Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kickers Shoes - Where Can One Find Them in NYC?

Today I received the following inquiry, and have sent a note to the Company itself for the answer. If anyone else has additional knowledge, please do share it...

hey just thought of this, ms. shopper.

for years i've been waiting to find
kickers in the states. they are a classic euro boot that was popular in the '80s in europe. mostly in spain, england, belgium (and argentina) would you have any thoughts on where to find them in the states? i've found them online in the UK, but am wary of ordering them and finding them the wrong fit. you dig?

any thoughts would be helpful.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Up for Grabs - Red Charles David boots, Size 39

I tried to hold onto them, but alas, these fine red leather boots by Charles David are simply too narrow for me. I've only worn them twice, so other than very minor scuffs on the soles, they are in great condition.

So in an effort to connect to the boot-adoring public, I thought I'd try to execute my own low-tech auction, a "meBay" if you will (or even if you won't).
Basically, the person who offers the highest bid by 5 p.m. EST, Wednesday, February 28 wins said boots (U.S. residents only - shipping is expensive!). Just email me your price (, and I will respond personally to the winner and then we will determine the shipping logistics (I will ship to you for free!).
These size 39s are made (in Italy) of real honest-to-goodness leather, with a 1.5-inch heel with black zippers on the sides not shown in this photo. They are HOT and the two times that I actually wore them, strangers and friends alike commented on them. I just checked online, and new Charles David boots are currently going for $350-$625.
Step right up! Do we have a winna? Yes we do!

Monday, January 29, 2007

Restaurant Week NYC

Have you been so busy at work, you totally forgot that NYC restaurant week is this week? Guerilla Shopper NYC is doing her best to keep you informed of the latest current events around town.

Here's the deal:
NYC Restaurant Week
January 29 - February 2
3-course prix-fixe lunches for $24.07
3-course prix-fixe dinners for $35.00
Beverages, gratuities and tax are additional

Visit to make reservations!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Pimp My Cell Phone

It drives me crazy that cell phone accessories cost an arm and a leg. To the point where I refuse to buy any. Until now...maybe. My trusty far-flung stringer clued me into CellPhoneShop where they have cell phone covers for as low as $3.30! They offer free shipping on orders of more than $30, and there's a clearance sales of 80 percent going on right now. All brands, styles, makes, models...pimpaliscious.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I Should Go To LOOPY MANGO in Dumbo

I read this yesterday in the New York Times' "Urban Eye" daily email. It certainly sounds loopy. I shall have to visit soon, for inspiration...

Dumbo and Friends
“If one store best represents Front Street in Dumbo,” Alex Kuczynski says, “it is Loopy Mango,” which has a suitably Brooklyn mix of vintage and new clothing, antiques and jewelry. “A denim utility suit by Deener, brand-new and stiff, was $275 and just the thing someone might need for a Devo reunion party. Next to it, a dusty framed photograph of kittens cost $75.” Plus, Waejong Kim, an owner, is a crochet artist, so the shop has become “something of a destination for crochet fetishists.” Witness the pink-and-green-yarn bathing suit (future Pam Anderson wedding garb?), the crocheted cherry earrings, the dog caftan with matching human outfit. “In the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge,” Kuczynski says, “it all made sense.”

Loopy Mango, 117 Front Street, at Adams Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn; (718) 858-5930.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Shoe are You? Shoe Shoe. Shoe Shoe?

Yesterday marked the launch of Ms. Megan's (the New York City shoe guru) new column, Shoe are You?©. This scintillating little column will get deep into the hearts, minds and soles of fascinating people every Wednesday, so be sure to tune in.

This week’s interview features New York fashion designer Shelly Steffee:

Sitting at her seamstress grandmothers’ knees, Shelly Steffee has been designing clothes since she was 12 years old. A native Pennsylvanian, she now calls New York home, where her boutique and studio in the Meatpacking district are regular destinations for celebs from Lindsay Lohan to Natalie Maines. . . (click the Shoe are You? link for the rest!)
The photo is of a saucy Ms. Meghan in her West Village apartment, taken by Tanya Braganti

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aaron's in Brooklyn: CLOSED

Well, you heard it from me back in October that Aaron's, the women's designer discount store out there in Brooklyn, had decreased in size by 50 percent and declined in apparel quality and intrigue by about 100 percent. Then, last week I heard from a friend of mine who knows the son-of-Aaron's that the store was closing. Today, I checked online and the website is down.

It is a sad and unfortunate demise of a great, unique store that I learned about from my fashion-forward-father who had been going there since at least the 70s. Every time I went out there - taking a 45-minute train ride each way - I ended up spending hours trying on scores of items. I rarely got out of there for less than $700, but with piles and bags of beautiful, high-quality clothing.

I'm not sure what happened - perhaps it was overtaken by the designer discount behemoths such as Filene's Basement,

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

There are a lot of stores downtown

A quick pontification generated in an email that I sent to a fellow shopping blogger in the New England area today: "I am stunned when I go downtown (Soho, Lower East Side) with the scores of stores. They seem to open up every other day! However, lots of them are not cheap and potentially a bit young for my mid-30-ness...but I guess I can't really judge until I go and check them out myself, live and in person."

And I shall do so.

Monday, January 22, 2007


I feel a bit guilty about the recent liteness of new shopping tidbits for my adoring public, but among other reasons that I won't bore you with, January is just not a very shopping-friendly month. It's cold (finally), it's right after Christmas (no money), it's too early for Spring, too late for I've found myself doing more online shopping than I normally ever do.

I've bought CDs (yes I know, I may as well have bought 8-track tapes) on, sheets on (1000-thread count for less than $60!) and a top on I don't usually buy clothing online, but I had a credit from a Christmas gift that didn't fit, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Then, one of my favorite stringers in the whole wide world who has helped me bring to you the unbelieveable Calypso sale a couple of months ago and the $25 Ghost jeans, has now provided me with a new online shopping resource: (see pic).

This site has got tons of fashion's bleeding edge brands all in one place. While some of the apparel, which includes clothing, shoes, lingerie, jewelry and sunglasses, is on sale, it is in no way cheap or affordable to the normal working person. Also, the models appear to be a size negative zero, but if for nothing else, the site will give you some new ideas, keep you up to date on what the really cool kids are wearing, and I suppose provide groovy fashion access to people who live in far flung regions of the galaxy.

Check it out and see for yourself!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shoe Letter from a Guerilla Shopper Devotee

Dear Guerilla Shopper,

The infamous Jimmy Choo boots I referenced in my last letter finally die the shoe equivalent of Art Buchwald's death - they were shoe "hospice" for about a year, knew they were going, and went out in style. By breaking a heel on the show floor of CES, to be precise. I left them right where they came off, for the last time, in a bathroom in a house in Vegas. Tragic, but inevitable. So, the quest for a similar (but of course not identical) pair started last week. I took your advice and went to DSW, where for $150 I got a pair of Kenneth Cole high ankle boots with buckles. They are in no way REPLACEMENTS for said dead Choos, but I must admit, a very affordable and nicely crafted addition to my shoe arsenal. Photo to follow.

Thanks Guerilla Shopper!

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Skinny Black Jeans

One of my faithful readers asked me today:

I have a GS question...are black skinny jeans still in? Or were they just a big flop? Got a pair at the Gap yesterday and can't really decide if I like them....

My dutiful answer followed:

I have two pairs of black skinnys - one are sort of faded jeans from Club Monaco and I didn't think I would ever buy jeans like that, but I love them because they fit great. The others are black cotton pants also from Club Monaco - reminiscent of the 80s - and I love them...because they are reminiscent of the 80s (see pic., such as it is). So basically if they look good and feel good then they are GOOD.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Japonica Sushi

I hadn't been there in years, but tonight I met my friend at Japonica for some over-priced sushi on University and 12th St.

Our collective bill, including tax and tip came to $105. This is about $40 more than I am willing to spend on sushi for two, however, it was probably worth a bit more than the typical sushi outing. My dragon roll was uniquely excellent, and came styled in the form of one of those Chinese New Year dragons. Hard to tell from the camera phone photo, but I swear.
The service was good, the space is comforting and the green tea ice cream came with two wafer-cone-like cookies. So overall, an above-average satisfactory fish eating experience. Check it out.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Norma Kamali Sale Now Thru Feb. 2

From New York magazine's "Best Bets:"

Norma Kamali is unloading her collections for up to 75 percent off; a Norma Kamali for Everlast terry trench jacket was $350 but is now $87.50. When: Through 2/2; Mon.–Sat. (10–6). Where: 11 W. 56th St., at Madison Ave. (212-957-9797).

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Topshop coming to Manhattan

Word in from one of my "stringers-in-the-know" is that UK-based Topshop is coming to Manhattan this year.

I guess I'd describe it as a British H&M. I will do a thorough review when it hits town for y'all. Round 'em up, cowgirls!

Wikipedia describes it as:
Topshop is a chain of clothing stores situated (mostly) throughout the United Kingdom.
Topshop's primary sales come from women's fashion and accessories. Its male-clothing counterpart is called 'Topman'. Topshop offers a range of products including clothing, lingerie, sweets, bracelets, bags, hats, purses, nightwear, swim wear, shoes, jewelery, belts as well as a number of other accessories. Topshop also offers maternity, tall, petite and retro ranges.
The store has a had a number of celebrities and designers designing collections, including Kate Moss, whose collection will be released in April 2007.[1] The appointment of Moss was announced just before the departure of CEO Jane Shepherdson, who was seen as the force behind the revival of the formerly dull brand.
Topshop's flagship store is located in Oxford Street, London. Other flagship stores are located in Nottingham- Victoria, Manchester- Arndale and Glasgow- Buchanan Street Topshop is owned by the Arcadia Group, which owns a number of other retail outlets including Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Miss Selfridge, Evans, Wallis and Outfit.
Several branches of Topshop can be found outside the United Kingdom, most notably in Ireland, Gibraltar, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and the Philippines. The chain also boasts stores in Croatia, Austria and the United Arab Emirates.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Bag Lady

I am finally well on my way to recovery. I have stopped collecting plastic bags, which I use as garbage bags in my kitchen and bathroom, and have determined to reduce my inventory through attrition.

Pictured is the huge bag of bags which takes over half of my coat closet. Even my mother who trained me in the ways of bag saving was horrified by this collection

This is the most exciting blog entry ever.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Variazioni - 80s Style

I have been meaning to write about this dress for months, but knew that I had to get a photo to illustrate its sheer 80s impact. It had to be seen to be believed and comprehended. You can't really describe a black cotton spandex dress with a hot pink bolero jacket without people thinking that you were in a Poison video.

So here's the fantastic tale of a father and daughter...fighting the power, doing things "their way..." and making sure that I had a junior prom dress to put all those that came before it to shame. I think we achieved that goal and then some.

It had been a difficult time. My grandmother had just passed away, which took my family out of dodge for a week or so. Upon our return there was almost no time before my junior prom. I was without dress and I was panicked!

So my dad came up with a little rebellious plan that would not only enable me to find a dress in time for the Jr. Prom, but would also allow us to shop in a leisurely fashion, i.e. during the day on a weekday.

So as I sat in my history class the Wednesday before the prom, there was a knock on the classroom door - it was a student with a note. The teacher read it and looked over at me in a very serious, concerned manner, "Laura, your father is here. Go to the office immediately."

GASP! What could have happened? My one grandmother just passed away...who was it this time? Everyone in the class watched with grave concern as I got my things together and exited the classroom.

"Oh poor Laura, what could have happened now?"

As I approached the office door, I saw my father standing there, solemnly. "Let's go Laura," he said, as the vice principal politely opened the door to let us out.

Now that I think about it, I still have no idea what he actually told them about why he had to pull me out of school in the middle of the day, but he most certainly did not admit the truth. To add another layer of hilarity, Father G. also happened to be the Mayor of the town at that time with an impeccable reputation. I guess you might call this incident a minor abuse of power.

Anyway, we walked out of the school, into the parking lot, and got into whatever middle management mobile Father Guerilla was driving at the time. And then we pretty much "high fived" and laughed as he sped away headed for DESTINATION NEW YORK CITY: Variazioni.

I remember trying on a few insane 80's cotton spanex numbers, all of which fit me famously, seeing how I was 16 years old. I decided on the getup you see pictured here and man was it a major coup.

So whatever happened to my date anyway? Henry Nam - Funny guy and how great is the white-on-white shirt and tie combo? I think we got on the bus that took us to the prom venue, separated at the party, and after it was over got back on the bus to find out how each other's nights were. As a 16-year-old, it was a near-perfect date! Hahahahahaa....

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Mighty Ryobi 5" Sander

Oh! I forgot to tell y'all about the final Father Guerilla Christmas present, which was purchased at Home Depot on 23rd St. for a reasonable sum. Father G. asked for "a sander," but what do I know of sanders? Here's how I landed upon the Ryobi 5" Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander (jeez, that just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?):
Me: What sander should I buy for a guy who has likely never sanded anything in his life?
Store dude: What kind of job is it for?
Me: I have no idea, but nothing too major or complicated.
Store dude: Then get the Ryobi.
So there you have it folks! The sander suitable for a guy who would rather be making Pom-martinis and/or matching his socks to his Brooks Brothers shirts.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Levis: On the Comeback Trail?

Hi all. I just read the following article in USA Today about how Levi's sales are gaining after a near-decade in decline. They attribute this turnaround to, among other things, Levi's "skinny jeans" for women. While that's all well and good, I visited the Levi's store on Lexington near Bloomingdale's a couple of months ago to check the skinnys out. I can't tell you if they were a good cut or fit or not because THEY COST $151 so I refused to even try them on. For me, Levi's skinny jean strategy is a good one for other retailers, such as Club Monaco that are charging a mere $98 for similar jeans. Prior, the thought of paying more than $50 for jeans had seemed outrageous to me, but now $98 seems like a steal!

And in similar skinny news (from a Reuters article): Gap's skinny black pants -- promoted as a new trend -- have ended up on the discount rack for $9.99, and some see mixed messages in marketing campaigns featuring rappers on one hand and deceased style icon Audrey Hepburn on the other.

The skinny conundrum continues...

Levi's fashions new outlook in ads, jeans
By Theresa Howard, USA TODAY
NEW YORK — Levi Strauss finally ironed out the wrinkles in 2005 after an eight-year slump.
After nearly a decade of sales declines, the company reported a 1% gain in fiscal 2005. Sales have chugged along since, and the company posted year-over-year profit gains of 14%, 50% and 29% in the first three quarters of fiscal 2006. "Things are finally turning the corner," says Amy Jasmer, director of publicity and promotion.
Among Levi's changes:
•New styles. Levi's was ready for the return to skinny and straight leg jeans last year. It promoted its 501 as the original straight leg for men. The new 504 is skinny and straight for women. "For years we took our eye off of innovation," Jasmer says. "We weren't putting out the most stylish jeans."
•New TV ads. Spots by longtime agency BBH, N.Y., gave some edge to Levi's image. One features a young man and woman walking a "straight line" through city streets, over obstacles, to meet. The music is a remake of Johnny Cash's I Walk the Line.
In a second ad, a man watching live TV news recognizes that a fleeing criminal is trying to steal his Levi's from the clothesline. He runs into his yard to catch him.
"The main objective of the advertising is to make sure we are consistently building the brand image," says Talbot Logan, group account director of BBH. "We've seen the brand gain strength in image, share and sales."
•More stores. Levi's is expanding its retailing unit to reach younger shoppers who favor specialty stores such as American Eagle. It has gone from seven stores in 2004 to 28 stores last year and plans to open more this year. A year ago, it returned to online sales; it sold online briefly several years ago.
•New CEO. John Anderson, a 27-year Levi Strauss veteran, took over as CEO in November after Phil Marineau, CEO since 1999, retired.
Though the Levi's brand has made great strides, the baby boom icon needs to make a stronger connection with younger consumers.
"We want to make sure we don't alienate older consumers who have been with us," Jasmer says. "But by virtue of denim we're trying to bring in new consumers."
That vital because the 18- to 24-year-olds buy more denim than any other age group, according to retail tracker NPD Group. That age group accounted for 33% of the $8.6 billion spent on denim in the year ended in October.
"There is still an opportunity for the brand to show this consumer that there is a range of styles and fits that look great on them," says BBH's Logan.
Results of Ad Track, USA TODAY's weekly consumer survey, indicate that the agency's latest ads haven't grabbed those younger consumers for Levi's just yet.
Overall, 17% of adults familiar with the ads like them "a lot" vs. the Ad Track average of 21%. But just 13% in the 18-to-24 age group gave them the top mark vs. 24% in the 40-to-49 group
Believing that the way it currently is spending its ad budget may not be in line with younger consumers, Levi's is rethinking how and where it puts marketing dollars.
In the fall the company opened four temporary stores on college campuses and sponsored a promotion that picked a handful of college students to be featured in a print ad campaign in the spring.
Also, this year Levi's will start to shift some ad dollars away from TV to new media that offer interactivity and that attract its sought-after young adults.
"We're looking at a small change and trying to be a little more engaging," Jasmer says.

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Union Square: Growing Shopping Oasis

Ah yes, Union Square as photographed by me from inside DSW. What used to be a marginal wasteland dotted with a few good restaurants is now feeling comfortable in its new retail skin. Barnes & Noble, Sephora, Whole Foods, Trader Joe's (nearby), Virgin, DSW, Filene's Basement, Diesel, Puma, Shoe Mania...the list goes on. And situated between 5th Avenue and the East Village, you really can't go wrong by taking one of the many trains that empties into the Square for hours of shopping until you are dropping.

Granted, the turning of New York City into a big huge giant-ass mall hasn't really thrilled me during the last several years that I've seen it happening. But if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. What choice do we have if we continue to choose to live in this teflon town where money continues to pour in no matter what happens? It's quite awesome, in the sense that it instills awe.

I will surely be driven out of dodge in the near future as there is no way that a barely middle class lass such as myself can continue to afford the spiraling prices of...everything... That is, unless I find myself a sugar daddy. Perhaps I should start wearing that Banana Republic outfit my mother bought me (see post from a few days ago) after all.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jeffrey Sebelia: Best TV Character 2006?


Best TV Characters 2006
[10 January 2007]
by Matt Cibula
Laudable reality characters also emerged in 2006. Jeffrey Sebelia was a lot of fun to hate on Project Runway 3. He was an arrogant prick and his designs weren't anywhere near as edgy as he though they were. (In my house, we preferred Michael's humility, Uli's practicality, and even Laura's weird WTF-ness.) But the winner of the best "reality" show contest was undeniably its best character as well, if only because his neck tattoo highlighted the fact that his head resembles a penis. Plus, Laura was being such a sore loser, we kind of rooted for him too.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gap Makes the Man

Have you seen this man around town? He glides through the streets and avenues like an urban myth, sometimes sporting a bass, other times a laptop.

He seems "nice" and "harmless," but don't let the friendly midwestern, aw-shucks exterior fool you. He is sly and cunning and takes no prisoners.

By putting forth a laid back, care-free style, thanks largely to The Gap (see shirt in photos) and Marshalls, this chap turns up when you least and most expect it, often wearing the 90s slacker's uniform - a short sleeved T-shirt over a long sleeved T-shirt. Offputting? Yes. Dangerous? Maybe.

What does most of this have to do with Guerilla shopping? Well, he promised to fix my computer and make my Guerilla Shopper NYC business cards, so I thought I'd give him 15 minutes of fame to encourage his timely response. Which is already overdue. But once it happens, a-look-out!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Sexy Banana Republic, Woo Woo

I'm not sure what the message is here, but I think my mother may be taking some drastic measures to get me married off, seeing how she bought me that which is pictured here for Christmas. (And yes, that's the tag still attached in the middle of the top.)

I am an "every so often" kind of Banana Republic shopper. I usually find myself in the one on 34th St., even though the one in Rockefeller Center is enormous. Every so often I can find things in there that are in the Club Monaco league, but usually it's a bit too conservative for my tastes and small for my body.

However, this little number escalates the Republic to the likes of Frederick's of Hollywood in the Banana Republic. Maybe they need to create a new spin off store...I keep hearing their sales are off - and sex sells - so I offer them another one of my genius ideas. Give me a call, will ya?

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Les Nanas: 30% Off!

Hey everyone! My favorite store, Les Nanas, is having a 30% off sale on various fall/winter items so go check it out! Both of the jackets that I am sporting like America's Next Top Model are part of the offering. The black and red one is particularly flattering and there are only two left - size M and L - so get yourself on over there!

And hooray for me (but too bad for you) that I bought the pictured hat, which my friend described as "part Jamaican Rasta, part English Punk Rocker." A splendid combination indeed. Now if the temperature would only drop below 65 degrees in the shade, maybe I'll actually get to wear this sporty wintertime cap!

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Amazon: Shoes & Handbags

You heard it here second...or third. Straight from The Wall Street Journal:

AMAZON STARTS WEB SITE TO SELL SHOES, HANDBAGS Inc. introduced a Web site,, devoted solely to selling shoes and handbags, a departure for an Internet retailer that spent years building one of the best-known one-stop-shopping destinations. Amazon, of Seattle, said represents the first time it has created a new specialty retail site at a Web address different from its flagship address. Steven Goldsmith, an Amazon vice president, said the company created the site in response to requests from customers who were footwear and handbag connoiseurs and wanted a Web site more closely focused on the category. Amazon aims to tap a category that has seen speedy growth, in part via specialty Web retailers such as Online apparel revenue this year is expected to jump to $11.3 billion from $9.6 billion in 2006, while online footwear sales could rise to $3.5 billion from $2.9 billion Forrester Research estimates.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

The "P" Word: PURSE (BCBG & Elliott Lucca)

OK, so now that I have shown myself to be a complete mommy and daddy's girl, without reservation I shall tell you how the 'rents came to my rescue in the arena of PURSES (the word I like the least, James Lipton take note).

For at least two years I have been sporting a free p.o.s. that my dad got at his company convention. It did not inspire...anything...ever. It was kind of funny the first two times I used it, but after two years?

So any of you who have been reading this blog regularly know that I am hangbag-impaired. I hate the words to describe them about as much as I hate them themselves, with the exception of vintage evening bags.

Now that I am all adult and working on recognizing my weaknesses, I realized that I needed external help to raise my handbag IQ. I called on those who brought me into the world, and with the help of Daffy's and, they presented me with the pictured bags for Christmas. The black one with the 70's styling is BCBG Max Azria and the tan, au natural one is Elliott Lucca.

The punchline is that I love them both, but have only used the black one once and the tan one never, instead opting to use the $10 maroon one that isn't pictured and is reminiscent of the free p.o.s. instead. This may take some time...


Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sabon: Cool Store, Skin Products

Oooohhh weee. I love accidental shopping successes. After an impromptu tour of Steinway Pianos on 57th St. with a mysterious and handsome stranger with a Spanish accent, we stumbled upon Sabon on the west side of Sixth Avenue between 55th and 56th Streets.

The kind salesgent ushered us over to the Sabon Sink in the back, where he directed us as we tried out the fantastic soaps, scrubs, and lotions that they have to offer. Talk about effective selling! Not only did I emerge feeling clean, smooth and fresh like a daisy, but I also emerged with the bottle of Ginger Orange Body Gel Polisher ($16) pictured here.

The products are made in Israel and there are a few other locations in NYC and a few more spread out across the U.S., including everyone's favorite state: New Jersey.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Nanette Lapore Smells Good

This stuff smells so good that I want to eat my own arm off when I wear it.

When I find a scent I like, I wear it for years. Nanette Lapore is one of those scents. In high school I wore Animale, which is probably a very funny 80s commentary.

Anyway, I again have to give thanks to the Guerilla parents who bought me the pictured Nanette gift set, which includes a GIANT bottle of perfume (much bigger than I would buy myself) as well as a candle and body lotion that is just as fragrant! I believe they picked it up at...that's right: Lord & Taylor.

It's all pink and beflowered and girly and when I wear it, I have to run down the street from all the men who chase me as if I were an ice cream truck on a summer's afternoon.

Monday, January 01, 2007

Clothing Makes the Woman: A New Year's Tale

My Upper East Side stringer is on fire this weekend. A mini manifesto for '07?...

I have become much more interested in fashion. Keep in mind that growing up in the desert, the defacto uniform was shorts (jeans in the winter), flip flops and a tee shirt. When I was young, I thought fashion was a joke. Yes, I was cynical even then. I've slowly come around to believe that fashion can change your life. It changes how you feel about yourself, how others perceive you, how you get treated by others, and if you get that job or boyfriend that you want. And it can be a lot of fun.

I find the things that I remember most are 1) what I wore and 2) what I ate. I remember the strawberry cake I had for my 8th birthday, and I remember the $50 Wolford tights I wore on my 30th birthday. And those are really the best memories.

I saw this little old lady walking in my 'hood the other day. She had on these beige shoes, a fabulous green coat and a green print scarf around her head. She looked fierce, and I love anyone who puts some thought into their look, especially at that age. It shows that you've got some fight. And a well-dressed man makes me swoon.

I've been meaning to get this book for a while. It occured to me that you might like it.

Stellar Online Stores for Women

I don't usually write much about online shopping, as it is not fully part of the Guerilla Shopping mission. However, one of my fine stringers has done some excellent research, and has given me permission to share the following finds with you, my baby guerillas:

I have been browsing online for a major 2007 wardrobe update and noticed the following enticing items.

A Stella McCartney Dress for $215. Unfortunately it's only available in one size, but if it fit me, I would buy it.

Cute Jacket -- Not cheap, but cute.

Adorable Party Dress - I may actually buy this.

Cute Black Dress - Once again, not cheap, but so cute.