Friday, February 09, 2007

White Sneakers

I never had Stan Smiths...but I did sport Sportos (ha, I don't think they make sneakers anymore...) back in the dia. Oh and Chuck Taylors too. Read on about white sneakers - from yesterday's Urban Eye.

Tread Whitely
Thursday, February 8, 2007

No longer the province of science nerds and soccer moms, “the all-white, old-school sneaker,” says David Colman, is now “Le Shoe for the smart set.” Marc Jacobs wore his Stan Smiths — the stripe-less Adidas named for the tennis legend — on Oprah, hip-hop stars rhyme about having spotless Air Force 1’s, and designers like Stefano Pilati at YSL, Neil Barrett and Dries van Noten are doing their own gleaming versions. The bad news: these kicks are hard to take care of — real style freaks take a toothbrush to them. The good news: they’re cheap and go with everything, from the tux to the tennis shorts, so you talk yourself into more than one pair.
Stan Smiths, $55 at; classic Vans, $40 at; and the mother of them all, Chuck Taylors, from $41.99, at

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