Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Aaron's in Brooklyn: CLOSED

Well, you heard it from me back in October that Aaron's, the women's designer discount store out there in Brooklyn, had decreased in size by 50 percent and declined in apparel quality and intrigue by about 100 percent. Then, last week I heard from a friend of mine who knows the son-of-Aaron's that the store was closing. Today, I checked online and the website is down.

It is a sad and unfortunate demise of a great, unique store that I learned about from my fashion-forward-father who had been going there since at least the 70s. Every time I went out there - taking a 45-minute train ride each way - I ended up spending hours trying on scores of items. I rarely got out of there for less than $700, but with piles and bags of beautiful, high-quality clothing.

I'm not sure what happened - perhaps it was overtaken by the designer discount behemoths such as Filene's Basement,

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