Monday, April 16, 2007

Guerilla Shopper's Apartment Fire

Hi all - I am probably going to be a little light during the next upcoming days (weeks?) as my apartment building had a huge fire very early this morning, and my apartment was unfortunately in the line of fire so to speak. However, I am fine and actually there was no fire damage to my home - just water, smoke and holes through the ceiling and walls from the NYFD making sure the fire was out.

All I could think about once we knew we were all out and safe was, "OH NO WHAT ABOUT MY CLOTHES?!"

Well, they are significantly smoke damaged and I'm hoping that they can be cleaned somehow...

However, this should hopefully provide me with lots of new tales of buying new clothes (and furniture) to replace that which is irrepairable...

Til then, GSNYC

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Fauchon Junkie said...

OMG - I know it can feel silly with everything else going on in the world, but I've gotten that heart in throat feeling when I realized a pipe had burst above my closet.


In two different apts.

It's just this side of seeing your dog dart out into traffic.

Here's hoping the dry cleaner gives you a volume discount!