Monday, January 22, 2007


I feel a bit guilty about the recent liteness of new shopping tidbits for my adoring public, but among other reasons that I won't bore you with, January is just not a very shopping-friendly month. It's cold (finally), it's right after Christmas (no money), it's too early for Spring, too late for I've found myself doing more online shopping than I normally ever do.

I've bought CDs (yes I know, I may as well have bought 8-track tapes) on, sheets on (1000-thread count for less than $60!) and a top on I don't usually buy clothing online, but I had a credit from a Christmas gift that didn't fit, so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Then, one of my favorite stringers in the whole wide world who has helped me bring to you the unbelieveable Calypso sale a couple of months ago and the $25 Ghost jeans, has now provided me with a new online shopping resource: (see pic).

This site has got tons of fashion's bleeding edge brands all in one place. While some of the apparel, which includes clothing, shoes, lingerie, jewelry and sunglasses, is on sale, it is in no way cheap or affordable to the normal working person. Also, the models appear to be a size negative zero, but if for nothing else, the site will give you some new ideas, keep you up to date on what the really cool kids are wearing, and I suppose provide groovy fashion access to people who live in far flung regions of the galaxy.

Check it out and see for yourself!

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ChrisC said...

I agree, shopbop is a great resource they have killer sales...especially right now.