Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Gap Makes the Man

Have you seen this man around town? He glides through the streets and avenues like an urban myth, sometimes sporting a bass, other times a laptop.

He seems "nice" and "harmless," but don't let the friendly midwestern, aw-shucks exterior fool you. He is sly and cunning and takes no prisoners.

By putting forth a laid back, care-free style, thanks largely to The Gap (see shirt in photos) and Marshalls, this chap turns up when you least and most expect it, often wearing the 90s slacker's uniform - a short sleeved T-shirt over a long sleeved T-shirt. Offputting? Yes. Dangerous? Maybe.

What does most of this have to do with Guerilla shopping? Well, he promised to fix my computer and make my Guerilla Shopper NYC business cards, so I thought I'd give him 15 minutes of fame to encourage his timely response. Which is already overdue. But once it happens, a-look-out!

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