Saturday, April 21, 2007

Men's Undies

Thank goodness for my dedicated stringers who continue to feed me bits and pieces while I try to piece my life back together. This came to me this morning and seems like a worthwhile read:

Did I dream this or did you or your blog say that you are going to dabble in writing about men's wear? Well here is an interesting article about men's underwear - although not sure if it fits within the guerilla scope.

In the meantime the Guerilla's dishes (from and glasses (from my aunt) have been carted out to be cleaned and stored until I am allowed to return to my beloved apartment. Still unclear as to when that will be, but I visit her almost every day. And did I mention what a phenomenal group of people live in my building? I will have to write something separate and more detailed later, but seriously...I Love New York!

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