Monday, February 25, 2008


Sure, I went to the Oscars. But the real excitement happened before I even stepped foot outside of LAX on Friday! I was awaiting my suitcase at the baggage carousel when I looked over my left shoulder to see TIM GUNN standing 2 people away! How much better of a sighting than this could a Guerilla Shopper get?

So while I didn't want to bug him, I knew that I would simply have to say something or I'd be kicking myself for eternity. I quickly saw my way in-- the guy I was sitting next to on the plane was now right next to the FASHION GOD. I would have to use him to reach my destination. Here's how the whole exchange went:

Me to guy I sat next to: Bye, have a good time seeing Bette Midler in Vegas.
Guy: Oh thanks.
Me (now standing perpendicular to Tim Gunn) to Tim Gunn [touching the sleeve of his impeccable suit]: "It's my favorite show."
TIM GUNN: "Oh why thank you so much. It's a GREAT season, isn't it?"
Me (realize I am wearing glasses and have my hair in two ponytails, by the way): "The BEST!!"
TIM GUNN: "Yes, it's great it's a lot of fun."

So I could have basically turned around and gone home right then and there. He was the real deal - his Project Runway persona is...him!

Carry on...

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