Friday, June 24, 2011

Botkier Bargain Bin: Report From the Front

Summer can be full of unexpected surprises like a quiet sample sale bin with buttery lambskin leathers primarily priced at $75 and $100 at Botkier's store at 246 Mott Street. Fans should head to Noho tomorrow at 11 am before handbag fanatics pillage the pickings.
/nancy brenner

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Made in New York: Anni Kuan Preview

Shop and help save the Garment District by shopping at this carefully curated collection of brights and neutrals with prices starting as low as $30 for jersey. Seeking solutions for humid nights of Shakespeare in the Park, a hot hike to the subway or climate challenged cab rides? Look for light linens and silks in perfect proportions for petites.
262 W. 38th Street #703. Cash only. Today and tomorrow.

/nancy brenner

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Thundercla​p Worthy: Only Hearts Preview

Five and ten dollar bins for lingerie will lure shoppers despite downpours and armagedon-like weather warnings.  Vintage dresses, layering camis and a selection of shoes will be available at the Only Hearts sample sale at the 230 Mott Street store starting at noon this Thursday (like, as in tomorrow).

/nancy brenner

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Big Bang for Buck at Ben-Amun: Report From the Front

A plethora of bangles, earrings and more high-fashion accessories (many at $5) await smart shoppers who are adding to their accessories wardrobe at the Ben-Amun sample sale. In a week packed with sales, some may dither as to how to invest their time and spend their savings - Ben-Amun is a must stop on the sample sale circuit. Tips: Decide if you are seeking colors or neutrals. Are you shopping for work or weekend? Will the pieces compliment your existing wardrobe?
246 W. 38th Street 12A, noon-6
/nancy brenner

Monday, June 13, 2011

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger is a Teri Jon Fan

And you will be too after meeting creative director Leora who will match you with a perfect party frock, or taffeta top.  Leora will practically be your personal fitter as she advises how to nip or tuck a pleat, raise a shoulder, or narrow the width of a garment. Samples are simply a steal at $65 for dresses, $60 for taffeta and $50 for jackets - I was lucky to nab a luxurious leather piece and a velvet burgundy blazer for Fall. Stalk the sample rack - more samples magically appear. Stock sizes also available from 2-14.
Teri Jon at 247 West 37th Street, 2nd Floor.  Sale runs 10a-5p, last day is Tuesday.

/nancy brenner

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dessert Crawl w/Top NYC Pastry Chef

Four flavors

 Somehow, even though I am from New Jersey*, I have a disproportionate number of successful creative/artist-type friends from high school who have become well-known musicians, photographers, recording engineers, writers and chefs. One in particular is Jimmy Distefano, the esteemed pastry chef at Rouge Tomate on E. 60th St. across from Barneys. A graduate of the Culinary Institute and some amazing place in France, he makes the best desserts I've ever eaten.  He's worked at several well-known establishments including the Park Avenue Cafe, David Burke & Donatella, Blue Fin and others.  And lucky for me he had the brilliant idea that we go on a dessert crawl last night. How I never came up with this idea myself is a mystery.

We began crawling at Mille-feuille 552 Laguardia between W. 3rd St. and Bleecker in the Village.  The small, bakery-cafe, with white tiled walls and wood flooring is known for its mille-feuille ($3.90) and macaroons ($1.90 each).  The mille-feuille (literally "thousand-leaf) was divine.  The macaroons came in many flavors and we tried five of them: rose raspberry (the best), chocolate praline, coconut, pistachio, espresso (2nd best).  This was new to me, as I had only eaten the coconut macaroons that most New Yorkers are familiar with.  If you have not had "French" macaroons, might I suggest you go here and try some? 

Then we hopped over to the new Amorino on University and W. 10th Street.  A very fancy interior set the stage for some serious gelato ingesting.  Served in a cup or a cone in various sizes, they charge by weight, so you could arguably order 10 flavors in one.  I got a medium mango and pineapple, while the good chef ordered a larger version that included raspberry, yogurt, hazelnut and salted caramel.  His was certainly better, and so I felt I should help him with his once I plowed through mine.  The total bill was $14.50.

Our final stop was Momofuku Milk Bar at 251 E. 13th St. near 2nd Ave. My reco'?  Don't believe the hype.  We got a compost cookie ($1.85) and a piece of crack pie ($5.25) and all I could taste was the sweetest sugar of my life.  Very one-dimensional.  I could have made this stuff, folks, and that is NOT a compliment.  But the lines were long and the money flowing...

*nothin' but love for ya, NJ

Kokin Sale: hat heaven at 247 west 38th street

Princess Beatrice take the red eye! - this sale ends Tuesday.  Ask Kokin about his hat stash in the back. Prices start at $25.

/nancy brenner

Birthday Ring c/o Metal Pointus

Metal Pointus: One of my favorite jewelry stores, by way of France, supplied me with this years b'day present.  I love the gems in this store, which just moved a short distance over to Elizabeth St. on a great block.  Metal Pointus, how you adorn my finger with metal and magic...This is the joint if you are moved by heavy metal jewels!

(blame Blackberry if you are displeased with the photos!)

Sunday, June 05, 2011

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Backstage w/Land's End Canvas: Online Contest

I had never heard of Land's End's "Canvas" until I heard about their new music contest the other day.  So two points:

1.  Vote, preferably for VISQUEEN, and help them win a recording session, while also putting yourself in the running to win some moola!

2. This Canvas brand seems an awful lot like the regular Land's End brand.  Perhaps a little younger, but still conservative and New Englandy.  I call that they are trying to compete with Madewell.