Thursday, May 10, 2012

Pottery Barn: Entry way table

Entry way table featuring vintage glass c/o Damon Crain
Who knew finding a table for the foyer would be one of the biggest challenges of the renovation?  Well, I finally found something close to perfect at Pottery Barn, except it almost slipped away into the black hole of online retail...

I found it!  It's perfect!  Glass top with a glass shelf, almost black frame, not too wide (14") and the price...well, not too bad ($399).

Except when I proceeded to try and order it online, I learned that:

a. tax was not yet included ($40)
b. shipping was not yet included ($40).
c. "special handling" was not yet included ($40), and...
d. it would not be delivered until mid-July.

So my practically perfect table went from $399 to $520 and I wouldn't even see it for 2 months?  Not acceptable.

Cutting to the chase I printed out the page, went with my helper and explained the predicament to the salesperson in one of the NYC locations.  After a phone call, my table was on its way to that store IN TWO DAYS and ended up costing me $347 (all in).  All I had to do was get it from the store to my apartment, which I did with the help of my helper.  And although the photo I took with my Blackberry above pretty much stinks, I can assure you that the table does not.

I hope that this puts the Guerilla Shopper back in your good graces. 

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