Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yes I Went to the Oscars (again)

I didn't get to see too much famous fashion up close this year, but it's always fun to people watch the "normal" folk too.

So this year I wore the brown side of my Kifka Heller custom dress, with the necklace I bought ages ago at Les Nanas, Kenneth Cole shoes, Estee Lauder makeup and a bag loaned to me by Scott Stargardt (the designing man behind K+H).

Hopefully I will be getting a real full length shot of myself with Oscar from the kind people at the Academy, but until then, here's a DIY shot my camera took of me in my hotel room (the Omni on Olive St. downtown - swift service, but kind of a middle management experience overall. What do you expect for $152/night?)

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