Monday, January 15, 2007

Variazioni - 80s Style

I have been meaning to write about this dress for months, but knew that I had to get a photo to illustrate its sheer 80s impact. It had to be seen to be believed and comprehended. You can't really describe a black cotton spandex dress with a hot pink bolero jacket without people thinking that you were in a Poison video.

So here's the fantastic tale of a father and daughter...fighting the power, doing things "their way..." and making sure that I had a junior prom dress to put all those that came before it to shame. I think we achieved that goal and then some.

It had been a difficult time. My grandmother had just passed away, which took my family out of dodge for a week or so. Upon our return there was almost no time before my junior prom. I was without dress and I was panicked!

So my dad came up with a little rebellious plan that would not only enable me to find a dress in time for the Jr. Prom, but would also allow us to shop in a leisurely fashion, i.e. during the day on a weekday.

So as I sat in my history class the Wednesday before the prom, there was a knock on the classroom door - it was a student with a note. The teacher read it and looked over at me in a very serious, concerned manner, "Laura, your father is here. Go to the office immediately."

GASP! What could have happened? My one grandmother just passed away...who was it this time? Everyone in the class watched with grave concern as I got my things together and exited the classroom.

"Oh poor Laura, what could have happened now?"

As I approached the office door, I saw my father standing there, solemnly. "Let's go Laura," he said, as the vice principal politely opened the door to let us out.

Now that I think about it, I still have no idea what he actually told them about why he had to pull me out of school in the middle of the day, but he most certainly did not admit the truth. To add another layer of hilarity, Father G. also happened to be the Mayor of the town at that time with an impeccable reputation. I guess you might call this incident a minor abuse of power.

Anyway, we walked out of the school, into the parking lot, and got into whatever middle management mobile Father Guerilla was driving at the time. And then we pretty much "high fived" and laughed as he sped away headed for DESTINATION NEW YORK CITY: Variazioni.

I remember trying on a few insane 80's cotton spanex numbers, all of which fit me famously, seeing how I was 16 years old. I decided on the getup you see pictured here and man was it a major coup.

So whatever happened to my date anyway? Henry Nam - Funny guy and how great is the white-on-white shirt and tie combo? I think we got on the bus that took us to the prom venue, separated at the party, and after it was over got back on the bus to find out how each other's nights were. As a 16-year-old, it was a near-perfect date! Hahahahahaa....

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Anonymous said...

That was a good story and a good dress but the hair is a little Poison, but I think everything in the 80's had a touch of Poison to it!