Saturday, October 14, 2006

Amazing Sample Sale THIS WEEKEND: Calypso

One of my stringers, who doubles as "my very special friend" imparted me with this exciting information: Calypso (remember the jade cashmere sweater from a few posts ago? Yes, THAT Calypso) is having a huge sale at 148 Lafayette (near Canal St.).

It's this weekend only, so run - don't! Women are trucking out of there with boxloads. It's on the third floor of a big warehouse-type building. Be warned - they make you turn over ALL of your bags (including purses) upon entering, AND there are no dressing rooms. HOWEVER, there is so much stuff here - all kinds of clothing, shoes, boots, belts, hand bags and housewares at such low prices, that the pros vastly outweigh the cons.

I was so thrilled with what I got, and the prices? Unreal. Let me make it easy for you:
- Beaded gold necklace with heart clasp on one side, "13" charm on the other: Originally $270, I got for $30.
- Gem-encrusted bangles (see photo): Orginially $48 each, I got for $5 each.
- "Angel Nina" leopard print skirt, silk (see photo): Originally $400, I got for $30!
- Handmade wool "bora aksu" skirt (see photo and hold on to your hats): Originally $748, I got for $30!! It does need some very minor repairs, but well worth it.

So bottom line is, I got $1,514 worth of schtuff for...$100. That's more than 93% off retail prices. COME ON! Only in New York? Perhaps.

Helping you to beat retail at its own game,


jayfader said...

we need a west coast guerilla shopper!

Anonymous said...

Hi- I have been going to his sale for last 4 years, twice a year. You cannot beat thier prices on leather jackets. Retail - 898/- , I have bought my beloved Lime Green biker jacket for 100/-.

I'm in the look out for getting invited to thier Friends and Family sale event which is typicaly a day before the public sample sale. Let me know if you have any intel on it. thanks - PK