Thursday, January 04, 2007

The "P" Word: PURSE (BCBG & Elliott Lucca)

OK, so now that I have shown myself to be a complete mommy and daddy's girl, without reservation I shall tell you how the 'rents came to my rescue in the arena of PURSES (the word I like the least, James Lipton take note).

For at least two years I have been sporting a free p.o.s. that my dad got at his company convention. It did not inspire...anything...ever. It was kind of funny the first two times I used it, but after two years?

So any of you who have been reading this blog regularly know that I am hangbag-impaired. I hate the words to describe them about as much as I hate them themselves, with the exception of vintage evening bags.

Now that I am all adult and working on recognizing my weaknesses, I realized that I needed external help to raise my handbag IQ. I called on those who brought me into the world, and with the help of Daffy's and, they presented me with the pictured bags for Christmas. The black one with the 70's styling is BCBG Max Azria and the tan, au natural one is Elliott Lucca.

The punchline is that I love them both, but have only used the black one once and the tan one never, instead opting to use the $10 maroon one that isn't pictured and is reminiscent of the free p.o.s. instead. This may take some time...



megan said...

oh honey, you're in NYC, you can get all the fancy fakeys! I'm so jealous!

Stacie Curtin said...

Hey Laura,
It must be the genes cuz I am not a purse person either, preferring to buy mine at Target and using them until they fall apart! Jim bought me 2 very cute purses this year(one smallish Coach and a large Franco Sarto???) and I'm trying my best to use and not destroy them but I've made no promises.