Saturday, January 06, 2007

Amazon: Shoes & Handbags

You heard it here second...or third. Straight from The Wall Street Journal:

AMAZON STARTS WEB SITE TO SELL SHOES, HANDBAGS Inc. introduced a Web site,, devoted solely to selling shoes and handbags, a departure for an Internet retailer that spent years building one of the best-known one-stop-shopping destinations. Amazon, of Seattle, said represents the first time it has created a new specialty retail site at a Web address different from its flagship address. Steven Goldsmith, an Amazon vice president, said the company created the site in response to requests from customers who were footwear and handbag connoiseurs and wanted a Web site more closely focused on the category. Amazon aims to tap a category that has seen speedy growth, in part via specialty Web retailers such as Online apparel revenue this year is expected to jump to $11.3 billion from $9.6 billion in 2006, while online footwear sales could rise to $3.5 billion from $2.9 billion Forrester Research estimates.

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