Sunday, April 01, 2007

Filene's Basement in Union Squuuyawn...

Realizing that I write ad nauseum about DSW in Union Square, I thought I'd change things up a bit and scribe on Filene's Basement, which is located in the same building. Except first I need to admit that while at DSW, and in between taking calls from Guerilla Shopper groupies, I bought New Balance all-terrains to replace my current ugly-ass sneakers. I need to play the part if I am to achieve fitness zen at Equinox.

OK, so anyway I scoured the second floor of Filene's, which is actually the third floor of the building, which isn't really a "basement" at all, and came up with...


I tried about 10 items on, and they did nothing for me, except make me look drowned out. Now, had I been looking for a semi-conservative suit, I'd have to admit that they have some decent options from Tahari and Calvin Klein (reg. $320 reduced to $130), but alas, I was not.
What I was looking for was simply not present and accounted for. There were lots of non-structured, picked over, fancy T-shirts and pants that don't seem to go to one's ankle. What is it with all of these knickers and shorts these days? I mean having a couple of pairs is fine, but why is the whole store full of this crap?
I really need to put the pedal to the metal on hooking up the spring into summer wardrobe...but where do I go now that Aaron's is gone?! I am going to have to recreate my approach. Wish me well. I'll be back.

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