Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shoe Letter from a Guerilla Shopper Devotee

Dear Guerilla Shopper,

The infamous Jimmy Choo boots I referenced in my last letter finally die the shoe equivalent of Art Buchwald's death - they were shoe "hospice" for about a year, knew they were going, and went out in style. By breaking a heel on the show floor of CES, to be precise. I left them right where they came off, for the last time, in a bathroom in a house in Vegas. Tragic, but inevitable. So, the quest for a similar (but of course not identical) pair started last week. I took your advice and went to DSW, where for $150 I got a pair of Kenneth Cole high ankle boots with buckles. They are in no way REPLACEMENTS for said dead Choos, but I must admit, a very affordable and nicely crafted addition to my shoe arsenal. Photo to follow.

Thanks Guerilla Shopper!

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