Thursday, April 05, 2007

What's Hot in Menswear from UrbanDaddy

From today's JC Report - something we need more of (no really, I'm not being sarcastic): Insight into menswear...

Trendsetter Lance Broumand
Publisher, UrbanDaddy New York
What's Hot Right Now...
"Vintage stores are, hands down, the best way to shop for jeans and t- shirts, and it's usually not a hassle or a mob scene. But lately my go-to menswear lines would have to be Marc Jacobs and Varvatos. Jacobs' suits and shirts seem made to be thrown into a suitcase without ending up looking like you just stepped out of a dryer. Plus he knows how to play with color, which is great for breaking up that overly New York vibe. My job has me running all over the place, so I love that you can wear his suits with a pair of sneakers out in the street and still walk into a business meeting later on. I can't do the whole go-for-broke preppy thing, so John Varvatos is great for a more cleaned-up look that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It also has that vintage-y edge, which gives it a little extra character."

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