Friday, March 30, 2007

Zipcar: Modern Car Rental, sorta, kinda...not really

OK, so I just signed up for Zipcars, making me a full-fledged Zipster. This is harmonious with my life-long style, because I sported red and white Zips (sneakers, remember?) when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was sure that they made me run faster, and I used to prove my Carl Lewis-like speed by running around the house. I have since learned that this was how my parents and/or babysitter would try to wear me out so that I'd go to bed earlier.

Anyway, a couple of envirionmentally-conscious friends told me that they use Zipcar, so I thought I'd check it out. I don't really drive, and in fact moved to New York City so that I wouldn't have to, but see that from time to time it would be nice to have fast access to a car, if even for a couple of hours.
It depends on what service you sign up for, but I paid a $50 annual fee, a $25 application fee and then prices start at like $10-12 an hour, or $69 per day. Oh and you get free gas. And free milage up to 125 miles. It's basically for quick trips or jaunts in the tri-state area.

Now, I haven't used the service yet, but it sounds pretty cool, so I thought I'd give it a chance. It's like a modern-day car rental for urban dwellers. With cool cars. And one of the Zipcar garages is one block from my apartment. Zip Zip Hooray.

Here's their marketing speak on the matter:

Today, tens of thousands of smiling drivers use Zipcars. In many neighborhoods, Zipcars are as ubiquitous as ATMs. Z2B (business) and personal drivers alike are loving the freedom and cost savings a Zipcar brings to their life - many have even achieved transportation nirvana. That's why over 30% of our customers have either sold their car or have stopped their purchasing decision. The revolution is underway, at least in the minds of members who no longer give a second thought to how they will get where they need to go. With a Zipcard in your pocket, a car is only a wireless signal away. Viva la revolution!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good Sale at BOC on UWS

From New York Magazine's BEST BETS:

Fashion-hungry Upper West Siders should swing by BOC for Cacharel, Vivienne Westwood, and Nicole Farhi, discounted by 60 to 80 percent (normally $50 to $900). When: 3/29–3/31 (noon–8); 4/1 (noon–6). Where: 491 Columbus Ave., nr. 83rd St. (212-362-5405).

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I Got Racked

Racked is a blog about shopping, neighborhood stores and the retail scene of New York City. If they'll take your money, Racked will tell you about it.

So how cool is it that Racked has listed the Guerilla Shopper under their "Clickage: Fashion Set" list of links, along with the Sartorialist, which I have blogged about, as well as about 20 other cool related sites?

If anyone knows how this connection was made, please let me know - I am quite curious. And thank you! It has given me a new burst of motivation...speaking of which, I am working on providing continued bloggery once I work my way out of this hotel in New Jersey.
Don't ask. Just anticipate.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Chi Hair Straightener

The mighty Chi.

My hairdresser (Helik at Dop Dop Salon in Soho) spent months, nay YEARS trying to convince me to buy the Chi hair straightener. But I didn't. Because my hair isn't curly. OK, it's really because I am cheap.

But as I was growing my hair out I realized I could no longer afford NOT to have one of these things. It literally saved my hair-do at its most awkward point, and therefore saved my life by association. I actually bought it at Dop Dop for about $80-$90, which was oddly cheaper than buying it at a drug store or related venue.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lots o' shopping

I have been running errands and attaching all kinds of shopping opportunities into the mix. Here's the rundown:

1. I quit NYSC (New York Sports Club). It kind of sucks. There's a lot of them, and several in my neighborhood...but just because there are lots of McDonald's around doesn't mean you should eat dinner there every night.

2. I joined Equinox. Yeah, hells yeah, it costs more. But! I got a good deal through my company's corporate rate and therefore escaped paying any initiation fee. It will cost me $118/month and I had to sign a year contract. But, dude, it is SO MUCH NICER. I want to move in. I haven't worked out there much yet, so I can't comment on the class/trainers yet, but I have a feeling it will be better than average. I have a personal training session set up for next week. Will let you know how that goes.

3. So! I had to buy some new work out clothes, obviously. So I went to Paragon Sports, arguably the world's most expensive sporting goods store. But I was in the 'hood, they have lots of stuff, and I did get one thing on sale. Not a great sale, but a sale nevertheless. Everyone always makes fun of my pajama bottoms and huge T-shirts, so I'm trying to mix it up and look MILF-ish (except for the part where I am not a mother).

4. And since I was in the general neighborhood, I had to make my bi-monthly stop in at Club Monaco. I got a skirt for $19 and top for $29...well worth it. That sale section is really something else!

5. I also stopped in at Barnes & Noble, sat on the floor, and read almost an entire book - for free! Now THAT'S a bargain.

Cha cha cha...

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Gil Carvalho shoes

I really don't know what else to say, except that somebody needs to buy me a few pairs of these bad boys...Gil Carvalho. He hails from London and I have heard his shoes are sold in New York at Bergdorf's...although I cannot confirm or deny that rumor. Regardless, I don't really care where they are sold because I want somebody to hook a sister up! Neither affordable nor practical, these things are something to be seen.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Les Pants

Pants glorious pants. I picked up this pair at my fave palace de clothing: Les Nanas de Gramercy, specializing in clothes directly from gay Paris.
So, no...these were not on sale. And no, they were not cheap. But yes! They are fun and fab and make me feel like Marilyn Monroe or Madonna in the "Open Your Heart" video or something equally as cheesy and American - maybe even Olivia Newton John in the last few scenes of Grease! Funny how I have to go to Paris to feel quintessentially American.
This horrendous picture does them no favor. But trust me on this one. They were worth thousands of pennies I spent on them.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

MyShape: The Perfect Fit?

I got this tip from my West Coast stringer...It comes via Springwise, which scans the globe for the most promising business ventures, ideas and concepts ready for regional or international adaptation, expansion, partnering, investments or cooperation.

On March 20, they posted about MyShape, which started around a kitchen table in September 2004. The idea germinated in response to a problem shared by women of all ages and sizes: finding clothes that both fit well and flatter our body shapes. We all deserve great clothing in wonderful, exquisite textiles and designs that celebrate our body shapes. The idea has transformed into, an online retail store created for you. Your store (called myShop) is where you'll find clothing matched to your measurements, your body shape and your preferences.

I'm not sure that I'm really "down" with their list of designers...but read on, might be worth checking out:

Every body is different, and just five or six percent of bodies fit the model that most designers use as their standard. Which is why a women's apparel retailer is using proprietary technology to customize selections to a customer's individual shape. When signing up for their personal myShop, customers enter their measurements and MyShape's patent pending ShapeMatch software determines their body shape. MyShape has defined seven basic body shapes, based on proportions and sizes of waist, shoulders, hips, etc.

The customer is then shown outfits that flatter their shape and fit their body measurements. And, of course, that match their style preferences. MyShape works with 100 designers, most of whom handle shipping.

MyShape launched in September and is targeting professional women who spend more than $1,000 on clothing per year. Related: Zafu, which focuses solely on jeans. Customers enter their measurements and preferences, and Zafu recommends the pairs that are most likely to fit.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shake Shack Open Today

From the New York Times' Urban Eye...(I'm mostly concerned with Shake Shack...)

Crab Is a Many-Splendored Thing
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yes, yes, Shake Shack is open again, and they’ve even got a nifty way to ease the webcam-worthy wait. (You get a beeper to let you know when your order’s ready.) But why wait at all? Head to Pacificana, a new Cantonese palace in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and gorge on pork dumplings, sesame rice balls, clams with scallions, taro cakes and the best congee Peter Meehan ever tasted straight from the dim sum cart. If you’re feeling patient, splurge on the by-the-pound king crab: “a brilliant succession of four dishes,” from an elegant soup to crispy fried legs. “It was an impressive conclusion to a meal at Pacificana, which may have opened only a few months ago, but already feels like an institution,” Mr. Meehan says. Coming soon: the crabcam?

Pacificana, 813 55th Street (Eighth Avenue), Second Floor, Sunset Park, Brooklyn; (718) 871-2880.

Monday, March 19, 2007

RUB BBQ: W. 23rd St.

RUB (as in: Righteous Urban Barbeque) BBQ, is brought to the good people of NYC, and specifically the lucky neighborhood dwellers of Chelsea, by Paul Kirk the "K.C. Baron of BBQ."
Now, I have to admit that I am in no way an expert, or even a novice for that matter, on the ins and outs of BBQ. So I will comment on the restaurant itself before getting into the food.

The space is where the former La Nouvelle Justine was housed in the late 90s - everyone's favorite S&M bar that featured a "Wheel of Fortune" where volunteers would be straped on, spun around and whipped by a dominatrix or two. So right off the bat, you know the place has got to have lots of good karma.

And as you can see from the photo (left side), RUB is rather casual. But with the bar and visible kitchen, it's casual in a good way, like "come on in and eat, drink, b.s. until you feel like leaving." I visited on Sunday for brunch with Brian Perrone, who was recently named the Conquistador of BBQ by...well, by me, but anyway he's that as well as the Chef at Slows BBQ in Detroit (which you should also visit when you take the family on that much needed two-week vacation to...DETROIT?). So we had a grand time avoiding the typical New York City Sunday Brunch Crowd, eating meat and babbling with the staff.

As you can see by the pictured Plate of Meat we noshed on brisket, ham, ribs, chicken and sausage to our hearts cholesterol-filled content. It was certainly high in protein, however the DEEP FRIED OREOS that we subsequently devoured were probably not. Needless to say I didn't eat one single thing for the rest of the day.

I shall return, at least once, as I am now dying for their BLFGT (Bacon, Lettuce, Fried Green Tomato sandwich), which they were out of at the time.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Ayla Boots...for real WOMEN

One of my uptown stringers has imparted some very very interesting information about an on line boot company called Ayla that basically custom crafts their catalog of boots to fit your feet...and more importantly: YOUR CALVES!

Yes, it's true, I admit it...I am one of the scores of women who can't wear high boots unless they are of the "stretchy" variety or lace up because MY CALVES ARE TOO BIG. I had finally accepted that I would just never be able to wear tall leather boots again.

The boots look fairly cool and nice on the site, my only reservation is that they only cost in the $130-range...seems too good to be true! But it's almost worth the risk in just trying it out.

Anyway, you pick your (whole) shoe size as well as your calve size (from 15-18", for full disclosure I am 16" at the widest part of my calves. Hopefully everyone appreciates my forthcomingness about my MUSCULAR LUSCIOUS calves)

Here's what they have to say (I think they need some marketing-writing help):

At AYLA, we are making every effort that you slide into our boots, zip them up and off you go.
Our boots are designed to ensure that you do not have to tussle with them or squeeze your toes or punish your instep while trying them on Our boots are made for wider feet and for wider calves. What’s more - all our boots are true American sizes.
Just when you thought you would never wear a high leg boot because the fashion boutiques didn’t have them or the retailers could not source them. Well the wait is over, Aylaboots will fit you in the foot and caress you in the calf……….zip them up fully and enjoy them thoroughly
Fulfil your dream of a high leg boot that will be a part of you...

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Tax Returns: Roth IRA

OK, so I just got the first part of my tax return (Federal) directly deposited into my checking account this week. It's a good amount of cash and while I am tempted to go out and spend it all on fab baubles and beads, my conscience (aka Guerilla Father) is telling me to invest it in a Roth IRA. This year the maximum investment for those of us youngsters, aged 49 and below, is $4,000. But I'm no finance expert, read the following article for a better explanation than I could ever provide:

Decision Center
Why you need a Roth IRA -- now!
This account is essential if you are just starting out. Savings grow tax-free and you can invest in almost anything.

By Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine

One of the smartest money moves a young person can make is to invest in a Roth IRA. Follow the rules and any money you put into one of these retirement-savings accounts grows absolutely tax free -- you won't owe Uncle Sam a dime as you let your savings accumulate, or when you cash it out in retirement. Plus, an IRA is more flexible than a 401(k) and other retirement plans because you can invest it in almost whatever you want, from stocks and mutual funds to bonds and real estate.

If you haven't yet opened this gift from Uncle Sam, do it now. You have until your tax return deadline -- April 17 this year -- to set up and make contributions for the previous tax year. The government sets a limit on how much you can contribute to a Roth -- currently up to $4,000 annually. That means you can invest $4,000 right now for 2005 and stash another four grand throughout 2006, giving you a solid start to your savings. The contribution limit rises to $5,000 in 2008.

The idea of saving on your taxes may seem a tad obscure, but it really can pay off big. If a 25-year-old contributes $4,000 each year until she retires and makes an average annual return of 8% on her investment, she'll have more than $1.1 million saved by the time she retires at age 65. And the money is all hers -- she won't have to give the IRS a cent of it if she waits until retirement to cash out.

If that same 25-year-old invested that same $4,000 a year in a regular taxable account earning the same 8% return, she'd only have about $802,000 after 40 years if her earnings were taxed at 15%. That's more than one-fourth less money than if she'd gone with the Roth.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Great Article on Finding High Fashion Online

Fashion Journal: Cyber Chic: Finding High Fashion Online
By Cheryl Lu-Lien Tan
15 March 2007
The Wall Street Journal

Shoppers have long found success on the Internet with established chains like J. Crew or Banana Republic. But increasingly, the Web is also a resource for cutting-edge style, as the anonymity of the Internet democratizes even high-end fashion.
Now shoppers anywhere can easily buy brands once found mainly in tiny boutiques in fashion capitals like New York. The wider choices make it easier to uncover bargains. For the many who feel intimidated by snooty sales staff, the best part of online boutique shopping may be that no one will know if you are buying a $1,000 purse while wearing last season's bubble skirt.
But with the burgeoning number of clothing retailers on the Web, the choices can be truly befuddling. Here's a guide to how the fashion-forward navigate the online shopping landscape.

Open Secrets
A handful of trendy Los Angeles boutiques have recently gone online. Milk (now at sells a handpicked mix of brands like Oscar de la Renta and emerging, hip labels like Thailand's Sretsis. Madison, which has four boutiques that are popular with stylists and celebrities, recently launched
These sites join a roster of fashionable retailers now online that are known for not only discovering new brands, but also brokering deals with labels to create exclusives for their stores. Such deals ensure that, say, your new Rachel Pally dress won't be the same Rachel Pally dress available at dozens of other retailers across the country., and are among the most popular of these., a chic store in New York's SoHo neighborhood that sells some hard-to-find brands like luxury handbag-maker B. Romanek, sells online, too, but still has only a small selection of items on its site. There's also, a trendy New York boutique chain that relaunched its site last month with a handy "Shop by Look" section that allows customers to buy stylist-selected outfits with such themes as "Hamptons Social" and "Upper East Side."
Other noteworthy sites: sells dress shirts and shirt-dresses designed to combat a common problem women have with such pieces -- that unless you get them custom-made, they often don't fit perfectly, especially around the chest. The label's shirts are sold according to bust size. For those who love Italian labels -- Florence-based has a large selection of handbags, jewelry and small-leather goods by Italian brands that aren't widely found here.
One store, Caravan in Manhattan, is expanding its reach in an unusual way: At, which launched in November, customers in New York City can contact a stylist to arrange for a Winnebago that's essentially a boutique on wheels to come to them. The customer can specify what she is looking for and the stylist will pull together suggested pieces for the shopper.
Caravan says the service has been popular with events such as bachelorette parties. It is planning to roll out the mobile store and stylist service in Los Angeles and Atlanta in the next six months.
In the same instant-gratification vein, recently started offering same-day delivery service to several New York neighborhoods.

Chic Bargains
On the Internet, no one will give you a look if you proffer a coupon. That's why sites like are popular with style-conscious shoppers. The site's main page is crammed with discount codes for dozens of online boutique retailers. Most are lesser known, such as the Indianapolis-based, or based in Rockville, Md. But these stores sell many of the same brands and styles as much larger retailers. The discounts range from 10% to 25%. remains a popular place to get deals. The site started out selling discount fashions a season or two behind, but has been trying to post items closer to when they are in stores. There are about 150 new items each day. It may still be hard to find the must-have item of the moment there, but Bluefly is a good place to buy pieces such as jeans, which (unless they have a very distinct cut or embellishment) never go out of style. The site currently is selling Earnest Sewn's "Viceroy" style trouser jeans for $76.99, for example, while lists it at $149.

Getting It Right doesn't just show the latest Theory skirts and pants. It now has a "Ways to Wear Theory" page that shows, for instance, how a new $355 organza cropped jacket works with three different outfits: a bubble dress, pants and skinny jeans. is banking on customers' desire to mix and match ensembles as they please -- the retailer recently partnered with In Style magazine to create an "Instant Style" section in which shoppers can put together ensembles paper-doll style, swapping in earrings, purses or blouses as they wish and buying the entire ensemble at the end.
Web sites ranging from Sears to Land's End have long offered fit tools to help shoppers avoid disappointment when they open their shipping boxes. Now even tiny boutiques are offering guides to choosing costly, sophisticated fashions when you can't try them on.
Recently, created a "Dressing Room" in which it shows how pieces look on different body types, using its sales associates as models. A Leigh Bantivoglio camisole, for example, is shown on three figure types: a "Petite" size 0, an "Athletic" size 6 and a "Pregnant: size 4 and growing." The largest model is a "Curvy" size 12. Similarly, Lisa Kline, owner of Lisakline.comcq, has started using herself as a model in a section in which she highlights her picks of what's currently in her stores.
Most sites offer zoom functions or multiple pictures from different angles, but some do a better job than others. Chicago-based, for example, has such detailed, well-lit shots of a cream $735 Alexander Wang silk dress that shoppers can see its intricate "snake-print texture." And just added a feature that helps shoppers gauge proportions -- it now offers a sketch that allows customers to see how big its 1,300 bags look on a 5'6" woman., which sells a long list of trendy denim brands, has a "Denim fit guide" with detailed -- and seemingly frank -- notes on several brands and styles. One page, for example, notes that a pair of Gold Sign "Misfit" jeans has one flaw: "The only questionable area of this jean is the waist: it's lower in the front . . . It hits right at the hipbones which made it rather uncomfortable."

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Shoes: Devotte?

One of my trusted NYC stringers has passed this note along to me. I am investigating and hope to have an update soon:

I don’t know where these shoes are sold, but I want every pair.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Dwell (what I do best)

From New York Magazine's BEST BETS DAILY
Today's Sale Pick
Dwell's graphic linens are up to 60 percent off; queen sheet sets start from $85.
When: 3/15–4/1 (11–7).
Where: 62 Greene St., at Broome St. (212-219-9343).

Monday, March 12, 2007

Ina meany miney moe

Hey, I've been meaning to write about Ina, the designer consignment store in Noho and Soho and all around the town. It's basically full of rich people's incredibly expensive castoffs - Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Jil Sander, etc. after those fashions become obsolete (two months after they are bought).

"What's with the attitude, Guerilla Shopper?" you might be asking yourself.

Well I'm kind of tired and cranky, but I also sat next to a saleswoman while getting a pedicure at Haven this summer, and upon realizing she worked at Ina, I began to ask her about the store. I was interested in the kind of merchandise they accepted, if there were parameters for what they would and wouldn't take, etc. I was truly interested because I have some Smithsonian-worthy 80s pieces that I have considered saving for a rainy day. Well, Ms. Ina lady was incredibly curt and condescending. Little did she know I was a bitch with a blog.

Sunday, March 11, 2007


Red Patent Leather Shoes - an obvious necessity. I needed to replace ye olde red Jones New York shoes of yore.

I've been looking and looking for 'the new' for a looooong time but the good shoe designers of the world had not been making much in the way of RED - maroon, yes; pink, sure...but not red in a "Look at me I'm hot hot hot..." kind of way.

So yesterday I took one of my regular jaunts to DSW in Union Square and found the pictured Tahari pair for - get this - $58. Granted I had $10 off and a credit for almost $12, but it almost made my day...

Friday, March 09, 2007

Letter to G.S.: Cowboy(girl) Boots

Dear G.S.:

I don't know when I became a cowboy boot girl, but evidently it was about 3 years ago when I bought my first pair. I have worn the shit out of them, to the point where its almost socially unacceptable to wear them anymore. I found a new snazzy Frye pair at Boot Barn-- and not only are they snazzy, but I found them discounted at $200!

They came yesterday & everything is legit. No muss, no fuss. I only wear them with jeans so no one will ever seen the hidden treasure beneath -- but I know it's there & isn't that what counts?

Put on your shit kickers & kick some shit Guerilla Shopper!;-)

Odin - Men's Store

Did you read New York magazine's "Best of New York '07" issue yet (March 12-19)? I began perusing it yesterday and under "shopping" came across the following entry, which I thought I would share in an effort to bump up my focus on men. I will be visiting there shortly...

Fashion-y Men's Store
328 E. 11th St.; 212-475-0666
199 Lafayette St.; 212-966-0026

Odin curates its labels to maintain a careful mix of the known (Rag & Bone, Trovata) and the get-them-before-they're-big (currently, Engineered Garments and You Must Create). New merchandise rolls in constantly, not just seasonally, and although the shop leans toward casual separates (Rogues Gallery sweatshirts, Cheap Monday skinny jeans), you can remake an entire wardrobe right on up through a slim-cut Oliver Spencer suit. It's not all expensive, either; polos start at $39. There are also accessories like Comme des Garcons wallets, Y-3 and Common Projects sneakers, belts, ties, jewelry, even grooming products and objects like clocks and cameras.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Spree New York

Um...why didn't I know about Spree New York before, and more importantly, why haven't they chased me down the City streets begging me to work for them? Jealousy, again, I am sure.

Here's the deal (and to hoping that they don't put me out of "business"):

What is Spree? Spree is half online shopping magazine, half shopping guide. Spree is designed to help you connect with your customers by providing an affordable venue to showcase your products to the public! With timely and interesting articles and features of interest, Spree is the premiere online shopping magazine and directory of New York.

Who reads Spree? Spree readers are professional women 18-45 with disposable income who love to shop.

Join Spree free! Our basic Directory Listing includes your business name, address, contact information and a description of your business and services... and it's completely FREE! Other available membership programs include onsite photo shoots, hosted web page with photos of your products and ad banners, and are available for as little as $855 per year*.
Get on the site and sign up for SpreeMail for tips on sales, events and special offers!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Eating Weekend: Schiller's, Flor's Kitchen

I spent a good portion of my weekend eating. Eating at Schiller's Liquor Bar on Rivington and at Flor's Kitchen on Mercer St. (their East Village location has closed). Oh I guess I drank a bit of Sangria too.

I have to say, I've only eaten at Schiller's twice, and godamn is the food good! I mean really really good. I was a bit suspect of its trendy vibe and such, but now that all of the cool kids have moved onto fresher pastures, you can actually get into this place (especially if you go very early or very late) and enjoy the grub. It is well worth it!

The food at Flor's isn't as great, but I had a hilarious time with friends old and new and now wish that I remembered to take a photo. Alas, what lacked in cuisine was made up for by free flowing trash talk and sarcasm contests.

Monday, March 05, 2007

New Daffy's on E. 18th St.

Earlier in the week I received an email that Daffy's was opening a new store on E. 18th St. near Fifth Avenue - right next to where the old crappy Daffy's was (it's now an H&M).

This new Daffy's is much more "concise," yet perhaps too much so - there were no clothes that were even in the ballpark for me. However, there was a cute little housewares section where I picked up the serving items pictured here, as well as a stainless steel tea kettle all for about $123.00. I may become a grown up yet!

I also stopped in my favorite store - Club Monaco - nearby, where I picked up a brown cashmere sweater for $29 (orignally $149)! They had lots of great new merchandise, but I was in serious sale mode and didn't even try on a non-on-sale item.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Eyelashes Galore: Shu Uemura

My eyelashes leave something to be desired. They are slight and unimpressive. Alas, aside from affixing "falsies," which aren't exactly appropriate for office and daytime wear, I found most drug store eyelash curlers inadequate. And then I heard about the Rolls Royce of all eyelash curlers brought to the public by Shu Uemura. Although it looks like a run-of-the-mill curler, it is not. In fact, it is so effective that I recommend using it with a light touch. I don't know what is different about it, but trust me when I tell you that it is worth buying.

And in other shopping news, I continue to persevere to find pants and other fun items of apparel on sale. Yesterday I visited one of my favorites that I've written about before: pa (personal affairs). They are having a significant sale on most all items in the store. And I tried on almost all of it. Most of the pants didn't fit me correctly, and the pair that did (really well, might I add), were navy blue. Meaning I didn't buy them because I had just purchased similar ones from Theory (that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago).
Well, I shall keep on trucking. Truck truck truck.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Oscars Red Carpet Photos: Part Threeeee

OK, OK, one...or two more days of this.

Paul Smith - Sale-is Major-is

From New York Magazine's BEST BETS DAILY:

Today's Sale Pick

STARTING TODAY (March 1, 2007)
Paul Smith is taking his dapper English duds for men and women to the Chelsea Market and unloading them for up to 75 percent off. All items are samples.
When: 3/1 and 3/2 (11–7); 3/3 (11–4).
Where: 75 Ninth Ave., at 16th St.