Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Eating Weekend: Schiller's, Flor's Kitchen

I spent a good portion of my weekend eating. Eating at Schiller's Liquor Bar on Rivington and at Flor's Kitchen on Mercer St. (their East Village location has closed). Oh I guess I drank a bit of Sangria too.

I have to say, I've only eaten at Schiller's twice, and godamn is the food good! I mean really really good. I was a bit suspect of its trendy vibe and such, but now that all of the cool kids have moved onto fresher pastures, you can actually get into this place (especially if you go very early or very late) and enjoy the grub. It is well worth it!

The food at Flor's isn't as great, but I had a hilarious time with friends old and new and now wish that I remembered to take a photo. Alas, what lacked in cuisine was made up for by free flowing trash talk and sarcasm contests.

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