Thursday, February 01, 2007

Ann Taylor Loft - Why I don't shop online

I am proud to say that I just entered an Ann Taylor Loft store for the first time in my life - this particular one on 42nd St. and 7th Avenue.

Um...what a bunch of horrendous crap! I was astonished at how hideous the styles and materials are. And although the colors weren't so bad, everything seemed to be off white, barely black, sorta red and denim.
I just looked online and the site makes the clothes appear much better than they are in real life. I saw this dress in the store and it made me gag. I guess for $79 you can't expect too much, but if on a serious budget, I would be much more inclined to shop at Old Navy and TJ Maxx than at this joint.
Who shops in this place? And if you do, then STOP IT! I will help you.
Guerilla Shoppers don't let friends shop at Ann Taylor Loft.

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Michele (yes, that Michele :-) said...

Well, of course you can't shop online without knowing the clothes first... but once you do, it's the best for utilitarian stuff that's no fun to shop for in person anyway! I mean really, do we ever look forward to caressing socks, white cotton ribbed tanks, or other staples live and in person?
Separately, what do you know about this pseudo-famous button place on 72nd (or thereabouts). I need new faux-Chanel buttons for my faux-Chanel jacket...