Monday, February 12, 2007

New Dining Set for Me!

Yay! Soon to be mine -- a new dining table and chairs. I have all the chairs, but am awaiting delivery of the table. I have been looking for a new dining set for quite some time and what I find is either too cheesey-looking or costs way too much money or is too large for my NYC apartment.

So now that Guerilla Mother is retired, she has all the time in the world to think about me and my needs (I think this is a good thing...) and remembered that a friend recently sold her condo at the Jersey Shore and put all of the furniture in storage. And lucky me - the above pictured dining set was still on the "inventory list." There are two more chairs and a leaf that extends the table into an oval (not pictured), so now I will be able to cook big dinners for everyone! (that is a joke, kids.)

Anyway, I got this solid hardwood oak set for all of $400. It is in near perfect condition and it has been rumored to have originally cost $2,600!

My life continues to inch along in a positive direction, does it not?

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