Monday, January 01, 2007

Stellar Online Stores for Women

I don't usually write much about online shopping, as it is not fully part of the Guerilla Shopping mission. However, one of my fine stringers has done some excellent research, and has given me permission to share the following finds with you, my baby guerillas:

I have been browsing online for a major 2007 wardrobe update and noticed the following enticing items.

A Stella McCartney Dress for $215. Unfortunately it's only available in one size, but if it fit me, I would buy it.

Cute Jacket -- Not cheap, but cute.

Adorable Party Dress - I may actually buy this.

Cute Black Dress - Once again, not cheap, but so cute.

1 comment:

youcrazygrady said...

oh my god that is such a cute *ITEM*. I'd love to see how that *ITEM* looks on my *BODYPART*. I bet it's not cheap!