Monday, January 08, 2007

Sexy Banana Republic, Woo Woo

I'm not sure what the message is here, but I think my mother may be taking some drastic measures to get me married off, seeing how she bought me that which is pictured here for Christmas. (And yes, that's the tag still attached in the middle of the top.)

I am an "every so often" kind of Banana Republic shopper. I usually find myself in the one on 34th St., even though the one in Rockefeller Center is enormous. Every so often I can find things in there that are in the Club Monaco league, but usually it's a bit too conservative for my tastes and small for my body.

However, this little number escalates the Republic to the likes of Frederick's of Hollywood in the Banana Republic. Maybe they need to create a new spin off store...I keep hearing their sales are off - and sex sells - so I offer them another one of my genius ideas. Give me a call, will ya?

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Anonymous said...

Having logged on over the past two weeks methinks the G-parents go a bit overboard at Christmas. But, then, shopping IS such fun!