Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Mighty Ryobi 5" Sander

Oh! I forgot to tell y'all about the final Father Guerilla Christmas present, which was purchased at Home Depot on 23rd St. for a reasonable sum. Father G. asked for "a sander," but what do I know of sanders? Here's how I landed upon the Ryobi 5" Variable Speed Random Orbit Sander (jeez, that just rolls off the tongue doesn't it?):
Me: What sander should I buy for a guy who has likely never sanded anything in his life?
Store dude: What kind of job is it for?
Me: I have no idea, but nothing too major or complicated.
Store dude: Then get the Ryobi.
So there you have it folks! The sander suitable for a guy who would rather be making Pom-martinis and/or matching his socks to his Brooks Brothers shirts.

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