Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guerilla's Hell

I say this with a laughing tone, I swear, because what else can I do? But I was unexpectedly called into my apartment today because all of my stuff was being carted out by a cleaning/warehousing service. Basically my version of hell - people going through my things and packing them away to be stored for an undetermined length of time in New Jersey. So I grabbed some key makeup and shoes and finally relented, "sigh...take the rest away..."

I am sure for the next 2-6 months I will be in a state of confusion.

So in an effort to alleviate this agg and help make me a happy gorilla, my oldest and dearest friends gave me gift cards from DSW, H&M and Lady Foot Locker. I am also looking at a couple of temp. apartments this week, and may end up living in places far better than the one I have temporarily left behind!

This is all too funny and I am actually enjoying the "unknown" at this stage, because I figure it shall lead me to something better. Particularly some new and better clothes, shoes, makeup and furniture.

Stay tuned. I HAVE to!

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