Thursday, February 07, 2008

Jane Archer Illustration: Valentine's Day Support

Need your red carpet fix?

Look no further than Jane's latest illustrated book, The Fug Awards by Heather Cocks and Jessica Morgan of the wildly popular site

In The Fug Awards, Heather and Jessica pay special tribute to the most deserving--and notorious--celebrity fashion and style disasters. Sample awards include the Errstyle Award for the one with the most "vexing coiffure catastrophe" and the Tanorexia Award for the star most addicted to bronzer. Jane designed the interior and created a custom statuette for every category.

Ready to spread the love this Valentine's Day?
Let p.s. bella by jane archer stationery deliver it with style:

• Aria Box of Boxes - Easy-to-fold boxes that come with everything you need to transform a few chocolate hearts, a piece of jewelry or a bar of soap into a delightful surprise. Mix and match the box tops, bottoms, wrap bands and stickers to make every gift unique.

• Complement your gift boxes with matching Aria Gift Enclosures and elegant die-cut envelopes. • Origami Hearts note cards - Each sheet of writing paper---designed in patterns composed entirely of hearts--comes with easy folding instructions for transforming your personal message into an origami heart.

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