Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Los Angeles: An Insider's View

I really do not like LA. But I try to make the most of it whenever I go. This year I had the great good fortune to see it through the life experience of my friend who lives downtown and works for a certain late night talk show host.

At least three good things came out of my experience:
1. I got to see one of the cool new lofts they are remodeling all over downtown. My friend now lives in one and it is a huge, real (i.e. real kitchen appliances - look at the size of that refrigerator!), two-bathroom apartment that would cost $3,600 easy in New York. See photos. Cat not included. The biggest drawback that I could see is that it only has one small closet. They have enough space to trick out a walk-in closet, and they should! But it merely gave her an excuse to...

2. Take me to a private furniture sale that was amazing. And if I lived in LA, I would have bought the place up and been done with my decorating for years. "Sweet Smiling Home" on Palmetto Street is open to the public a couple weekends a year and offers tons of cool middle eastern/Asian-style furniture and lighting (and handbags?) at 30% - 90% off retail.

3. She also took me to see one of rock-n-roll's fashion icons du jour - Marilyn Manson. The get-ups on the people in the crowd are now rivaling Marilyn himself. The biggest drawback on this experience was that it took place in the Wiltern, which we both agreed sucks. It shouldn't be surprising though, seeing how it's a "Live Nation" venue, which is secret for Clear Channel...

OH! I almost forgot! She also took me to Fred Segal - my first time there, believe it or not. I did buy a little make up a la Laura Mercier, but overall I was underwhelmed. I liked the venue though - it sort of reminded me of a small department store that could have existed in the mid-west in the 50s or 60s - or an upscale Florence Shop (does anyone remember that joint in Bergenfield, NJ?). But I think the goods were way too trendy and girly for me.

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