Sunday, June 12, 2011

Dessert Crawl w/Top NYC Pastry Chef

Four flavors

 Somehow, even though I am from New Jersey*, I have a disproportionate number of successful creative/artist-type friends from high school who have become well-known musicians, photographers, recording engineers, writers and chefs. One in particular is Jimmy Distefano, the esteemed pastry chef at Rouge Tomate on E. 60th St. across from Barneys. A graduate of the Culinary Institute and some amazing place in France, he makes the best desserts I've ever eaten.  He's worked at several well-known establishments including the Park Avenue Cafe, David Burke & Donatella, Blue Fin and others.  And lucky for me he had the brilliant idea that we go on a dessert crawl last night. How I never came up with this idea myself is a mystery.

We began crawling at Mille-feuille 552 Laguardia between W. 3rd St. and Bleecker in the Village.  The small, bakery-cafe, with white tiled walls and wood flooring is known for its mille-feuille ($3.90) and macaroons ($1.90 each).  The mille-feuille (literally "thousand-leaf) was divine.  The macaroons came in many flavors and we tried five of them: rose raspberry (the best), chocolate praline, coconut, pistachio, espresso (2nd best).  This was new to me, as I had only eaten the coconut macaroons that most New Yorkers are familiar with.  If you have not had "French" macaroons, might I suggest you go here and try some? 

Then we hopped over to the new Amorino on University and W. 10th Street.  A very fancy interior set the stage for some serious gelato ingesting.  Served in a cup or a cone in various sizes, they charge by weight, so you could arguably order 10 flavors in one.  I got a medium mango and pineapple, while the good chef ordered a larger version that included raspberry, yogurt, hazelnut and salted caramel.  His was certainly better, and so I felt I should help him with his once I plowed through mine.  The total bill was $14.50.

Our final stop was Momofuku Milk Bar at 251 E. 13th St. near 2nd Ave. My reco'?  Don't believe the hype.  We got a compost cookie ($1.85) and a piece of crack pie ($5.25) and all I could taste was the sweetest sugar of my life.  Very one-dimensional.  I could have made this stuff, folks, and that is NOT a compliment.  But the lines were long and the money flowing...

*nothin' but love for ya, NJ


Brodsky Organization said...

Dessert crawl? Genius! We are painstakingly jealous of this adventure. Next time, can we come too???

Better yet, you should turn the dessert crawl into a NYC tourist attraction =)

Guerilla Shopper said...

mum's the word!

Brodsky Organization said...

Your secret is safe with us ;)