Saturday, October 28, 2006

Success at the Clothes Swap

I just returned from my friend Miss Meghan's apartment where she hosted a great clothes swap among friends. Everyone brought their cast-offs in hopes that they would find something better -- seeking new inspiration, for free! There were mountains of great stuff, people, food and drink, and when the dust settled, we each brought a bag of "unwanteds" to Housing Works, which is more than a thrift store, it's a non-profit that benefits homeless people living with AIDS and HIV.

So aside from doing some good works for the community, I was happy to have found a new home for my Isaac Mizrahi (pre-Target) purple velvet pants that I bought in the late 90s, and in exchange, picked up tons of stuff for myself: shoes (see pic. - Anne Klein!), jewelry, a handbag, brand new tights and more.

I also met Jason Campbell, editor of the JC Report, the online fashion mag the reports on global fashion trends...before they become trends.

And perhaps best of all, it forced me to go through my closets and drawers, and really ask myself, "am I EVER going to wear this again?" and "Why did I buy this P.O.S. in the first place?"

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