Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Jeffrey Sebelia: Best TV Character 2006?


Best TV Characters 2006
[10 January 2007]
by Matt Cibula
Laudable reality characters also emerged in 2006. Jeffrey Sebelia was a lot of fun to hate on Project Runway 3. He was an arrogant prick and his designs weren't anywhere near as edgy as he though they were. (In my house, we preferred Michael's humility, Uli's practicality, and even Laura's weird WTF-ness.) But the winner of the best "reality" show contest was undeniably its best character as well, if only because his neck tattoo highlighted the fact that his head resembles a penis. Plus, Laura was being such a sore loser, we kind of rooted for him too.


Mark said...

his head does not resemble a penis!!!!

Anonymous said...

More like WORST character. Forget him. His 15 minutes are long gone.