Monday, March 26, 2007

Lots o' shopping

I have been running errands and attaching all kinds of shopping opportunities into the mix. Here's the rundown:

1. I quit NYSC (New York Sports Club). It kind of sucks. There's a lot of them, and several in my neighborhood...but just because there are lots of McDonald's around doesn't mean you should eat dinner there every night.

2. I joined Equinox. Yeah, hells yeah, it costs more. But! I got a good deal through my company's corporate rate and therefore escaped paying any initiation fee. It will cost me $118/month and I had to sign a year contract. But, dude, it is SO MUCH NICER. I want to move in. I haven't worked out there much yet, so I can't comment on the class/trainers yet, but I have a feeling it will be better than average. I have a personal training session set up for next week. Will let you know how that goes.

3. So! I had to buy some new work out clothes, obviously. So I went to Paragon Sports, arguably the world's most expensive sporting goods store. But I was in the 'hood, they have lots of stuff, and I did get one thing on sale. Not a great sale, but a sale nevertheless. Everyone always makes fun of my pajama bottoms and huge T-shirts, so I'm trying to mix it up and look MILF-ish (except for the part where I am not a mother).

4. And since I was in the general neighborhood, I had to make my bi-monthly stop in at Club Monaco. I got a skirt for $19 and top for $29...well worth it. That sale section is really something else!

5. I also stopped in at Barnes & Noble, sat on the floor, and read almost an entire book - for free! Now THAT'S a bargain.

Cha cha cha...

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