Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hearth (restaurant) on E. 12th St.

I ate Easter dinner at Hearth. I had wanted to go check it out since it opened and finally got my chance (to have someone else pay for it)!

Their self-description is: Our food is rooted in the modern traditions of the American kitchen with influences from our Italian heritage. Our wine program is equally modern but finds inspiration in the strangest places.

OK, I'll buy that (or let someone else). The food was really quite good - great subtle flavors, high-quality. They gave us a taste of the soup of the day, which was excellent. The bread, which was also excellent, kept coming and coming and...

Some of us had lamb and others had duck pasta - both were outstanding.

Desserts - check, drinks - check, service - check.

Perhaps my only criticism is that there isn't a huge selection, and while the room was nice, it lacked a bit of warmth - literally and figuratively. It was certainly a pleasant experience, but not necessariliy an unforgettable one. Perhaps that was a function of my party being seated in the furthest corner of the room, or because it was fairly early on a (Easter) Sunday.

Will I return? It's open for discussion!

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