia Lanina, Brian Leo, Terrance Lindell, Stephen Maine, Stephen Mallon, Sasha Mallan, Karen Marston, Patrick Martinez, Mark Masyga, James Austin Murrey, Mike Norkin, Ian Pedego, William Powhida, Cathy Nan Quinlin, Ross Racine, Ellen E. Rand, James Reeder, Carlos Roque, Nickolas Roundané, Emily Roz, Tom Rosenthal, Sante Scardillo, Jimmy Serkoch, Philip Simmons, Jeremy Slater, Skewville, George Spenser, Rodger Stevens, Mary Ann Strandell, Miho Suzuki, Richard Timperio, Chris Twomey, Joanne Ungar, Kathleen Vance, Jason Van Anden, Susan's Wanklyn, Chadwick Whitehead, Alun Williams, David Wells, Don Voisine, Mika Yokobori The Front Room is at 147 Roebling St.(the corner of Roebling & Metropolitan, Brooklyn).

For more information please contact: Daniel Aycock Director(718) 782-2556

Jane Archer Illustration: Valentine's Day Support

Need your red carpet fix?

Look no further than Jane's latest illustrated book, The Fug Awards by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan of the wildly popular site

In The Fug Awards, Heather and Jessica pay special tribute to the most deserving--and notorious--celebrity fashion and style disasters. Sample awards include the Errstyle Award for the one with the most "vexing coiffure catastrophe" and the Tanorexia Award for the star most addicted to bronzer. Jane designed the interior and created a custom statuette for every category.

Ready to spread the love this Valentine's Day?
Let p.s. bella by jane archer stationery deliver it with style:

• Aria Box of Boxes - Easy-to-fold boxes that come with everything you need to transform a few chocolate hearts, a piece of jewelry or a bar of soap into a delightful surprise. Mix and match the box tops, bottoms, wrap bands and stickers to make every gift unique.

• Complement your gift boxes with matching Aria Gift Enclosures and elegant die-cut envelopes. • Origami Hearts note cards - Each sheet of writing paper---designed in patterns composed entirely of hearts--comes with easy folding instructions for transforming your personal message into an origami heart.

See it all at:

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Win Stuff from Kenneth Cole Reaction

Kenneth Cole Reaction has launched where people can submit their best pick up lines and vote on others. The ultimate pick up artist will win a trip for two to Vegas (to put his or her lines to use), $500 spending money, a $500 Kenneth Cole gift card and Kenneth Cole Reaction Fragrance.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Oak on Bond Street

If you can't beat 'em join 'em? I guess we have to relent to the very rich and stylish that Bond St. no longer belongs to the public. Or most of the private. So let's shop at the new clothing store Oak (28 Bond St between Bowery and Lafayette) where Ghost used to be. It's fun for a boy AND a girl.

Urban Daddy gives the down-low:

Monday, February 04, 2008

ENDS 2MORO: GS Exclusive: Valentine's Day Jewelry Sale

Now through February 5, for my adoring public only, get free shipping and 10% off of the pictured diamond necklaces right in time for Valentine's Day! You have the early and exclusive offer in your hands - why not take full advantage of it!?

If you are an avid reader of my blog, you have seen and heard about Dori O'Dea's Ike Designs Jewelry. They are delicate, beautiful and cutting edge all at the same time. Click here to check out her page on Etsy ("Your place to buy & sell all things handmade") and make your selection online. But how does it work?...

You will receive free shipping and 10% off if you elect to pay by electronic invoice.
Contact Dori at with the subject "Guerilla Shopper referral," and she will invoice you the discounted amount via email.

This is key because it is the only way she can deduct the discount and the shipping - Do not use PayPal on, because it will automatically add shipping and not deduct the discount.
This offer is for Valentine's Day and is only good until February 5, 2008.

As an added bonus, she will continue to add new pieces during the coming weeks, providing you with other jewelry options.
Ain't love grand?

Saturday, February 02, 2008

Feb 3: Anti-Super Bowl Sample Sale

Couture Sample Sale
Feb 3 [12:00pm- 5:00pm]
The Ritz Carlton
Emery Roth Room
50 Central Park South @ 6th ave
Subways: [F N R Q W A B C D 1]

70% off Designer shoes, handbags and clothing from:

Sample Sale Heaven has been hosting exclusive sample sales in Manhattan for over 5 years. For more detailed information, visit:

Friday, February 01, 2008