Sunday, April 08, 2007

Chelsea Market: Cupcakes

So what better way to top off a personal training session at Equinox than by eating a cupcake! I'm not sure when cupcakes replaced crack, but I know that I can't get enough of these things, which is why you probably can't find one in this town for less than $2.
Anyway, I headed to the Chelsea Market where I knew I would find a grand selection of pastel-colored cakes-in-a-cup all dressed up and ready for Easter at Eleni's (see big photo). I managed to limit myself to one small $2 vanilla cupcake piled high with pastel yellow frosting and hot pink sprinkles. I snapped a quick shot of the counter displaying endless selections including $7 cookies(!), before they started yelling at people for taking photos. Timing is everything.
Upon exiting I noticed another bakery called Ruthy's just two doors down. While I was happy with the selection I made at Eleni's, I couldn't help but be a bit awed by the giant "flowers of frosting" (see smaller photo) atop the cupcakes in Ruthy's display case. A quarter more expensive than what I bought, true, but I think I may have to stop in there soon so that I can make a thorough journalistic evaluation.
Happy Easter!

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Lindsay said...

I love your cupcake piece. My favorite bakery is Billy's on 19th in Chelsea--the cupcakes there are incredible. I didn't see any contact information for the author of this blog. I am the Editor in Chief of Spree New York and would like to talk to the author about her blog and being featured on spree. Please email me at for more information. Thanks! Linds