Monday, May 21, 2012

Fuzzy Blackberry photo
The mighty foyer has finally come together this weekend.  I was going a little bit for the black & white art deco (loosely defined).  I brought the mirrors over from my old apartment (Target), the table, which I mentioned the other day, is from Pottery Barn.  The vintage glass vase from Damon Crain.  The old photos c/o my mom thanks to my long-departed relatives Schlaffer and Anderson, as is the silver (stainless?) tray on the lower shelf.  The silver key dish picked up years ago at Daffy's, and candle holder...hmmm...I believe I received that as a gift.  And in closing the glass spinning picture frame thanks to my friends for my birthday on Friday.  Yay!
Hidden: white glass light fixture hanging from a black chain, from Lowe's.

Flowers from bodega on Broadway & 93rd St.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Betsey Johnson Starts Its Liquidation Sale

See if you can guess...
Betsey Johnson Starts Its Liquidation Sale
For those of you who knew me in the 80s you may remember (because you made fun of me) my 8th grade grad dress, or the gun skirt, or my eyeball sweater.  Or even the bright yellow skirt with the giant silver zippers that prohibited me from sitting, or the red snakeskin belt.  They were all Betsey Johnson.  God I love(d) the 80s.  She was ahead of her time and then everyone else caught up, yet watered down. And then she got watered down.  I knew when I saw her clothes in Lord & Taylor it was all over.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pottery Barn: Entry way table

Entry way table featuring vintage glass c/o Damon Crain
Who knew finding a table for the foyer would be one of the biggest challenges of the renovation?  Well, I finally found something close to perfect at Pottery Barn, except it almost slipped away into the black hole of online retail...

I found it!  It's perfect!  Glass top with a glass shelf, almost black frame, not too wide (14") and the price...well, not too bad ($399).

Except when I proceeded to try and order it online, I learned that:

a. tax was not yet included ($40)
b. shipping was not yet included ($40).
c. "special handling" was not yet included ($40), and...
d. it would not be delivered until mid-July.

So my practically perfect table went from $399 to $520 and I wouldn't even see it for 2 months?  Not acceptable.

Cutting to the chase I printed out the page, went with my helper and explained the predicament to the salesperson in one of the NYC locations.  After a phone call, my table was on its way to that store IN TWO DAYS and ended up costing me $347 (all in).  All I had to do was get it from the store to my apartment, which I did with the help of my helper.  And although the photo I took with my Blackberry above pretty much stinks, I can assure you that the table does not.

I hope that this puts the Guerilla Shopper back in your good graces. 

Monday, May 07, 2012

DSW to open in old Filene's Basement space on 79th & B'way

DSW to open in old Filene's Basement space on 79th & B'way.  I just noticed this as I traversed the expanse of my new 'hood yesterday.  Stay tuned for an Upper West Side survival guide as my eons-long renovations come to a conclusion.