Friday, March 30, 2007

Zipcar: Modern Car Rental, sorta, kinda...not really

OK, so I just signed up for Zipcars, making me a full-fledged Zipster. This is harmonious with my life-long style, because I sported red and white Zips (sneakers, remember?) when I was about 5 or 6 years old. I was sure that they made me run faster, and I used to prove my Carl Lewis-like speed by running around the house. I have since learned that this was how my parents and/or babysitter would try to wear me out so that I'd go to bed earlier.

Anyway, a couple of envirionmentally-conscious friends told me that they use Zipcar, so I thought I'd check it out. I don't really drive, and in fact moved to New York City so that I wouldn't have to, but see that from time to time it would be nice to have fast access to a car, if even for a couple of hours.
It depends on what service you sign up for, but I paid a $50 annual fee, a $25 application fee and then prices start at like $10-12 an hour, or $69 per day. Oh and you get free gas. And free milage up to 125 miles. It's basically for quick trips or jaunts in the tri-state area.

Now, I haven't used the service yet, but it sounds pretty cool, so I thought I'd give it a chance. It's like a modern-day car rental for urban dwellers. With cool cars. And one of the Zipcar garages is one block from my apartment. Zip Zip Hooray.

Here's their marketing speak on the matter:

Today, tens of thousands of smiling drivers use Zipcars. In many neighborhoods, Zipcars are as ubiquitous as ATMs. Z2B (business) and personal drivers alike are loving the freedom and cost savings a Zipcar brings to their life - many have even achieved transportation nirvana. That's why over 30% of our customers have either sold their car or have stopped their purchasing decision. The revolution is underway, at least in the minds of members who no longer give a second thought to how they will get where they need to go. With a Zipcard in your pocket, a car is only a wireless signal away. Viva la revolution!

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