Friday, January 26, 2007

I Should Go To LOOPY MANGO in Dumbo

I read this yesterday in the New York Times' "Urban Eye" daily email. It certainly sounds loopy. I shall have to visit soon, for inspiration...

Dumbo and Friends
“If one store best represents Front Street in Dumbo,” Alex Kuczynski says, “it is Loopy Mango,” which has a suitably Brooklyn mix of vintage and new clothing, antiques and jewelry. “A denim utility suit by Deener, brand-new and stiff, was $275 and just the thing someone might need for a Devo reunion party. Next to it, a dusty framed photograph of kittens cost $75.” Plus, Waejong Kim, an owner, is a crochet artist, so the shop has become “something of a destination for crochet fetishists.” Witness the pink-and-green-yarn bathing suit (future Pam Anderson wedding garb?), the crocheted cherry earrings, the dog caftan with matching human outfit. “In the shadow of the Manhattan Bridge,” Kuczynski says, “it all made sense.”

Loopy Mango, 117 Front Street, at Adams Street, Dumbo, Brooklyn; (718) 858-5930.

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