Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kickers Shoes - Where Can One Find Them in NYC?

Today I received the following inquiry, and have sent a note to the Company itself for the answer. If anyone else has additional knowledge, please do share it...

hey just thought of this, ms. shopper.

for years i've been waiting to find
kickers in the states. they are a classic euro boot that was popular in the '80s in europe. mostly in spain, england, belgium (and argentina) would you have any thoughts on where to find them in the states? i've found them online in the UK, but am wary of ordering them and finding them the wrong fit. you dig?

any thoughts would be helpful.


El Ess said...

Well, here is the only somewhat-helpful response to my inquiry to Kickers regarding where to buy their products in NYC. Problem is, I checked out the French site and I can't speak French and couldn't find a contact email address:

Hi There

Thank you for your email enquiry; unfortunately we only hold the UK licence
for Kickers, so you would need to address your enquiry to Kickers France.
They also have a website called Kickers.FR or you can call them on 003325

Good luck with your shopping!


Anonymous said...

free people now has them in new york and online!!