Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Shake Shack Open Today

From the New York Times' Urban Eye...(I'm mostly concerned with Shake Shack...)

Crab Is a Many-Splendored Thing
Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Yes, yes, Shake Shack is open again, and they’ve even got a nifty way to ease the webcam-worthy wait. (You get a beeper to let you know when your order’s ready.) But why wait at all? Head to Pacificana, a new Cantonese palace in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, and gorge on pork dumplings, sesame rice balls, clams with scallions, taro cakes and the best congee Peter Meehan ever tasted straight from the dim sum cart. If you’re feeling patient, splurge on the by-the-pound king crab: “a brilliant succession of four dishes,” from an elegant soup to crispy fried legs. “It was an impressive conclusion to a meal at Pacificana, which may have opened only a few months ago, but already feels like an institution,” Mr. Meehan says. Coming soon: the crabcam?

Pacificana, 813 55th Street (Eighth Avenue), Second Floor, Sunset Park, Brooklyn; (718) 871-2880.

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i can't believe i waited almost an hour for a hamburger... a small one at that. AND they ran out of the cheese sauce!