Thursday, April 19, 2007

Marc Jacobs Flats - cheap?

Today's Best Bets Daily (New York Magazine) proclaims that $155 is a decent price for rubber flats. Granted, they are Marc Jacobs, and nothing with his name on it is actually affordable, however THEY ARE RUBBER FLATS. And when did flats in general become so expensive? Trends and prices hold hands and rise as one! Let's make a pact: No flats for more than $75 (and that's still too much!).

Finally a pair of Marc Jacobs that won't drain your bank account. These jelly ballet flats are the perfect way to transition into spring. Made from rubber, they can handle spontaneous showers—replacing giant wellies—and still look cute with skirts or jeans. Plus you can relive your jelly-wearing childhood while still looking like a grown-up. $155 at

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