Monday, April 30, 2007

(W)Hole Foods

It may be a crime, particularly for someone who lives in NYC, but I had never stepped foot in a Whole Foods until yesterday. And now I'm not sure that I ever will again. Well, not in the Time Warner Center on a Sunday, anyway.

Yes, yes they have great, fun, organic and impressive foods. A sit-down sushi bar. The works. It is a marketing wonder and obviously a place to see and be seen. However, it is amazingly expensive and crowded. To the point of inertia. Stores like this are the reason why I don't go to malls. And the reason why I left New Jersey when I had my first chance. But now with the mallification of NYC, I suppose I shall have to suck it up or use Fresh Direct with increasing frequency (I they deliver to my current new address?).

Anyway, I actually picked a few things up and then ended up putting them back and leaving. I went to Morton Williams supermarket a few blocks away. Much tamer, less expensive. But kind of depressing after the rock show I had just endured. Apparently I need my own personal food shopper...and chef...

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Puma at Lady Foot Locker

OK, so I may literally had to have a fire lit under me to get me to buy a new gym/boxing bag (have I mentioned that I have been boxing for 9 years?).

Yesterday, before I got my hair colored by the fabulous Helik at Dop Dop Salon in Soho, I stopped in the nearby Lady Foot Locker (a store that I don't believe I have ever stepped foot in before) to utilize one of the gift cards that the old school crew gave me to cheer me up and help me buy emergency replacement items.

I picked up the stately black-and-gold Puma bag (poorly) depicted in the camera phone photo you see here. I also bought a purple MasterLock today at Paragon Sports so my whole current gym vibe is leaning towards "royal." And I am feeling like a queen in my new digs, so it all makes perfect sense.

Friday, April 27, 2007

The Guerilla House

I wanted to let everyone know that I have gotten a new, incredible, temporary home for an excellent price. I won't say exactly where, but let's just say it's a great neighborhood with a HUGE front yard. Then when that fun opportunity comes to a conclusion, I have another great set up waiting for me for the summer.

So hopefully I shall soon be back in real shopping mode, especially because I just took inventory of what clothing I managed to save and buy during the last 2 weeks: 19 tank tops from Old Navy and two pairs of work-appropriate pants isn't going to work well for the next 6 months...

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Graffiti Guerilla

My graffiti artist friend Greg Jerome was part of an art show in Chelsea this past weekend, and I thought it was more than appropriate and perhaps not coincidental that his main piece was that of a gorilla head. A suitable mascot during this time of life...

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guerilla's Hell

I say this with a laughing tone, I swear, because what else can I do? But I was unexpectedly called into my apartment today because all of my stuff was being carted out by a cleaning/warehousing service. Basically my version of hell - people going through my things and packing them away to be stored for an undetermined length of time in New Jersey. So I grabbed some key makeup and shoes and finally relented, "sigh...take the rest away..."

I am sure for the next 2-6 months I will be in a state of confusion.

So in an effort to alleviate this agg and help make me a happy gorilla, my oldest and dearest friends gave me gift cards from DSW, H&M and Lady Foot Locker. I am also looking at a couple of temp. apartments this week, and may end up living in places far better than the one I have temporarily left behind!

This is all too funny and I am actually enjoying the "unknown" at this stage, because I figure it shall lead me to something better. Particularly some new and better clothes, shoes, makeup and furniture.

Stay tuned. I HAVE to!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Earnest Sewn Sale (denim)

From today's New York Times' "Urban Eye" - it almost seems like this should be kept secret! And in other news, the GS continues to search for temporary furnished month-to-month housing. Don't be shy, let me know if you hear of anything available!

Sit on Your Principles

Our long weekend of short pants was a treat, but don’t get too comfortable: cooler temperatures are on the way, so take a moment to evaluate your denim collection. Those who like designer quality but not designer logos should head to the sample sale at the hipster denim label Earnest Sewn, about which Alex Kuczynski says, “there are no expensive jeans better.” Regular prices often top $200, but here everything is $22 to $75, including sweater vests for men and women ($60) and jeans for the little ones ($55).
Today and tomorrow, 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.; Thursday and Friday, noon to 8 p.m.; Saturday, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., Earnest Sewn, 829 Washington Street (Gansevoort Street), West Village, (212) 242-3414.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Exclusive Mother's Day Jewelry Discount!

Just in time for Mother's Day (Sunday, May 13), Dori O'Dea (jewerly designer) and Guerilla Shopper (me) are offering a 20% discount on Ike Designs - the exquisite jewelry meticulously hand crafted by Dori herself. She has created intricate necklaces and earrings using beautifully colored gems that will thrill any mother in your life including -- but not limited to -- your: mother, wife, sister, daughter, niece, cousin, mistress, girlfriend, acupuncturist, beer wench...

Visit to peruse Dori's inventory and make your selections. To receive your 20% discount on online orders made between today and Tuesday, May 8, follow these steps:

1. Place your order online -
2. Then, send an email to with "Guerilla Shopper" in the subject line and your order number in the body.
3. Dori will then discount the charge when she processes the card (it won't show at checkout, but will be reflected in the receipt she emails back to you as confirmation upon Credit Card Authorization).
4. Alternatively, there is a space for comments on the cart page, where you can write "Guerilla Shopper" and get the 20% discount, as per step #3., above.
Also, on Saturday, May 5, stop by Actorcrafts at 332 W. 43rd St. where Dori will be selling her good works at half the Web site price to promote a great cause and a great day. The show benefits Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS and Dori offers her whole collection at half of its retail price on that day only (no combination with any other discounts). In addition, other great artists will be there selling their creations thereby making Mother's Day shopping a snap!

Be nice to the mothers,
Ike & Guerilla Shopper
. . .
Pictured above: Antiqued silver filigree earrings with faceted quartz briolet and ivory freshwater pearls.
Dori also works in gold and other gems - labradorite, pearl, solmonite, smokey quartz, rose quartz, quartz, goldstone, hematite, calcite, andalusite, malachite, jade, sapphire, diamond, and whatever else she can get her hands on! Dori's online collection includes necklaces and earrings, but she also does bracelets and is developing a line of rings. Dori does custom work and specializes in bridal parties, with all kinds of budgets.

About Guerilla Shopper NYC
Launched in October 2006, the Guerilla Shopper is your feet on the street in New York, telling you where to get great stuff at a good deal. Follow her as she treks through the stores of New York (and upstate, New Jersey and online) on your behalf...relaying sample sales, interesting shopping tidbits, retail warnings, restaurant recommendations and more. Listed on and quoted by other reputable shopping Web sites including Racked and A Girl Must Shop, the Guerilla Shopper is helping the non-socialite set to own tons of great stuff while having fun and not breaking the bank.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Men's Undies

Thank goodness for my dedicated stringers who continue to feed me bits and pieces while I try to piece my life back together. This came to me this morning and seems like a worthwhile read:

Did I dream this or did you or your blog say that you are going to dabble in writing about men's wear? Well here is an interesting article about men's underwear - although not sure if it fits within the guerilla scope.

In the meantime the Guerilla's dishes (from and glasses (from my aunt) have been carted out to be cleaned and stored until I am allowed to return to my beloved apartment. Still unclear as to when that will be, but I visit her almost every day. And did I mention what a phenomenal group of people live in my building? I will have to write something separate and more detailed later, but seriously...I Love New York!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Old Clothes, New Clothes 1-2-3

Hi all. Whew! My post-apartment-fire life is in turmoil of unknown outcome and I am trying to get everything back in order. It is certainly not boring.

On Wednesday two fine gents from Fabric Renewal in Bloomingdale, NJ came in and took all of my precious beloved clothing (as well as rugs, bedding, curtains, pillows, etc.) to be Ozone treated and then cleaned. They were confident that all could be saved! Phew - my biggest concern alleviated. Seriously, nobody wants to see a gorilla have a nervous breakdown. I am expecting a delivery of my "emergency clothes" today at my temporary living quarters. Let's be hopeful!

In the meantime I have managed to stay somewhat fashionable because I decided if I wasn't at least happy with what I looked like in public, I really would have nothing at this point! My sad camera phone photo shows my new striped tank top and hot pink silk cardigan. Happy...with a bit of 80s rock 'n' roll thrown in. I guess I have to thank H&M for this, even though I haven't spoken so well of them in the past. They definitely hooked me up on a budget in a crunch!

I am now working on finding furnished living quarters for a month, or two...or possibly up to six! These furnished apartment deals are NOT CHEAP. Any ideas? Send them my way!
Next project: clean/save/chuck all housewares, electronics and furniture. Magic 8-ball says: "ask again later..."

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Marc Jacobs Flats - cheap?

Today's Best Bets Daily (New York Magazine) proclaims that $155 is a decent price for rubber flats. Granted, they are Marc Jacobs, and nothing with his name on it is actually affordable, however THEY ARE RUBBER FLATS. And when did flats in general become so expensive? Trends and prices hold hands and rise as one! Let's make a pact: No flats for more than $75 (and that's still too much!).

Finally a pair of Marc Jacobs that won't drain your bank account. These jelly ballet flats are the perfect way to transition into spring. Made from rubber, they can handle spontaneous showers—replacing giant wellies—and still look cute with skirts or jeans. Plus you can relive your jelly-wearing childhood while still looking like a grown-up. $155 at

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


So I've been told that they do some kind of Ozone cleaning thing to get the smoke scent out of fabrics. Cross your fingers that this works on my beloved smoke-infested wardrobe.

Tonight I spent hours this evening shopping for work and gym clothes as well as makeup and food at: Sports Authority, Aveda, Club Monaco, H&M and CVS in an fast ditch effort to get some semblance of a wardrobe together. So fast and furiously by the time I got to H&M they said my card was "declined" - I called the bank and they were suspicious of all of the activity so put a hold on it!

A first for GSNYC. Tragedy begets comedy...

Monday, April 16, 2007

Guerilla Shopper's Apartment Fire

Hi all - I am probably going to be a little light during the next upcoming days (weeks?) as my apartment building had a huge fire very early this morning, and my apartment was unfortunately in the line of fire so to speak. However, I am fine and actually there was no fire damage to my home - just water, smoke and holes through the ceiling and walls from the NYFD making sure the fire was out.

All I could think about once we knew we were all out and safe was, "OH NO WHAT ABOUT MY CLOTHES?!"

Well, they are significantly smoke damaged and I'm hoping that they can be cleaned somehow...

However, this should hopefully provide me with lots of new tales of buying new clothes (and furniture) to replace that which is irrepairable...

Til then, GSNYC

Sunday, April 15, 2007

(Some) Success at Calypso Sample Sale

So I actually went to Calypso sale yesterday - and yes, I even waited on line to get in! So you know I was on a mission, amidst my "glamour grieving"....

I found that this one wasn't as good as the October sale - the location (dark dank room), the merchandise (not as much), the prices (more expensive). However, I did come out of there with a skirt from Yesterday Never Dies, a top from Sophia Kokosalaki, and a lacey jacket from Suzie Kondi - regularly $795 for $110.

So today is the last day the sale is on - so dodge raindrops and get yourself down there, why not?

Friday, April 13, 2007

Brooklyn Heights Apt. for Sale!

In a new twist I decided today to write about a studio apartment (co-op) for sale in Brooklyn Heights. I feel equipped to blog about it because I have been there and enjoyed it, as well as the fantastic roof top deck that is shared among the building residents. The building, built in 1949, is located one block from the East River in a fantastic neighborhood. Its lobby is always attended to by a doorman and pets are allowed!

The asking price is $310,000 (mainaintence = $419/month)...If you are movedto, go check it out this Sunday, April 15 at the Open House: 57 Montague St., Apt. 1H

For more information visit:

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Decent Pants from H&M and Filene's

OK, so I've started to make one of my dreams a reality...pants...
I probably watch way too much of "What Not to Wear" on TLC, but it has encouraged me in new ways. One way being: buy pants that fit you in the waist and get them altered. I have taken this idea on board because I believe in my heart of hearts that if you are wearing well-fitting trousers, you will be a happier human and your life will blossom before you.
So this weekend I flitted over to Filene's Basement and H&M. I picked up the two pair you see on hangers (combined cost: $75) and have gotten them altered. I even had the pockets removed and sewed shut on the gray pair, because I decided I did not want to resemble a gas station attendant, more than perhaps I sometimes already do. Granted, the alterations jacked up the price, but also increased the chance that I would wear them -- often -- and happily. And isn't that what pants are for?
The other photo is of my Closet #1 (I have four), where said pants live. Granted, they don't have a lot of breathing room, however, they are in good company.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hearth (restaurant) on E. 12th St.

I ate Easter dinner at Hearth. I had wanted to go check it out since it opened and finally got my chance (to have someone else pay for it)!

Their self-description is: Our food is rooted in the modern traditions of the American kitchen with influences from our Italian heritage. Our wine program is equally modern but finds inspiration in the strangest places.

OK, I'll buy that (or let someone else). The food was really quite good - great subtle flavors, high-quality. They gave us a taste of the soup of the day, which was excellent. The bread, which was also excellent, kept coming and coming and...

Some of us had lamb and others had duck pasta - both were outstanding.

Desserts - check, drinks - check, service - check.

Perhaps my only criticism is that there isn't a huge selection, and while the room was nice, it lacked a bit of warmth - literally and figuratively. It was certainly a pleasant experience, but not necessariliy an unforgettable one. Perhaps that was a function of my party being seated in the furthest corner of the room, or because it was fairly early on a (Easter) Sunday.

Will I return? It's open for discussion!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Calypso Sample Sale - April 12-15

Run, don't walk to the Calypso Christiane Celle sample sale! I went to it in October and scored major deals, spending $100 and getting $1,500 worth of cool shit:

April 12-15
Thurs. - Sat.: 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Sunday: 11 a.m. - 5 p.m.
378 Broadway (SE corner of White St.)
take: NQRW or 6 train to Canal St.
cash or credit; no try-ons

...and might I suggest not bringing any bags or purses with you [they will take them at the door], and wear as minimal clothing as possible (i.e. if it's not freezing, leave the coats at home and you can try to quickly try stuff on over your clothes).

Monday, April 09, 2007

I Love Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Also from New York Magazine today, "Sandwiches of the Week: In Celebration of National Grilled-Cheese Month." I am now DYING for one, especially the one pictured above from Tillman's:

Tillman’sThe only upscale cocktail bar we know with a menu almost singularly devoted to grilled-cheese sandwiches. Our favorite is the classic American (pictured) gently tweaked with a dab of herb mayo and fresh basil and served with, yes, tomato soup. Pair with a Dark and Stormy. $12; 165 W. 26th St., nr. Seventh Ave.; 212-627-8320.

Interesting Furniture Sale in NJ: BoConcept

From today's New York Magazine's Best Bets

Bayonne, New Jersey, isn't the coolest shopping destination, but BoConcept is unloading contemporary Danish furniture for 30 to 70 percent off at its warehouse sale. When: 4/14 (10–3).Where: 180 Pulaski St., nr. Port Jersey Blvd., Bayonne, N.J. (201-433-4461).

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chelsea Market: Cupcakes

So what better way to top off a personal training session at Equinox than by eating a cupcake! I'm not sure when cupcakes replaced crack, but I know that I can't get enough of these things, which is why you probably can't find one in this town for less than $2.
Anyway, I headed to the Chelsea Market where I knew I would find a grand selection of pastel-colored cakes-in-a-cup all dressed up and ready for Easter at Eleni's (see big photo). I managed to limit myself to one small $2 vanilla cupcake piled high with pastel yellow frosting and hot pink sprinkles. I snapped a quick shot of the counter displaying endless selections including $7 cookies(!), before they started yelling at people for taking photos. Timing is everything.
Upon exiting I noticed another bakery called Ruthy's just two doors down. While I was happy with the selection I made at Eleni's, I couldn't help but be a bit awed by the giant "flowers of frosting" (see smaller photo) atop the cupcakes in Ruthy's display case. A quarter more expensive than what I bought, true, but I think I may have to stop in there soon so that I can make a thorough journalistic evaluation.
Happy Easter!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Apple Store on 5th Avenue

OK, so I am probably the last person in the free world who didn't know that the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in the 50s is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! If you also didn't know, please add a comment and admit it so that I don't feel so isolated in this cold, cruel, e-world.

Anyway, I lost my iPod, which I would normally be freaking out about, but I have recently taken a new approach to life, and instead, I saw it as an opportunity to get a better one! So in another slightly embarassing moment, I didn't know that they discontinued the iPod mini, which is what I had. So I got the new and improved 4GB Nano, as pictured here. It's red. Apple donates $10 to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa ( with every purchase of this particular model. That alone makes it worth the $215. You can even get your name engraved on it, which I didn't do because there were like 2,000 people in the store this afternoon and I didn't want to wait.

The experience was fast, but not entirely friendly. I walked over to the table of Nanos, pointed to the one I wanted, the guy ran my card through a wireless device and emailed me my receipt. Done. I'll take that kind of swift service, thank you.
These guys are unstoppable!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's Hot in Menswear from UrbanDaddy

From today's JC Report - something we need more of (no really, I'm not being sarcastic): Insight into menswear...

Trendsetter Lance Broumand
Publisher, UrbanDaddy New York
What's Hot Right Now...
"Vintage stores are, hands down, the best way to shop for jeans and t- shirts, and it's usually not a hassle or a mob scene. But lately my go-to menswear lines would have to be Marc Jacobs and Varvatos. Jacobs' suits and shirts seem made to be thrown into a suitcase without ending up looking like you just stepped out of a dryer. Plus he knows how to play with color, which is great for breaking up that overly New York vibe. My job has me running all over the place, so I love that you can wear his suits with a pair of sneakers out in the street and still walk into a business meeting later on. I can't do the whole go-for-broke preppy thing, so John Varvatos is great for a more cleaned-up look that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It also has that vintage-y edge, which gives it a little extra character."

Betsey Johnson Wallet at Loehmann's

I suppose in keeping with my "fear" of purses, I have been known to only use tiny wallets that enable me to fit everything I own, so that I can avoid the icky purse. However, I have decided to make some life adjustments and truly act - and maybe even live - as an adult. So I have finally bitten the bullet and accepted an adult-sized wallet that really has compartments for bills, change, credit cards, receipts, etc. Luckily, Betsey Johnson has provided an option helps bring me into the adult wallet world, while still being a bit rock 'n' roll and flirty at the same time (see the leather rose!). A perfect "bridge," you could say.

If you suffer from a similar affliction, just visit your local Loehmann's and pick one up for yourself for about $35. Then put all the money you saved in your new wallet!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

D'Agostino's vs. Duane Reade: Which Sucks Less?

New York City has the misfortune of being overrun by D'Agostino supermarkets and Duane Reade drugstores. And in NYC, you don't have too much option with your supermarket, because you are not likely to carry three bags of groceries 23 blocks - so you go with what's closest. In my case, this means shopping at the most overpriced store with the worst service. D'Ags literally charges more for their products than many high-end gourmet shops do. To be fair and balanced, they do offer the D'AG Rewards Card, which is a points program whereby you earn points everytime you buy, and redeem them later for reduced prices on certain items. But the lines in there can be endless and I am often puzzled by what goes on at checkout....

Duane Reade offers the good people of New York similarly terrible prices and service, as well as a points program whereby you get a $5 reward for every 100 points earned (which means you've spent $100). Of course you need to take note of your own receipts to notice when you've actually reached the 100 point mark, because you need to use that receipt to get your $5 reward. And you better use it within a month or else it expires. I cringe at the thought of going there, but I have little option other than travelling to New Jersey, which I have been known to do.
So which sucks less? The jury is still out...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007


I felt that this was akin to a national emergency, on par with the Sanjaya crisis, but in a happy way.

Run, don't walk to Ben & Jerry's scoop shops on Tuesday April 17th from 12pm until 8pm to get your free ice cream!
  • Here are the NYC locations:
    41 3rd Ave. @ 10th St.
    680 8th Ave. @ 43rd St.
    2722 Broadway @ 104th St.
Here's what B&J has to say regarding this momentous day:
We think someone squealed because our phones have been ringing off the hook with folks wanting to verify the date of Free Cone Day 2007. So without further ado here it is! On Tuesday April 17th from 12pm until 8pm participating Ben& Jerry’s scoop shops around the world will be hosting Ben& Jerry’s Annual Free Cone Day. Is it a time for you to try a new flavor that you’ve been wondering about without commiting your hard earned dollars or is it a time for you to enjoy an old favorite and savor in the deliciousness that is free ice cream? The answer from us at Ben& Jerry’s is yes. Visit our scoop shop locator to find hours and directions to the closest Free Cone Day experience near you, and while you’re there check out our flavor list to see what awaits. So start getting those licking muscles in shape and mark your calendars twice because this is one day you don't want to miss.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Lucio Garafalo

Lucio Garofalo...related to Janeane? Who knows. But what I do know is that this is some goddamned good pasta...cut ziti to be exact. For $1.09 at Todaro Brothers on 2nd Avenue in the 30s, even I can make a meal that tastes good! A miracle indeed.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Filene's Basement in Union Squuuyawn...

Realizing that I write ad nauseum about DSW in Union Square, I thought I'd change things up a bit and scribe on Filene's Basement, which is located in the same building. Except first I need to admit that while at DSW, and in between taking calls from Guerilla Shopper groupies, I bought New Balance all-terrains to replace my current ugly-ass sneakers. I need to play the part if I am to achieve fitness zen at Equinox.

OK, so anyway I scoured the second floor of Filene's, which is actually the third floor of the building, which isn't really a "basement" at all, and came up with...


I tried about 10 items on, and they did nothing for me, except make me look drowned out. Now, had I been looking for a semi-conservative suit, I'd have to admit that they have some decent options from Tahari and Calvin Klein (reg. $320 reduced to $130), but alas, I was not.
What I was looking for was simply not present and accounted for. There were lots of non-structured, picked over, fancy T-shirts and pants that don't seem to go to one's ankle. What is it with all of these knickers and shorts these days? I mean having a couple of pairs is fine, but why is the whole store full of this crap?
I really need to put the pedal to the metal on hooking up the spring into summer wardrobe...but where do I go now that Aaron's is gone?! I am going to have to recreate my approach. Wish me well. I'll be back.